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Seventeen's first variety 表示する appearance for their comeback will be on 'Weekly Idol'

Fanpup says...
I remember visiting this website once...
It was called Seventeen's first variety 表示する appearance for their comeback will be on 'Weekly Idol' |
Here's some stuff I remembered seeing:
Seventeen\'s first variety show appearance for their comeback will be on \'Weekly Idol\'
MBC Every1\'s \'Weekly Idol,\' making it their first variety show appearance since their comeback.
According to broadcast reps, Seventeen will participate in the recording of \'Weekly Idol\' on May 31, and the episode featuring the group is scheduled to air in the middle of June.
Making their comeback on May 22, Seventeen has been focusing on their album promotions, and this will be their first solo appearance on \'Weekly Idol\'. It\'s been a year and 7 months since their last appearance on \'Weekly Idol\' which was back in October 2015. The first time they appeared they were a relatively unknown rookie group but now they are one of the most popular groups.
Gaining popularity through variety and music shows like
\'My Little Television\' and \'Seventeen\'s One Fine Day\', many are curious as to what the boys have to offer on the upcoming \'Weekly Idol\' episode.
wait? iKon and SVT are filming on the same day? Are they gonna split the episode or are they gonna guest together? I hope they both get an hour long special and show it on different days but if they won\'t, then at least have them guest together. I would love to see their interaction. (._.)
wait !!!!!!!!! ikon will be in weekly idol ?????
Aren\'t IKON supposed to be filming on that day,  they said IKON\'s episode will be out on the first week of June,  here they say svt\'s will be out mid june
So ikon and svt split an episode fuck that give em both their own wth. Least they\'re two of my faves
I hope not, no they wudnt do that, they only do that either for specials or nugu groups
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