Son of Neptune fanfictions The Mark of Athena

HecateA posted on Oct 14, 2011 at 10:50PM
Just read post 1. My mistake- I admit it- I'm sorry, ghost forum, will be erased eventually so you might not want to comment.
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1年以上前 HecateA said…
Sorry if I'm sending anybody on a wild goose chase here; but the story is now located at link because I like that club better and it seemed more appropriate. Plus I'm trying to help unclog the HoO spot from the fanfictions- so my share is going where we're supposed to go.

So click on one more link and you'll be good ;) I'll delete this after a week or two, I just gave the link to everyone who asked for it and don't want anybody disapointed :)
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1年以上前 wierdo2 said…
big smile
AWESOME!!!! Good 1rst chapter. Can't wait for the next.
Out of curiosity, do you ship HazelxFrank or HazelxLeo?