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Skipper rushed the Lamborghini through all the traffic, after some cruising, he came to a もっと見る quiet area. Just on the tip of the horizon, he could see a huge factory, he smiled. This must be the factory, there were barely any factories in France in this part, so the chances he was right were 1 in 3. He sped up and he changed his gear back to 1, it was past midnight… He just couldn’t take those awful 画像 that constantly appeared in his head about Marlene being tortured anymore. Just overhead he saw the shadow of a helicopter landing on the roof of the building, even with the reassurance,...
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1) In Haunted Habitat, Skipper pushed Marlene behind himself protectively from the "monster". Also, Skipper and Marlene stood separated from everyone else while Roger gave his life story.

2) In Two Feet High and Rising, Marlene knew just how to sweet-talk Skipper into helping Mort get over his foot fetish, and Skipper seemed awfully flattered.

3) In Crown Fools, Skipper seemed determined to prove to Marlene that he could be fun.

4) In Roomies, Marlene danced with Skipper in excitement of the arrival of her new roommate.

5) In Otter Gone Wild, Skipper was very assuring to Marlene...
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ペンギンズ FROM マダガスカル
skipper and marlene
Boredom+on the internet=Story
Beat THAT Einstein!!!

*10 years before Skipper and marlene met*
Location: Mexico, rural fishing town

A young, teenaged ペンギン named Rotwiler struted onto a public beach. Just about every female animal turned their heads, while he walked over towards the crystal-clear water. A dark figure swam across the water, about half a mile away from the shore. The young ペンギン jumped into the water and swam towards the dark shadow.

The dark figure stopped and Rotwiler smiled.

R: Nice to see あなた again flippy
F: The pleasure is all mine, Rotwiler
R: Been a while since the aquarium?...
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The late night bus ワカサギ, 錬金術 of sweat and bleach. Skipper could hear Marlene falling asleep, every breath she took was もっと見る slow and もっと見る deep then the ones before. They were sitting on the back seat, he was によって the window and she was 次 to him. The night lights were glowing brightly, the odd car came によって every now and again. Marlene's eyelids dropped and she slowly tilted and landed on Skipper's shoulder, Skipper looked at her. She was asleep, she probably didn't even know she was lying on his shoulder. Her head started falling off of his shoulder, he gently took her head, he slouched low on the...
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 "I am ready for the 4-5-6"
"I am ready for the 4-5-6"
(heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey world! FUN FACT TIME! do あなた know how much times did I ad to remind myself about this episode? 40, seriously, 40 F**KING TIMES! I just couldnt remind it! even though Im ready to 公開する my third part, あなた are going to 愛 it, または I hope so!)

friday. 7:00 am. ペンギン HQ.

ahhh, fridays, the free day, so fun, so peacefull, but sometimes so boring, but not to the penguins, rico was with kowalski testing his weapons, and kowalski was clculating their power, private enjoyed some fresh sushi and some winkys of 落花生, ピーナッツ バター and skipper was sitted, drinking his favorite...
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(hellow world! im back! to enjoy my new 記事 of skilene, "how to conquer an カワウソ, オッター in 10 steps" now its time for FUN FACTS did あなた knew that in fact I dreamt about this 記事 before 書く it? weird ah? ok fun facts over, lets start my new article! hope あなた enjoy!)

thursday. 4:51 pm. カワウソ, オッター habitat.

"skipper, I have easy 10 steps to conquer your love, and I need あなた to pay atention if あなた want to conquer her" 発言しました Arlene

"ok, I will Arlene, what is tthe first step?" asked skipper

"ok, step 1: know what she likes, do あなた know what my cousin likes?" she asked

"well, I heard her say something...
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I can't remember what got me into this pairing but as soon as I joined, this was the first pairing I wrote for, which got me into a very long career in Skilene. I repect the other pairings and write for them but this is the only one, which can see as the most likely. The thought of Marski is tempting but they don't have a relationship like Marlene and Skipper do. The facts 表示する that they are the closest and let's face it; Julien/Marlene is never going to happen. But considering the relationship, they're going to have one hell of a time getting together. They mix and seperate...
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As Marlene keeps deciding, at the same time preparing her house for the homecoming of her cousin. And Skipper keeps visiting Marlene to check if she's OK. Kowalski, Hesitantly always trying to tell Marlene that he also loves him. He try thinking about Doris, but nothing works. As two days are over, it's time
"WOO. I can't believe we-just-finished-" That's when Marlene can't take it anymore, she had been sick for exactly two days after she got mad at Skipper. "Marlene!" as Skipper tries to catch her that is all he can say to her. Losing consciousness, Marlene tried to say three words to her which...
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