Shemar Moore こんにちは Shemar like this idea?

annie201144 posted on Nov 11, 2011 at 01:36PM
My friend posted this to my Facebook yesterday after I told her I had seen you on E.T and Nancy stated you were single. You mentioned what your grandmother always told you about how you would know when true love came to you.
My friend said " I still think it would make great Internet t.v. to have you star in a new show "Shemar and Anne Marie, together forever". Reporters ask you at the press conference: Ms. Gray, how did you get him to finally settle down? Your answer: I bit him in the ass!" Now THERE'S a reality t.v. show I can 'get behind' :D Don`t you agree Shemar? lol
Anne-Marie a loyal fan and avid Criminal Mind viewer.

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