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Ok so hi as あなた may have saw the タイトル says poor smeagol what did he ever do to あなた may think i mean frodo and sam but no i am meaning the lacking in hard core ファン for this i have heard many theories to why like he is too psychaotic...but since the dark knight joker has over 1000 ファン i spurned that idea...then another 発言しました he is'nt good looking enough....and yet robert pattinson is the 秒 most 人気 celebrity on if anyone has any other suggestions to why we are lacking in hard core ファン then leave a コメント または if あなた yourself are a hard core fan
posted by Frizzhead
 very puzzled
very puzzled
Frodo since he was a hobbit resisted the ring for a long time but i find it unusual how Smeagol/gollum (whatever あなた call him) was a river hobbit and he felt the pull towards the ring instantaneously ....and his friend deagol felt the same pull as well...What puzzles me is they are close relations to a hobbit so why did they react like a human to the ring....Should they have been able to resist like all the hobbits dd like sam frodo and bilbo?

If anyone has any idea's コメント because i am really puzzled...........