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Banshee Facts: The Basics

So I was going through this guide, and noticed I left a lot out, and I changed quite a bit about the banshees over time, so I give あなた the edited, Guide to Banshee Mobians.

What is a Banshee?
Banshee Mobians are cat-like creatures in form. They are called Banshees because they have sound-like powers, and can be transparent.

Types of Banshees
While the amount of variations to Banshee types are large there are three main types of Banshees.
1.    Sound Banshees
2.    Mind Banshees
3.    Dark Banshees

Sound Banshees are...
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posted by Sir_Shalott
Once upon a time... あなた know what? This is not some fairy tale! This is the story of Sir Shalott, knight of the dead. Knight of Master Dragon! Of course... this is my story. I mean a knight looking for a way... a way of faith. Hold on there! Sit down and read this thing I wrote! Anyway... it was in Camelot. Her quest to find her place in her life brings along trust, loyalty,and some deceiving. This story will start soon, in a week または when ever I can write. But... I may never get to it. So コメント and tell what あなた think.

-Sir Shalott, knight of the dead, writer
Ok ppl I'm back and sorry for taking sssssoooo long (its only Been 16 days) but still, and today we have a spishal gest is on here today! Now on with the story!
Jason:mommy who are those ppl out there?
Molly:Jason get dressed now!
Jason:ok mommy.
Molly:(gets Crystal dressed up and goes to pack some suit cases). Ok Jason let's go now!
Jason:ok mommy!=(
molly:Jack are あなた readey?
Jack:yes now let's go!
(ok everybody goes outside only to find out that there are some ppl there)
Molly:oh Jack what are we going to do?!
Jack:I don't know? But we have to take Crystal & Jason out of here!
Molly:ok let's go kids!
Jason:ok mommy!
(they go back inside and go out to the window and start to run only for his mom to trip and tells him to go on with his sister)
Jason:But mommy I don't want to lave you!
Molly:Just go daddy & me will cach up to あなた and Crystal! Ok!
Jason:(is crying) ok m-mommy!(ok that's all for the flash backs)
Ok folks that's all for today!
Chris held the gun up and shot. It hit a buzzbomber. Chris felt a tingling feeling in his stomach and chuckled. "MUAHAHAHA." He ran around, firing everywhere, hitting badniks, knocking down hills, and making loops collapse. "BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!" He shouted, running along. "This is SO COOL!" he shouted. About an 時 had passed, and Green 丘, ヒル Zone had been torn apart and filled with smoke and ruins and now looked like piles of blocks and dirt and scrap metal. He ran away, but then ran into a blue hedgehog. "Did あなた do this?!" It said. "Ummmm..... あなた DIDN'T SEE ME AND I WASN'T HERE!" Chris...
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