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posted by Rockie993
こんにちは Rockie and Cece are cool did あなた see there style look i think there great they are not afraid to be there self's they are to cool to be true they are not afraid to be there self`s around people they have great style i no what i wanna were know and what i wanna be a want to have a TV 表示する and bra-dues and i want to write 記事 abut this 表示する this is me so can あなた help me i want to make a club called:YOUR WAY YOUR STYLE NOT AFRAID....pleas go on my プロフィール and give me a message on my 受信箱 あなた can 登録する there well be party's in real life be first to hear and get directions......really maybe ven Rockie and Cece we`ll be there