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Seventeen become the first idol group to appear on 'One Fine Day' a 秒 time!

Fanpup says...
I remember visiting this website once...
It was called Seventeen become the first idol group to appear on 'One Fine Day' a 秒 time! |
Here's some stuff I remembered seeing:
Seventeen become the first idol group to appear on \'One Fine Day\' a second time!
MBC Music\'s #1 idol travel reality series, \'One Fine Day\', once again!
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The Seventeen members previously filmed \'One Fine Day\' last year by heading off to Yeo Seo island, under the theme \'
13 Castaway Boys\'. For their second \'One Fine Day\' appearance, Seventeen will be traveling to Japan, as a collaboration project between MBC Plus and Japanese broadcasting station MUSIC ON! TV. 
Reportedly, Seventeen will not be told where in Japan they will be heading, what they\'ll be doing, or any of the details of their second \'One Fine Day\' trip, raising fans\' curiosity. 
Special behind the scenes footage of \'Seventeen\'s One Fine Day in Japan\' will be revealed via MBC Plus\'s official Youtube channel this February 25 at 9PM KST. The broadcast through MBC Music will be some time this March. 
Hopefully they don\'t do them dirty this time and let them actually have a break XD
YEEEESSSSS!!!! OMG IVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS!! They were all so funny in the previous episodes
Oh yes Oh yes oh yes!! They better allow them to bring 1 luggage each! They can make their food again cause i love that part the most. I\'ll see kwonfiyaaah again but then they might be using a stove now haha
they better be given actual food this time
Hey, Carats. Let\'s support our brothers Nu\'est and make Pledis bigger in the future. Imagine After School, Nu\'est, Seventeen and Pristin in one stage. HappyPledis Make It Happen 2017. Support Nu\'est. Rapmon/BTS better promoter than Pledis.... Don\'t let them flop in Broduce 101.
YAASS I HOPE THEY GET THEIR one lazy day or one luxurious day or their like one fine day this time cuz 13 castaway boys did not make them happy lol but so many good memories
SEVENTEEN are still waiting to have a "LUXURIOUS ONE FINE DAY"....
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