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 the healing hug
the healing hug
One day:
Me:(walking my two daughters in the park) i wonder what your dad's doing
Me:(smiles) yes dada (hears a voice)
Voice:i 愛 あなた Blaze
Me:(sees from 木, ツリー to see Silver キス Blaze) i can't believe it. He's cheating on me. (Runs away crying with my kids in my arms)
Silver:(hears and sees Magic crying) Magic!!!!
Me:(ignores him and teleports to Shadow's house)
At Shadow's house:
Shadow:hey little sister
Me:hey. シャッド, 陰影 can あなた do me a favor?
Me:im going to be gone for a while can あなた watch Ashley and Megan until i come back
Me:thanks (hands them over to Shadow and...
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The base was on alert. A blasting intruder alarm blared throughout the metal corridors. Two figures dashed through the halls dodging lazer 火災, 火 from the battle driods pursuing them. One was a male porcupine with markings like Shadow's, except he was blue and silver. His first two head spikes curved down, but his last curved up. He had a silver crescent shaped marking on his chest. He had high tech boots and arm devices. His name was Blade.
The other was a female echidna. She was オレンジ and white, and was wearing a black suit with wrist rings. A black headband stretched around her head. Her...
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