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Epicest 名言・格言 from epic moments, because does Stelena have any other kind? :)

Episode 1
E: Matt and I were together it just wasn' wasn't...
S: Passionate
E: No. No, it wasn't passionate.

Episode 2
S: I met a girl. We talked. It was epic. And then the sun came up and reality set in. Well this is reality, right here, right now.

Episode 6
E: What are you? WHAT are you?!!
S:...You know
E: No, I don't
S: Yes あなた do, または あなた wouldn't be here
E: Its not possible, it can't be
S: Everything あなた know, every belief that あなた have is about to change, are あなた ready for that?
E: What are you?
S: I'm a vampire

S: Please...
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posted by KatieSalvatore
Stefan and Elena have a true 愛 story, they have a buildup. From the beginning of the 表示する they had passion and epic written all over them.

Delena ファン say that they are "boring" because "all they do is キッス and make out" oh well at least Elena can be true to herself around Stefan and tell him that she loves him, unlike with Damon when she's always scared.

This is what I 愛 about SE, that they are always there for each other, they feel comfortable with each other, and look like they're two puzzle pieces that fit together perfectly.

If あなた take Damon and Elena for example, they're two totally...
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posted by princess_16
We all know TVD is not one of those teen drama shows. Yes, あなた have people who are still in HS, and who sometimes, act like kids. But あなた also have 160 年 old ヴァンパイア who are not your typical every 日 guys.

TVD is not One 木, ツリー Hill, または Gossip Girl, または Dawson's Creek. Stefan would never cheat on Elena, and if she ever leaves him, he's not going to turn to the first girl that smiles to him. The great tragedy of his character is that he's this amazing guy who has a lot to offer and every girl would be lucky to have him (vampire または not), but he has eyes for only one girl, Elena. Even if she...
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