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Redhawk told me to move it over here so i did here it is and i will write the other book on here as well but i am keeping "The Child of Roma" on there since it is not a SoN Fanfic

Well Enjoy

Chapter 1
The Eternal City

I felt cold, it was dark, and I was underwater I
thought wait how can I be underwater for so long then I saw something above the water it look like some kind of dog thing I didn't know what to expect so I went up to the water and saw a wolf then the wolf spoke to me but didn't open her mouth she said "Who are you" I was about to respond normally but I couldn't honestly remember, I said to the wolf "I don't know where am I" "your in the eternal city but I don't see how you got in here this city has great defensive wall around it and guards all around" then out of know where an arrow shot straight for my face and I dodged it at the last second and said to the wolf "tell the guards to stop" "No you prove your worth here" then out of nowhere I hear a loud growling sound

Chapter 2
The Anger cute Beast

I looked up to see what it was and it was a cat, at first I thought wow I was scared of that thing and in the back of my mind I was thinking don't underestimate it, so I got up and charge at the cute small beast when a girl on top of a tower shot an arrow at me. I felt it but it felt like a pinch, it didn't hurt ,and I didn't bleed it was very confusing but I still continued my approach on the beast then the Cat turned into a Lion 10 feet tall with razor sharp teeth and looked at me like "who’s your daddy" and I let my instincts take over from there I reached in my pocket and found a pen I uncapped it like I have done it a million times and started charging the beast I amazingly dodged the first snip at me and stap it right into the right ear it cried with pain and anger but that just had to motivate the beast even more so. I cut it's right hinge leg and did the same to the other hinge leg until she was completely down on the ground then I was about to kill the beast then I heard another Growl it was weaker but had authority to it. I saw the wolf again, the wolf came up to me and said "I'm Lupa welcome to The Eternal City of Half Bloods then Lupa smiled at me I was proud but had this weird feeling I didn't belong here.

Chapter 3
Annie? Anna? What’s her name

After I beat the cat Lupa ask me to walk with her and show me the city, I looked around and saw the Colosseum not as big as the real one but still close and then I saw the leaning tower of piazza like the one in Vegas not the real one but then I thought how do I know what the Vegas one looks like and when did I go to Vegas I was interrupted by my thoughts when Lupa said "this is the bunkers you will have to stay in Mercury's Bunker until you are claimed" "Claimed? what’s that" "your god parent will show us that you are the son of he or she" "do you know anything about me Lupa" " I have a theory child but not a good one for anyone but I can't discuss it now, Reyna come down and give wait what’s your name boy" " I think Parry but I don't know" " Well come introduce Parry to the other solders will you" "yes mama" Then Lupa looked at me and had a worry sum look on her face and said "be carefully Parry" and then she ran off then this girl looked at me judgmentally and said hi I'm Reyna Daughter of Venus you are" "you mean Aphrodite" "no I'm daughter of Venus, Aphrodite died when the Romans beat the crap out of the Greeks" "ooh Kay I'm Parry son of a god" she smiled she had beautiful blond hair and wore a necklace with the name Jason on it but I didn't focus on that I focused on her and how she smiled so sweetly at you that you just wanted to kiss her all day but I felt in the back of mind that it would be wrong to do so. Then Reyna broke the silence "okay well follow me ill introduce you to some people" "like Jason" she stop walking then she pulled out her sword and pushed me onto the ground and put the sword to my throat and said "Where is he and don't play stupid I’m not messing around here I want him back Parry" wow this girl is going to kill me. "Hey I said that name Jason because your wearing a necklace with that name on it" she looked down and noticed the necklace she was wearing and she pulled her sword back and I got back up she looked away and it looked like she was crying she tried to hold back the tears but I could tell she had the water works coming so I let instincts take over and I hugged her and said "we will find him soon I promise I will do everything I can to help you Reyna" we stared up in the sky and she said "Jason is Boyfriend the only son of Jupiter he was the greatest solider Lupa's ever trained and he disappeared three days ago and know one knows where he is" she turned to face me and embraced me I looked at her face in my chest and I pictured another face an astonishing looking girl with blonde hair, Grey eyes, knifes to her side and I had a name Annie no Anna no what the heck was it and then I heard some rumbling in the bushes behind us we both turned to see

Chapter 4
The ones I call my Friends

Me and Parry were hugging when I was crying like a little girl I felt so off, so depressed ever since Jason was gone I was going crazy and then out of know where this new kid shows up, he's good looking and very sweet and doesn't know anything about himself and I just couldn't think straight anymore. then we heard some noise in the bushes behind us right next to the Mercury Bunker, Parry said "ill go check it out you stay here" at first I thought that is a bad idea to let the new kid take the lead in battle but something about him screamed I have killed more people and more monsters then you'll ever know so I let him go and, I nodded. he pulled out a pen and uncapped it and a sword came out and that was pretty cool ,and then he slowly walk up on the bushes then he just ran into the bushes and screamed something like "For the Sea" but I couldn't fully understand what he had said after he screamed that I heard swords clanging together I trusted his judgment to stay put but I had to go see if he was all right. I slowly walked up and saw he was attacking Hazel and, right before he was going to strike I Screamed. Parry looked at me like what's the matter and I said "that's my friend Gwen" "ooh my bad" he help hazel back up then said he's sorry. Gwen said "its not a big deal but, where did you learn to fight like that oh by the way I'm Gwen Daughter of Mercury and who are you exactly Parry." "I don't really know I know I'm from New York and my name sounds like parry but I feel its wrong when everyone calls me that and I know theirs this really beautiful girl back where I am from her name is Anna I think something like that but that's about it." "oh well that sucks".then I picked up on something he said "wait your from New York?" "yea I think so, yea I am" "but know one is from there know halfblood has ever come from there, the place is usually a bloodbath for halfbloods."

Chapter 5
Neptune, Poseidon what’s the Difference

After what Reyna had told me I wanted to get some rest I haven't had that all day today its been fight after fight after fight and so on so it was great to get some rest. I jumped onto the bed Hazel gave me in Mercury's Bunker and fell right asleep. I dreamed a man was with me the background was blue, ocean blue, then sea green, a man stood with a Trident and Said "Percy" there was a long pause I just didn't know what to say, so I stay silent. "Percy I don't have much time pay attention" "Father?" I don't know where that came from but in the back of my mind I knew he was my dad. "Son Pay Attention the Goddess Hera has done this to you ,you must tell the others when you wake up, Do you understand?" I didn't really understand, Hera did this to me did what exactly "no what did she do" he looked at me silly then realized I was serious "Son she took your memories away that witch of a goddess" the Sky Rumbled "oh shut up brother" father said I was confused but ask my dad "but why, why did she take my memories, dad why and where am I from and who is my god parent and, who is Anna I can't get her out of my mind" he looked at me with concern and calmly said "Oh Gods Hera took everything, Annabeth is her name son and she is your girlfriend you love her dearly and she is searching for you as we speak. I am your God parent Poseidon god of seas and horse and earthquakes and your from New York city. Hera took your memories and Jason's because to great powers must join to defeat what is coming. you showed me your strength when you defeated Kronos but now you must gain everyone's trust here son and wait for Jason and the others to come but be careful you are son of Poseidon not Neptune" I felt so confused that I wanted to exploded what is the difference between the two Neptune, Poseidon what’s the difference but I didn't ask because I had to ask one thing that I new would be more important. "where is Annabeth dad" he looked up to the sky waited for a minute and said to me "she's at Camp Half Blood she just arrived there, she looked for you all day and she’s resting, Son I must go now be carefully" I thought about that an thought since when am I ever careful "okay dad thanks for everything" then the last word of my dream "Son I sent someone to find you when you wake up I love you Good Luck" I woke up to some kind of noise and new what my dad meant. My dad Sent me Blackjack.

Chapter 6
Camp Half Blood?

After that incident with Hazel and Parry I had to go to bed. It's been a emotional day, scratch that I thought it's been like this for the last 4 days. So I went into my Bunker and jumped into my bed and cried my self to sleep. I started to dream me and Jason on our first date there we were when we first met he pretend to be a kid in a normal middle school before I new I was a HalfBlood. He was there just to pick me up and bring me back to the city. Jason was so handsome so muscular he convinced me to skip school with him and go on a date to lunch and a movie and then a surprise he said. Then my great dream was cut off, it went fuzzy and white like a bad TV in the 50's. Then a image appeared it was a girl she was pretty ,blond hair ,Grey eyes ,and wore a orange t-shirt with Camp Halfblood ,and she was with someone, with my Jason. "hey Jason do you know where the city is?" the Blond girl said. "umm I think I'm not sure" "what do you mean your not sure" she said so arrogantly I would have beat the crap out of her if I could of. "look I barley remember who I am so give me a break Annabeth I want to go to the city and get Percy to". Wait to get Percy who's Percy does he mean Parry what’s going on here. "you don't want to see him as badly as me Jason" "maybe not but I have someone waiting for me back in the city too her name is Reyna and I think she's my Girlfriend but I feel terrible because I don't even have the memories with her I just have her face and I know I have feelings for her that’s it" he snapped at her, I felt so close to him even when were gone and he doesn't have his memory he Remembers me, Annabeth walk away crying when Jason said "look I'm sorry I’m just confused and I don't know where were going ,but I just feel like I'm doing something I'm going to regret.
Then a New Image appeared it was a Green background with Parry or Percy with some old dude that looked like him and the old dude was sad and said "Oh Gods Hera took everything, Annabeth is her name son and she is your girlfriend you love her dearly and she is searching for you as we speak. I am your God parent Poseidon god of seas and horse and earthquakes and your from New York city. Hera took your memories and Jason's because two great powers must join to defeat what is coming. you showed me your strength when you defeated Kronos but now you must gain everyone's trust here son and wait for Jason and the others to come but be careful you are son of Poseidon not Neptune". Wait What Poseidon not Neptune Camp Half Blood that means that he is Greek not Roman but how can that be. then I heard a Pegasus cry ,and I bursted to life jumped out of my bed and saw through the window that Percy had a new Pet waiting for me outside my Bunker with a big smile on his face.

Chapter 7
Blackjack and his crazy stories
I told Blackjack to take a solo flight so I could talk to Reyna before I introduced him to her. I had to tell her about my dream last night.
“Hey Reyna I have to talk to you about something will you come walk with me alone for a sec” she nodded and followed me down the path to the Colosseum but she looked at me so strange I thought that she was scared of me but why would she be.
“oh yea Percy sure”.
“wait what you just call me.”
“ I had a dream about you and your father last night and he called you Percy’s not Parry.” “Wait what! What happened in this Dream.” she told me the same dream I had but like the end of my dream. Then she told me the beginning of her dream about Camp Half Blood and how there trying to come here and get me. I was so angry at Hera that stupid goddess why is she worthy to be a goddess she just hates everyone and doesn’t respect there boundaries.
“Percy I was wondering do you think Jason will survive at this secret camp?” she looked like she might cry I felt so bad for her but I knew what It was like to lose someone you love. Then I saw Blackjack flying over then he started to fly toward us and coming down toward us then he landed and come over to us.
“ hey boss is it cool that I’m here with you guys.” I thought no because Reyna is Emotional but blackjack might have the answers to the problem here he might no who Jason is.
“ yea it’s cool Blackjack, Reyna meet my Pegasus Blackjack.
“ Hi nice to meet you Blackjack”.
“she’s nice boss”
“Blackjack I need you to tell me what’s going on at camp half blood.”
“Okay it’s like this boss everyone was looking for you and then this new kid jay or Jason came here not remembering anything and with two other halfblood’s Leo and piper and they went on a quest and he’s starting to Remember who he is again me and Annabeth have been looking for you for the last two weeks boss and well she went to bed and I went to the stables then a Big Green Flash happened and I woke up outside the cabin where you were at and here we are boss” I told Reyna what blackjack just told me and she was happy to know that Jason was alright.
“ Blackjack can you take me and Reyna to Camp Halfblood?” Reyna looked at me like I was crazy or something.
“the better Question is when are we leaving boss” then I looked at Reyna she looked excited but scared I nodded at her and said to Blackjack
“We leave at Dawn”.

Chapter 8
The Oracle Hazel

I told Blackjack to stay in the stables for a bit while I go and tell Lupa what’s happened and what I’m planning to do.
“Reyna your coming with me right”
“ I don’t know Percy, I can’t just run off to another camp full of Greeks. I won’t belong there.”
“Jason doesn’t either and they know that he’s Roman but he’s still alive.”
“ we have to talk to Lupa about me going I don’t know about you”
“I thought the same thing so lets go”
We ran down the path to Lupa’s Bunker it was green like the forest and brown like bark on tree’s very outdoorsy kind of bunker and there was paintings of wolfs running on the sides. After looking at the bunker and how cool it was, we stepped inside and Interrupted a conversation between Lupa and some tall, brown haired girl. she was very skinny and had brown eyes. She looked at Reyna like they had some problems before this interruption happened.
“ excuse me I was talking to Lupa” the brown haired girl said
“were sorry we will wait outside” as we were leaving we heard a growl.
“ STOP!” She commanded “what are you here for Parry”
“But I was here first Lupa” the girl Interjected she looked very angry that Lupa wanted to here from me before her.
“Silence!, Parry please”
“ first it’s Percy not Parry Lupa and Me and Reyna had dreams last night, it told me many things about myself and where I’m from and who I am and who my god parent is and who my girlfriend is and who took my Memories away and who took Jason away” as soon as I said Jason Lupa froze she stared at me like a hawk, I felt so awkward and not comterble at all.
“Where is Jason and who took your memories away?, Percy”
“Hera I mean Juno took them away and sent Jason’s and where is he, well that’s why were here Lupa I want Permission to take Reyna to Camp Halfblood”
“Where is Camp Halfblood Percy”
“ New York” Lupa smiled at me and giggled, Reyna looked very confused.
“hmmm Interesting, Hazel here Percy is one of are Oracles and she had a Prophecy a few minutes ago and came here to share and I am curious if it has something to do with your quest to go to Camp Halfblood”
“Hazel please share with me your Prophecy” I said politely
“very well then
The son of the sea and the dove shall go east
But they must be careful before the become the fest
They go to a place unknown but soon they find a soul to morn
A Friend will die and friends shall live
a fight between the owl and dove shall burn a bridge”
“ I believe this is your quest son of the sea” Lupa said, she looked at me and Reyna and looked confident I just wish I felt confident.
“ I think so to Lupa so we leave tomorrow at dawn if that’s okay with you” I looked at Reyna and she looked excited and scared still. I was guessing she was scared of the last line in the Prophecy a fight between the owl and dove shall burn a bridge, it didn’t sound so good for a daughter of Venus.
“ that sounds great, we leave at dawn ill pack for our quest I hope your ready for your first Roman Quest” Reyna teased
“I think I’m up to it Reyna”
“lets hope young hero, have a good quest and be careful you two, now all of you DISMISS!!!

Chapter 9
Reyna? What are you doing?
After the Prophecy I thought about who I am fighting if I’m the dove who’s the owl? Well I won’t know tell we get there I guess. So I went back to my cabin and packed up saying goodbye to all my cabin mates and getting ready for the big day tomorrow.
My dream began with me and Jason holding hands, but then I heard deep dark laughing and it was scary and then the dream switched to Jason kissing some girl she was pretty had brown hair and her necklaces was a of a dove, a different Venus girl what the Hades Jason’s cheating on me. Then the dream switched again to Percy with some blond hair girl and they were kissing in a bubble underwater then I saw Percy saying goodnight to her and a big white flash just appeared. A Beautiful woman appeared
“Hello Reyna” the woman said
“hi um do you keep showing me these images”
“yes, I do then smiled at me. Creepy but beautiful. As your mother I want you to know what your love is up to”
“ Wait mom it’s you, Really Venus. I hugged Venus then she smiled and laughed. Why are you here mom, I mean you can stop by in my dream anytime but why are u here showing me these images of people.
“I’m showing you love Reyna I want you to have this with someone but your love is with another and I want you to have someone just as powerful and handsome I want you to date Percy Jackson”
“that’s Percy’s last name Uh, but mom he has a girlfriend it’s not right.
“ well she isn’t exactly faithful either my dear, look. The background changed from white to a big screen in the movies and it showed someone with annabeth hugging her and holding hands with her and it didn’t look innocent”
“you see my dear she is not his, take him make him yours and have love and happiness you deserve it and be careful my dear I wouldn’t want to see you get hurt” then suddenly she got fuzzy like she was losing connection like a TV loses connection to a satellite it was giving me a headache to look at.
“ I most go my dear Zeus realized I was talking to you and is breaking our signal good luck and let love guide you”
I woke up to see that my mother gave me new cloths and new jewels. She got me a golden necklace with a red heart on it and diamonds all around the heart. The clothes were a new dress and new black tights. The dress was pink with a low cut top and seemed kind of cute for a lady of the night but then I put it on and it looked good then I grabbed the blacks tights and I gotta admit my mom knows style. I went outside and tried to find Percy. Then I saw him he was wearing the same orange t-shirt that Annabeth had in my dream and it said Camp Halfblood on it, I studied him like my mom said and he’s hot. His face, his eyes, his body, everything was perfect I went over to him.
“hey Percy”
“hey Reyna you almost ready to head out”
“uh yea I guess so” he looked at me like he was confused
“so you will be ready at noon right?
“absolutely” I was playing with my hair trying to be flirty I was never good at it I hated flirting because I new I sucked at it but I think that he’s falling for it.
“all right then ill see you in a hour”
“ okay see ya” I headed towards my cabin and got my bags and headed to the stables to get my Pegasus Mystique she was a black beautiful Pegasus that was given to me about three years ago so I grabbed her and rode her over to Neptune’s Bunker and waited for Percy.


I was in my Bunker when I noticed Reyna was waiting outside so I waited a sec and thought what was up with her earlier she was totally flirting but she knows that Annabeth is my girlfriend, but she so Hot I mean look at her she so hot the black hair, her smile, man I wish I Remember who Annabeth was so I could know how important she is to me. I walked outside and saw her right when she saw me she smiled right away. Wait what happened to her boyfriend Jason she most know something about him she wouldn’t just cheat.
“hey Reyna can I ask you something”
“anything” then she had a serious look on her face I must of worried her
“if you had something any info on Jason or Annabeth you would tell me right?” she looked at me guilty and she sighed and started to cry
“Percy Annabeth and Jason are cheating on us” I got furious I wanted to kill someone I wanted to unleash Hades on someone, but that explains why she’s been flirting with me.
“how do you know” I started to cry but not sob just like slowly and small amounts of crying.
“ I had a dream last night my mom told me that we would be go together and I defended our lovers and she showed me that Annabeth and Jason were cheating on us, so I trusted my mother and I started to like you like that I’m sorry”
I looked at her and she stared at me and I stared right back into her eyes and we both slowly moved in toward each other and started kissing.

Chapter 10
New York here we Come. Right?

Wow I never would of thought about kissing her but it felt so right I didn’t even want to go now but I new that wasn’t happening. While we were kissing she throw her arms around my neck and we started to slowly walk into my Bunker so we weren’t just standing in the middle of the path making out. We walked into my Bunker and still kissing and sat on the ocean blue couch, it was so weird for me to do this I never did this with Annabeth, Right? Well I could care less now I had Reyna and obviously she wants to start new, with a new love and I’m all for it. I was about to stop, but I saw Reyna getting closer to me she didn’t want to leave either. Eventually I stopped and said “we have to go”
“I know it’s okay”
“well lets uh go” I grabbed her hand and we walked out to our Pegasus.
“what was that boss” blackjack said
“Annabeth is done with me blackjack so I’m done with her”
“what Percy” Reyna said
“nothing Reyna you ready to head out”
“yea” she was all happy now with a smile on her face a she was very excited.
“ Blackjack lead the way to Camp Halfblood” I said
“you go it boss” I gave him a sugar cube I remembered he likes them alot
We took off, Blackjack lead while Mystique followed, about 5 hours later we need to stop for a pee break and blackjack wanted to rest to. We set up the tent for the rest of the night. We flew from California to Tennessee I didn’t think that it would be this easy of a quest to get there but I didn’t mind. Me and Reyna went in our tents and we passed out quick.
My Dream began with me and some Satyr we were in the underworld with Annabeth
I was younger though at least 12? 13? I didn’t know but then I dreamed a different dream.
I was in the underworld again I was with some little kid Nickel or no no Nico and he was urging me to be careful as I went in some purplely black looking water, the River Styx’s I bathed in it and my kill spot on my back. Then that dream faded and a new one appeared and it was a black hair girl fighting me in the forest she blasted lighting at me, Thalia it came to me. Then out of no where my dream went Black and I heard Screaming.
“AHHHHH!” it was Reyna in the other tent.
I got up and ran in my boxers to Reyna’s tent. She was having a nightmare and shaking in her sleeping bag jumping up and down moving all around she was being tortured or something.
“AHHH!!! Her eyes opened she sat up very fast and stared at me PERCY! Thank the Gods”.
“what was that Reyna” I said this kneeling in boxers and she was in a bra and the rest of her body was in the sleeping bag so I couldn’t see just sayin awkward.
“umm bad dream I guess”
“u guess tell me, what was that”
“I dreamed the giant Alcyoneus he was attacking the city and I saw all our Friends being killed and I was being tortured by it, it was killing you Percy slowly and he made me watch helplessly not being able to do anything it it was awful.” I pulled her out of her sleeping bad and hugged her and told her everything will be okay and kissed her goodnight and then “will you stay in here with me I’m kinda scared” I decide it was okay and grabbed my sleeping bag and slept next to her hopefully that dream never becomes true then I went back to sleep.

Chapter 11
Sally? Doesn’t ring a bell?

After that scary night me and Reyna woke up and I left the tent so she could change into her cloths. I went and checked on Blackjack and Mystique.
“Hey boss how was your night sleep”
“it was good how was yours”
“great I’m starting to like this Mystique, she’s hot”
I laughed mentally “that’s good buddy, happy for you”
“thanks boss, so when we heading out”
“in a few minutes so get ready to go and tell you’re ah Friend that to, oh and Blackjack we will make it to New York today Right?, ”
“okay boss and yea we will boss in two hours most likely” I walked over to Reyna’s tent and patted on the side and said
“hey you all dressed”
“yea ill be out in a second”
“okay good Blackjack and Mystique are ready and we will be in New York in two hours they said”
Then the zipper was unzipping and she said while walking out of the tent” Okay good lets get going”
“Okay lets head out, Blackjack let’s go”
Blackjack came over to me and kneeled down for me to get on and we rode into the sky. After a two hour long fly over, we landed in central park, Reyna and I had to go to the bathroom and since we were in New York we were in the right area of Camp Halfblood. The only Problem was we couldn’t find a restroom until I spotted a Burger King.
“Reyna there’s a Burger king lets go there, I’m sure they have bathrooms.”
“okay fine by me, tell Blackjack to get ready because I want to get to this camp right away”
“Sounds good” we walked into the Burger King it seemed Familiar, maybe I’ve been here.
Then I saw a really familiar women in line with a tall white guy with glasses that looked familiar to, I new that I new them but not how. so I decide to go up to them and try to be calm and relaxed so they don’t know that I don’t know them. I walked up to them.
“hey guys” I sounded really unsure when I said it.
“Oh My God! Percy! Where have you been for the last 6 weeks!” the woman said and hugged me so tight I barely could breath.
“I’m sorry, I don’t Remember who you are and I barley Remember who I am.
“oh Paul Annabeth was right he doesn’t Remember who he is.”
“ Sally lets bring him back home see if he can Remember something like pictures or something.” Paul said “oh by the way I’m Paul your Step Dad”
“Hi nice to meet you, ah so you’re my mom.” I addressed to the woman, Sally
“wow they took all your memory” then I saw Reyna exit the bathroom and I saw her confused face when I was talking to people. She walked over to us.
“Percy you ready to go”
“go where Percy” said my mom
“we can’t share that information to you, lets go Percy” I grabbed Reyna’s arm stopping her from leaving the burger king.
“Reyna this is my mother, mom meet my girlfriend Reyna, Reyna my mother and her husband Paul”
“oh I’m sorry I thought you were random mortals it’s nice to meet you”
“wait this is your girlfriend” said Paul
“yea” I said with a confident that might be disrespectful to my step-dad.
“Great, he has a new girlfriend sally, we better get him home and see if we can jog his memory. Then me and Reyna left with my mom and step-dad.

Chapter 12
Welcome Back!
We went from burger king and got into a new gold Grand Am, Paul told me that his last car got wrecked during the Titan War last summer, I didn’t have a clue what he was talking about so he told me that I and this camp fought in a war against the titans and I defeated Kronos and that I was Invincible because I bathed in the River Styx, Reyna’s hand tightened when he said that to us. Then he went on to say that I Disappeared sometime last month and that Annabeth had searching parties but they stop for some reason, he said they won’t tell him why I figured it was because she found someone else like Aphrodite said to Reyna. Then Reyna said something that threw me off made me Remember a lot.
“I thought that half gods fought Kronos while the other half fought Typhoon” then it hit me everything Paul just said came back to me.
“No I Remember now Luke, Grover, Annabeth, Nico, Thalila.” Wow that really hit me like a ton of bricks I felt awful and fell over. Reyna caught me and said.
“Percy you okay” her face was fully of worry sum
“Yea that was a lot to process, that’s all” then I kissed her to Reassure her. She blushed and we sat in silence for the next 5 minutes.
“we’re here”
We lived in a apartment building? it was a nice place. I followed Paul and mom into the apartment and right away I saw a picture of me and my dad I looked about 15 our so. Then I saw a picture of me and Grover I looked about 12 years old. Then I saw a picture of me and some other girl I didn’t recognize her.
“mom who’s this”
“that’s Rachel she’s a friend of yours”
“oh I don’t remember her was she a good friend”
“If I remember you had a little crush on her, so yes.”
Uh I wonder why I don’t remember you. Then I moved on I saw a picture of me and Annabeth at my mom and Paul’s wedding.
“Are these helping you remember Percy” Reyna said
“kinda in pieces they are”
“well look at this picture it was you and Annabeth on Mount Olympus after the war and Annabeth was Designing the new structure for it.” it didn’t really help I thought then I realized my mother she was gone from the room.

I have to call her, I have to call her I kept thinking, while Paul was showing Percy some picture I went into the bathroom and called Annabeth’s cell phone she said to call if I had any info on Percy. I Dialed the number and pressed send. Ring, Ring, Ring, finally she picked up.
“Sally, what’s going on”
“Annabeth” I said I was Trembling I couldn’t tell her about Reyna but I had to.
“Sally what’s wrong”
“Annabeth, Percy is here”
“ WHAT! I’M ON WAY over right now” she tried to compose herself
“Annabeth there’s a problem though”
“ What”
“He’s here on a quest with his new Girlfriend”.

Chapter 13
I Felt num, it literally broke me in two. I had flashes of Emotion, Anger was the first then, Jealousy, then sad, the worst Depression, then I accepted it and thought to my self, He might not know you it’s not his fault that he got his memory taken by a Witch. You should have saw this coming he’s son of the big three has cool powers and is hot Daughter of wisdom my Hades”
“ANNABETH? Are you okay” Sally said
“ Yea Yea umm ill be right there”
“okay hurry”
I hung up and ran for the big house to tell Chiron what’s going on, I ran and then Grover saw me running he followed me and said this while we were running.
“what’s going on”
“Percy Uh I Uh Know Uh Where he is Uh” I was so out of breath
“what are you kidding”
“well I’m coming to”
“Oh no your not” I am not allowing Grover to be there to meet Percy’s new Girlfriend.
“what he’s my best friend” I stopped
“Grover look I need to see Percy alone please I’m bring him back here anyway” he looked very mad but he accepted it.
“okay but you better bring him back” then I ran up the hill and busted through the door.
“Chiron Uh Chiron! It’s Percy he’s in New York with sally she invited me over I’m taking a Pegasus over right now”
“what Percy is at his mom’s well go before it’s to late” I nodded and busted through the door again and ran to the stables. Since Blackjack was missing I had to take the newbie
Raven. Me and Raven flew faster then superman.

Okay good she’s on her way, now lets get in the other room and keep them here till Annabeth arrives. I walked into the other room Percy look at me and said
“where did you go?”
“oh I went to the bathroom”
“who were you talking to in there” I was sweating bullets
“no one Percy now do you Remember anything else”
“ yea that your not my mother” he pulled out a pen uncapped it and it turned into a sword and pointed at me.
“ill come down when I’m being told the truth”

I didn’t feel right pointing my sword at my mother but I had to make her tell the truth and make her think I’m doing this because of memory loss.
“No” said Reyna now pointing her sword at her.
“who is that” I said
“He’s the Camp Halfblood Director and you’re his favorite student, I just wanted him to know that you’re here with me and planning on going to camp with Reyna, That’s all now put the swords down”
I nodded at Reyna and we both put or swords down and Paul came into the room with glasses of Lemonade.
“so you want Lemonade”
“sure” I used my powers to lift up the lemonade and slowly pour into my mouth in midair,
“Wow that’s cool Percy” she kissed me and I kissed her back full force there wasn’t anything holding me back, until she spoke.
“yea that’s cool Seaweed brain” said Annabeth

Chapter 14
I Froze I didn’t know what to say I was kissing Reyna then Annabeth shows up here at the most inconvient time to walk in. I saw she was hurting no worse dying inside it hurt to watch.
“No NO Don’t let me INTERUPT!”
“ Uh Percy maybe we should leave” Reyna said very scared of the outcome of this encounter. Then it hit me a fight between the owl and dove shall burn a bridge. Oh NO!
“No Percy your staying you. Annabeth pointed at Reyna, need to leave NOW!”
“ Don’t tell Percy what to do” Reyna pulled out her sword and pointed at Annabeth.
“ I’ll tell him anything I want he’s MINEEE!” I thought about that why would she want me so badly if she’s cheating on me, why would have she come here, Wait how did she know I was here. MOM! Annabeth pulled out her knife and pointed it at her as well it seems the two were having a stare down until one of them strikes. Then like a flash Annabeth strikes and cuts Reyna’s Left cheek it was bleeding and Reyna Screamed
“MOTHER PLUTO” then she strike Annabeth back she deflected it and Annabeth swung at her again toward Reyna’s legs then to my surprise Reyna deflected it. Reyna got more confident and slice Annabeth’s Left cheek to and said
“IT DOESN’T FELL TO WELL DOES IT” then I had a enough of this.
“ENOGUH I’M DONE WITH THIS ANNABETH STAND DOWN REYNA STAND DOWN” I pulled out riptide and uncapped it and stood in front of the two. Then out of nowhere Annabeth strikes at me I dodged it and she hit the picture of me and her at the wedding and it crashed to the floor and broke into a million pieces. She swung again I deflected it and said
“ Annabeth I was always the best sword fighter it’s useless” she sat down and looked at the photo and cried and said
“We were in love Percy, In love not lust like this girl we went through so much I gave EVERTHING to you and you through it away like Garbage!”
“ Annabeth Aphrodite’s told me that you cheated on me the goddess of love told Reyna and Reyna told me this. She and I felt alone I guess because the PEOPLE WE LOVE Betrayed US, SHE LOVED Jason Annabeth, but she saw Jason with ANOTHER GIRL!”
“NO SOMEONE ELSE DID WITH A DOVE NECKLACE, But that doesn’t matter what matter’s is that you cheated on me”
“WHAT!!! WITH WHO” I turned to Reyna and looked at her for a answer. She had none to give.
“Reyna who was it? What was his name? What did he LOOK LIKE? Through all the question she didn’t answer she just looked away. “ Do you Remember” Then a big Flash appeared out of no where it was my dad and some lady beside him.

Chapter 15
Gods aren’t supposed to be concerned in Mortal affairs?
My father looked angry, and so did the lady. I wondered who the lady was and then I saw Annabeth run over to her and hug her and yell
“Mom” Athena and Poseidon? What our parents came to get us back together? Ridicules plan but my father seemed upset. So I finally said something to break the tension.
“Sooo how’s it going”
“Percy, Percy, Percy” my father said and looked down towards the ground.
“what dad I like her a lot is me liking Reyna a bad thing”
“yes Gaia or Terra was pretending to be Aphrodite’s or Venus to trick you she new this would happen a fight and in the lines to burn a bridge she meant the bridge between you and Jason or Romans and Greeks.”
“Maybe I don’t want to be with these Greeks” Reyna said
“if we think like that then that is unwise and very foolish” said Athena
“Reyna this means that Annabeth and Jason didn’t cheat on us” She looked up and nodded towards me and she looked happy.
“Can you all give me a minute alone with Reyna” my dad looked at me I nodded and he went into the other room and Athena followed while Annabeth was dragged by her mother.
“You don’t have to say anything” she looked towards the ground and a single tear went down her cheek.
“Reyna you’re a funny cute crazy girl and I like you and I’m a attracted to you but Annabeth she literally has my heart and now that I know she didn’t cheat I have to go back with her” I thought if she takes me back. “please you have to understand”
“I feel the same way I want to be with you but my heart is with Jason I used you to get over that pain. So now what?” I kissed her forehead and said
“ I need to talk to Annabeth alone and then we go to camp and finish this Quest.”
“sounds good” she winked at me and walked into the other room and asked Annabeth to go into the other room. She came out with a smile then it turned into a serious face. I thought she most likely heard my conversation.
“Percy, I’m sorry I shouldn’t have gotten mad at you for not Remembering anything. Hera took your memory and I knew you wouldn’t remember me so I know you a catch for girls I should be more understanding and for that I’m sorry” she looked down and blushed and I felt like I had to do something but what, Oh wait I know. I pulled her face up gently and cupped her face with my palm and gave her a Passionate kiss. I felt a lot different then when I kissed Reyna this felt Natural it felt a spark, Electrifying! We both looked up into each other’s eyes and I said
“ I’m grateful you forgive me and understand what I’m going through” I kissed her again I wanted to all day but something interrupted us. Both my parents and Annabeths mom “Coughed” really loud and my father said
“okay enough you love birds” a loud thundering happen in the sky and my Athena said
“we will be another minute, Annabeth go with them get Jason and finish the quest with you two lovely couples, Now everyone look away.” then a giant light came then it was gone and both the gods left presents. I got a sea shell and it had a note that said “when there’s no water around”. Okay? And Annabeth got a map. Reyna got a note from Venus I don’t know what it said though.
“Right well Annabeth I grabbed her hand and said Show us where Camp Halfblood is.”

Chapter 16
The Best Night Ever


After that well Reunion, Annabeth hopped on Raven and we hopped on our Pegasus and Flew off it took about 10 minutes to get to camp. I had a Deja Vue feeling I felt like I had flew in a thousand times. We flew and landed in front of a Cabin that had Metal all around it and a vault door and then the there was a Pink Cabin like Barbie pink on the Right of the Metal Cabin. I said to Annabeth
“which one’s mine” she seemed amused that I didn’t remember.
“ I’ll let you figure that out” she winked at me. “Percy there’s some people that want to see you, I’ll come back later so we can have to alone time.” I probably blushed, I felt like that was a regular saying of ours, she kissed me and walked away into the Metal cabin. Immediately after she went into the cabin a Satyr came up to me, Grover.
“PERCY” Grover said while hugging me. He smiled at me. He ask the questions I expected where were you, how are you, that sort of thing. I shared the info Reyna said I could share, but I had to keep something’s a secret.
“Wow Roman’s interesting I guess I’m a Faun” he laughed and said “it’s getting dark I’ll see ya in the morning Percy” and cheerfully walked away. I looked around wondering two things. One where the heck did Reyna go? Two where is my cabin so I can get settled. I saw a Cabin it had Greek writing on top. It said
“Cabin 2” and it felt like mine I walked over to it and it was right next to the water so I kind of figured it was mine, so I continued on my approach then a Centaur came out of nowhere and said with cheer.
“Percy my favorite pupil” He laughed and ask the same questions as Grover and I told him the story. He didn’t looked shocked.
“well hopefully you will get all your memory back soon.” I felt the same way.
“Hopefully” I said with disbelief.
“well Percy I hope to see you and your friend on the battle field” he smiled and galloped away. I went in my Cabin it was coming back to me. Yea I defiantly remember this place. Then when I was laying down on my bed someone knocked on the door. I opened it to see Annabeth. She was standing there in a binki and looked Sexy.
“so you wanna go for a swim” she said
“Uh sure why not” all Getty now I left her in the living room while I went in my room and changed. I grabbed my swim trunks they were blue and said on them “Son of The Sea”.
So then I went out and grabbed Annabeth’s hand and we went for a swim. We laughed and swam for about a hour then It got cold and we were tired. We went back in my cabin and spooned on the couch. She grabbed my face and we began kissing, little did I know it was going to be more then kissing. I didn’t hold back It was a romantic day I reminded me when like a husband returns to war and the wife’s all happy, like that. So we were making out and I saw the time was 1:24 am so I said to Annabeth.
“do you have to go”
“well I don’t have to” she teased, she got up and began going into my room she lied in my bed and began taking off her swim top, Well ill let you figure out the rest.

Chapter 17
Jason Grace

We Arrived at camp and the first thing I saw was Fauns dancing around a fire with some kids. I walked over and said
“hey Fauns what’s up” the looked at me like I was being rude, I didn’t quite understand why. The oldest faun that was playing a pipe came over to me.
“hello?” he said strangely. “I’m Gleeson, Gleeson Hedge”
“hi nice to meet you, I’m Reyna Daughter of Venus.”
“Ohh your from the other camp figures” he said with distaste.” what you doing here cupcake.”
“Cupcake?, I’m with Percy Jackson I don’t know if you know him Gleeson but were on a ques-”
“Yea Yea Yea I know him and I know the story about you Roman’s.” he interrupted
“well do you know where Jason Gra-”
“Jason that cupcake he’s in Cabin 1” he said pointing at a huge cabin all white with Lighting bolts carved in it. I thought figures Jupiter would have to have the biggest Cabin.
“thanks if you’ll excuse me” I started walking over to the cabin and I saw a Faun with Percy they were hugging, the Faun looked like he got his best friend from the dead or something. I continued to walk to Cabin on and ignored there little moment didn’t want to interrupt then I saw something, it was a boat it had a Dragon head on it and then on the side of the ship was “Argo II” after Jason’s “Argo” I assumed. So I went over there and this boy comes over to me and says.
“Hi I’m Nico son of Hades” he raised his hand to shake it. I was honestly scared I don’t like kids of Pluto there’s only one girl at the city that’s son of Hades her names Bobby, but I shoke his hand and smiled. He probably was ust to being scared of. I let go of his hand and said
“ Hi I’m Reyna daughter of Venus” he looked at me odd and then continued like I didn’t say Venus.
“hmm, Venus who’s that Aphrodite” he said with a confused but interested face. Then he understood. “ ohh wait you must be Roman, I guess my dad’s the smallest planet then.” then he smiled, that boy was cute but not romantically and I thought I should get him together with one of my friends from the city maybe Gwen, I don’t know. But then I said to him that I had to go see Jason and he seemed like he knew who I was. Then he said “well ill see you soon”. he smiled then walked away. I didn’t really focus on the comment but I continued to walk over to the cabin I saw my cabin if I went hear and all the girls giggling and such, I hated Airhead Venus girls they gave us a bad Rep. then when I was finally going over to Jason’s cabin when I got interrupted by one of the Venus girls. She was brunette and she looked familiar, she looked Native American. She said
“hi I saw you staring at our cabin, are you knew?, because you could be one of us if you like the cabin’s look.” she smiled at me she seemed nice so I decide that I can waste 5 minutes.
“ hi I’m Reyna Daughter of Venus, so yes if I am one of you but a Roman version” I said then her face turned happy, to confused.
“so you’re a Roman? Then why are you here, shouldn’t you be at the Roman camp”
“ yea I’m on a quest with Percy and well part of the quest says we will go to a place unknown so were here I’m just worried about the Soul to Morn, but I really have to go it was nice to meet you, umm what’s your name”
“ Piper, nice to meet you to, see ya” I finally walked over to the cabin and knocked on the giant white doors, and rang the door bell the door bell ringer was Lighting in the sky. Then finally Jason opened the door. His expression was pleased and confused, like How the hell did you get here face. Then he hugged me and said
“how the hell did you get here, how did you find me, how’s everyone, how’s Sean, how’s Gwen, how’s Bobby?
“ Sean well he’s on a quest but everyone else is doing great.” then he smiled and sat back down on his Lighting colored couch and hand motioned me to sit down with him.
“so I have a question for you Reyna” he said with shyness he was very nervous. “I know that your very important to me but are you my Girlfriend? I took no offence to it but he looked like he would think I’m offended or something. So I put my arms around him and kissed him so gentle and sweet it was just like those chick flick movie kisses. Then he started to understand that I was his girlfriend, he moved in closer and put his hand on my face and the other, Well ill let you figure it out, then it was getting dark and we went to Jason’s bed I didn’t have a cabin so I spent the night in Jason’s. Then the next morning we woke up to something terrible.

Chapter 18
A Soul to Mourn

I woke up this morning with Juniper and said
“I have to go check on Annabeth and the Argo II okay” then kissed her and walked over to her cabin. She wasn’t in her bunkmates said that she hasn’t been here all night and they were worried. I looked around everywhere, I couldn’t find her I went to Argo II to construction and nothing again. “Where the Hades is she” I said to myself. Then I thought maybe Jason knows so I helped myself in and I heard some weird high pitched sounds and I pulled out my dagger, Then out of nowhere I get hit by


After that amazing first night back, a lot came to me that night. For one I had a brother named Tyson so I wasn’t the only son of Poseidon. Second I remembered who Rachel was, I had a crush on her and we kind of dated but never official, she became the oracle of the camp. But back to present, me and Annabeth were umm undressed under the covers and her head was on my chest still sleeping and her arms were cradling my body. She was so cute when she was asleep I thought. Then without warning someone just burst into my Cabin and runs into my room and see me and Annabeth and says from shouting to whispering
“PERCY!!!…..RIGHTTT….. So Sorry….. Ill just ah go.” the kid was probably 14 he looked like a elf or a Santa’s helper or something, but he was dirty, Really dirty, he had grease in his hair he had dirt all over his jeans, it looked like he literally just rolled into mud or something. Amazingly Annabeth didn’t wake up. I said to the kid.
“two questions, who the Pluto are you and why are you In here!” I whispered but had a angry tone with it. He looked at me as if he was going to apologies, I appreciated it and he whispered back.
“Leo, sorry it’s umm your friend, Grover he is a Hurt.


The terrible thing was a creature or something I didn’t have time to think, this is what happened I woke up to a huge bang on my door then a sword being drawn, I thought the Greeks have finally come to kill me and Reyna so, I didn’t know what happened but I let my instincts take over and I Made lighting shoot down and strike the beast and it feel down me and Reyna weren’t dressed so I hurried and grabbed my underwear and ran over to see what it was. It was Grover with his dagger out.

“WHAT!!!” I shouted at him, I woke up Annabeth and she got up naturally and forgot she wasn’t wearing any clothes, I tackled her into my arms and said
“Annabeth you don’t have Clothes on remember” she blushed up and then realized that Leo was in the room and almost saw her naked it was kind of funny for me.
“Why are you here Leo” Annabeth said
“Grover was Struck by lighting and is badly Injured” he said with a sad face.
“what are you talking about, who could hav-” Annabeth cut herself off and then I saw her face get really angry and she continued calm. “ Where’s Jason and Reyna”
“there back in the infirmary with Grover, they were the ones that found him in that condition but they said the don’t know when or how.” Annabeth’s face was angry so I was about to say something but then Leo injected.
“your not Accusing Jason my best friend are you” he go angry to It seemed he might burst into flames. So I interjected as well.
“yes Leo, it could have been your best friend” I said and threatened “know you should go now” I pushed him towards the door and he busted into flames and said
“watch it man, ill turn you into FRIED SHRIMP!!! Fish boy!” he said very confidently. I used my water powers and grabbed a lot of water from the sea shell my dad gave me. And said.
“you want me to put you out.” Leo grinned and said
“Fire V.S Water, GO!!!”

Chapter 19
Shall Burn a Bridge

I was and still am not up for fighting I’m just a blacksmith I can’t fight. But I felt confident that I could win this isn’t fire like the opposite of water. Yea so opposites fighting, this ain’t going to attract like magnets or girl or boys this was going to be one loses or one wins I was just hoping I win. I threw the first attack, I threw a fire blast right at him and he just put a wall of water around him and everything but his body was burned, Even Annabeth. I saw him glare at me with hate and in two seconds he push a lake full of water at me and I went Flying, literally. I know my mom said always be positive but how could I be. When In midair Jason caught me and brought me down next to Piper in the Infirmary.
“thanks man I wish you were right about that flame on crap” I said with doubt.
“yea no problem did Percy just do this to you” I looked down and felt weak like a little boy on the playground talking to his mom. “did that little boy hurt you Leo” “YEA!!!” I cried and cried. That’s how I felt.
“I’ll be right back” Jason said and had the same face and attitude when I saw him fight Porphyrion, it wasn’t a great look for Percy.


It was a stand off between me and Leo, then he blast a huge fire blast. I pulled the water from the sea shell, and put it around me like a force shield just around my body, I realized it wasn’t a great idea. I heard Annabeth scream and saw a HUGE burn on her arm, I got so angry at Leo. I had no mercy anymore I pulled out a pond full of water and Blasted him sky high and shouted.
“Have a Nice day Mechanic!!!” I ran to Annabeth for help and didn’t know what to do.
“PERCY USE THE WATER TO HEAL ME” Annabeth screamed in agony. I felt terrible, I didn’t know how. Then a flashback came to me. I was cut up by a hellhound and got into water and felt my wounds heal. Present came back to me and I said to her.
“hold Still Annabeth” I pulled water out of the sea shell and slowly the water creeped up to the wound, and I saw how the water went into the wound and slowly but quickly healed her burn. I heard some other foot steps.
“Percy I love you but get out so I can get ready for the quest today” I left and pulled out riptide and got ready for the second attack wave.

I walked to Percy’s cabin, I was furious if there’s one thing I hate it’s bullies. Percy just blasted his friend into air lets see how Percy likes it. I walked up and banged down the door. No one has in sight I pulled out Ivlis and flipped it. In air Percy Did the same thing he did to Leo I got blast like at a water park I went flying, but I can fly so I heard him laugh and came in and grabbed him out of his cabin and picked him up threw him and pushed him with wind like a baseball and a bat, the wind was the bat and Percy the ball. He went flying I went after him and when he was falling I floated next to him saying.
“How does it feel”
“when I fall to the ground your so dead” he looked at me like he meant it. So I slammed him against the ground and he got up like it didn’t hurt and ran towards me. I grabbed Ivlis as a sword and began the fight. He stabbed at me and I deflected it, no problem. Then he stated just slashing and it was to easy I stepped forward and stapped it ripped his shirt but I stabbed his skin I thought then I remembered he bathed in the Styx there was no way I was winning then he sidestepped and slashed. That time he got my arm, bad. Then Piper came out running out, saying Grover was “Dying”

Chapter 20
Soul to Morn

After we heard Piper we stopped and put or differences aside. I ran in first and ask Nico what was going on.
“umm since Jason attacked Grover he’s dying I can sense it” he looked down mournfully like it was any minute”
“Grover you can’t die…” I couldn’t breath then Grover caught me off my guard and said
“They go to a place unknown but soon they find a soul to morn” it wasn’t his voice at all then all of a sudden it happened. Grover Jumped up and down and his finally words were shouted.
“PERCY, TRUST…… JASON……. HE”S A GOOD…….. PERSON…….. HE WILL NOT LET…….. YOU DOWN……… SAVE THE……… WORLD………..Againnnn….” then he fell down and then he disappeared. I thought I have to listen to my best friends last words, I hugged Annabeth and she was crying. I looked around and Leo was looking down respectly, Jason he was sad, it was all over his face he was about to cry but Reyna comforted him. Then Piper was hugging Leo and crying like Annabeth and me. I was crying I felt like Destiny wasn’t fare to Grover, he deserve a happy long life. Then Chiron came in and said.
“Lets get going Heroes lets not dwell on the bad, only the good” he said doubtful and walked away. I thought I don’t know what to do, then it hit me. I ran in front of everyone and said.
“Everyone we leave in a week to go to the Roman camp and Combine the bridge between the two camps.” Jason stepped forward and said
“I agree we leave in a week let us morn Grover and head to the Roman camp and go to Greece’s, will the Agro II be ready?” he looked at Leo and he stepped forward.
“the Agro II, Hmmm yes with everyone’s help it could be operationally.” Great I thought so then we sent toward the Agro II and started to build for the journey ahead to the City.

The End

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The end!?????
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Of that book yes but I'm writing a sequel so its cool
1年以上前 Aphroditeskid21 said…
Book Three
“The Greeks Welcome”
By Aphroditeskid21

Chapter 1
The Plan

After Grover’s Death we all wanted time alone except for me and Annabeth we wanted to be together. Annabeth told me all the adventures that we have went through together. I wish I remember him more that was my only regret. The next day I decide I wanted to start planning for our trip to The City and our trip to Greece. Annabeth decided that she wanted to review the prophecy. So I called a Consolers meeting, all the head consolers were there and it was weird to have a Zeus leader and a Posidean leader in the same room. I felt a urge to fight him still but Grover’s last words won’t be in vain.
“This Meeting Shall begin” Chiron said.
“ So I called all of you to discuss The 2nd Great Prophecy” I was interrupted.
“Wait what 2nd Great Prophecy” Jason said with a stupid confused face. Annabeth answered.
“Jason, back in World War II there was a Great Prophecy,
“A Half-Blood of the eldest gods
shall reach sixteen against all odds
And see the world in endless sleep
The hero's soul, cursed blade shall reap
A single choice shall end his days
Olympus to preserve or raze. That was about Percy fighting the Titan Leader Kronos, the Titan war last summer, that both camps fought at according to what you’ve told us Jason. Anyway continue Percy.” I nodded.
“Anyways, Annabeth and I have been thinking that we need a prophecy for our trip to The City and need it now, Do we all Agree.” they all nodded except for Chiron.
“well Great me and Jason should go to the Oracle, Rachel right now.” Jason Stood.
“agreed, me and Percy will go see our Prophecy and come back here to evaluate” Me and Jason left to Rachel’s cave
“Hey Percy” Jason said to me on the way to the cave. “Can I tell you something” I was surprise he even spoke.
“Yea man, what’s ahhh up” I said awkwardly.
“I had a bad dream last night I couldn’t tell anyone about it except you”
“uhhh okay what was it” we stopped right outside the cave.
“well last night I went to sleep and drea-”
“hey guys come on in I’ve been expecting you” Rachel interrupted, Jason nodded and went in. I guess we would discuss later then.
“Were here Rachel because we are goin-”
“Yes, Yes I know Percy your going to The City and want a Prophecy to go” Me and Jason nodded, and sat down. Rachel took a deep breath and slowly breathed out. Then her eyes glowed Green and she Spoke.
Five Halfbloods sail through the sky
To save a Goddess or they shall die
Leaders fighting to keep control
The Kings oath to die at Olympus
Trusting Venus is your most important weakness.

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OH!!! I get it now........hhaah oops
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I love how u added Blackjack naturaly. :D
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