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mikkeymouse113 posted on Jun 11, 2011 at 02:28AM
My first chapter hopefully its good.
I don't own any of the percy jackson series or the heroes of olympus series.
here goes nothing.

Chapter 1
My life has never been normal.
I've always been on the move. Never being able to stay in one place for long.
Strange things would happen at school, practices, and my sports games.
I'm Maddie Ray. And I'm a demigod.
Now I didn't know this at the time. But being half-god changed my life forever.
Lost many people many people in my life and soon I will come to understand that I have many people who can help me and need me.
My life changed that day before my 14th birthday, June 13th, a day that I wish had never come.
I was with one of my best friends, Tyler. He was such a enthusiastic person, loving, and caring all rolled into one. And lets just say that he was HOT! His coffee brown hair clashed extremely well with his light caramel eyes. Slim in body type well built, and sun kissed skin. I on the other hand am slim with a tan completion. Blond hair and crystal blue eyes.
We were walking to my house in New Bedford. My Mom and Dad weren't home so we were going to hang out on my trampoline.
We jumped around for a good while, but then we just laid back on the rough tarp of the trampoline and looked up at the clouds. Its started to get really quite, until Tyler said, "Maddie, I like you."
I looked at him stunned at what he just said. His eyes gazed at me with lingering worry.
"I like you too." I said.
Relief crossed his face.
'Then you wouldn't mind if I did this."
"What are you tal..."
He kissed me and I kissed back.
We both pulled back, out of breath. We just looked at each other.
There was a russel in the bushes. I forced myslef to look away from Tyler to see what it was.
A guy about 6'5 in a trench coat was sitting under a tree.
"Who are you?" Tyler asked
"Maybe we should go inside." I suggested.
"I don't think so young half-blood." The tall guy said.
What did he just say "half-blood". Whats that? I didn't have time to dwell on this anymore. Tyler jumped off the trampoline and said, "Who are you and what do you mean."
"I wasn't talking to you mortal I was talking to the girl." The guy looked up and all he had was one eye. One ugly blood shot eye right in the middle of his forehead.
I shrieked. Tyler looked at this thing in pure terror.
"I have come to take you to my patron and master, we have been informed that you are very powerful and could jeopardize our mission to destroy the Gods."
"Did you say Gods?" I asked.
"Yes, yes I did."
Then It charged. The thing plowed right through Tyler and sent him flying into a near by tree. He was probably out cold or even dead. It walked towards me. I just sat there to scared to do anything, but stare into the monster's eye.
It grabbed me, through me over his shoulder. I screamed a couple of times, and yelled, "Please help, HELPPPP!!!!", a few times too. But no one came.
I got a hard thump on the back of my of my head and I was out like a light.
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1年以上前 mikkeymouse113 said…
okay heres the 2 chapter

Chapter 2
to start off, I wasn't having a great day as it is. My best friend and almost boyfriend got knocked out and I got hit in the head and thrown over some creeps shoulder. But to top it all off I had the weirdest dream I've ever had.
I was standing in the middle of a brightly lit room. Everything was golden. A bunch of musical instruments and recording supplies scattered around the room.
A man in his early 20s, was standing right in front of me. I stepped back a little, frightened after what happened last time someone did that.
"Don't be afraid child" said the man.
I got a look at him for the firs time. he had blonde curly hair and blue eyes just like mine. He was very handsome.
"Who are you?" I asked.
"You will find out soon enough." he said, "but listen to me closely. You must get away from your captors, they will try to corrupt you."
"Why would they kidnap me in the first place."
'Because they see you as a threat."
"I'm a threat?" I said a little amused, " have you taken a look at me, I'm not exactly what you would call a threat."
"AHHH, but you are, follow your instincts."
"You wake now, hold your ground, help will find you. We will meet again. Oh, and Happy Birthday."
And with that I awoke with a nice cold bucket of water poured on me.
"Wakey, wakey." Said the monster that abducted me, "time to get started."
With those words It picked me up and set me on a chair in what looked like a cave, "Join us." It said, "or I will beat you until you join us. My master wants you alive, but just barely.
so that was chapter 2 hoped you liked it

1年以上前 Huntress100 said…
i liked it.....soooo um when are you going to post next?
1年以上前 mikkeymouse113 said…
big smile
i think im ganna post right now.
I no i havent post in like 19 days so here it goes
Chapter 3
Bob, that's what I decided to on calling It, so Bob left for a little while. Leaving me in my thoughts. Whats going to happen to me? How will I get away? Will I have breakfast tomorrow?
Suddenly Bob came out of the shadows with what looked like a bronze knife.
"Join us!!!" Bob yelled.
"NEVER!!" I shouted back.
"Suit yourself"
He brought down the knife on my left arm and I yelled out in pain. Blood was running down my arm from the open wound. Another strike and another, until I had cuts all over my body.
Bob asked me to join him over and over again, but I held my ground and refused. I was losing blood by the minute, and I couldn't keep up my will to stay alive for much longer. But that guy's voice rang in my head,"Hold your ground".
"I'll ask you one more time join us."
"NO!!" I yelled at my loudest hoping someone would hear me.
I was covered in blood and sweet. One more blow and I was down for the count.
Boom! A hard blow to the face. I was asleep again. Happy birthday to me.
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