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posted by JBfan516
Today, Scotty McCreery finally went to pick up his truck which was awarded to him along with the タイトル of season 10's 'American Idol'. Scotty went with the F150 King Ranch!

"I'm just a country boy
I drive a 4 によって 4
It's usually covered in mud from the axle to the door
It's a little banged up; a little too much rust, but when you're sitting beside me in my old truck
あなた make that look good"
HUGE thanks to @Ford today for all their support and providing me with the best truck a guy could ask for! #F150 #KingRanch
Scotty McCreery

just picked up my new truck! driving it home! link
American Idol winner Scotty McCreery has revealed how he was absolutely delighted when his debut album Clear As 日 went to number one as he was not expecting. Scotty also admitted that he was looking フォワード, 前進, 楽しみにして to 歌う the National Anthem on the opening 日 of the World Series of Baseball on October 19.

McCreery explained, “My hopes were just to go out there and have fun and let people know that the album was out there. Everybody hopes for the number one, but あなた never really expect it. To see it up there is pretty incredible.” Scotty then spoke about his 愛 of baseball.

He added, “This is absolutely incredible for me. I have had two loves in life – 音楽 and baseball. The World Series is the biggest event in baseball, so to be there and be able to sing the National Anthem is like putting my two greatest loves together. I am looking フォワード, 前進, 楽しみにして to seeing which two teams will be playing.”
posted by JBfan516
Scotty McCreery may be entering his senior 年 of high school, but the American Idol singer, who turns 18 on Oct. 9, already has his sights set on college. “We’ve looked at some options,” Scotty tells

Right now, some of those options include North Carolina State 大学 in Raleigh and Nashville’s Belmont 大学 and nearby Middle Tennessee State University. “I’ve visited Belmont,” says Scotty.

“Brad Paisley, Trisha Yearwood, Josh Turner—so many of the greats have gone there. I talked to the president [of Belmont University] and he said, ‘We’ve...
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posted by JBfan516
Below is a great long interview with Scotty McCreery from myYearbook ! Some of the highlights are that Scotty discusses his motto, 書く songs, what he recommends for everyone to experience, and what he hopes that his ファン get out of his album! Read it all below:

When did あなた first discover your voice?

I’ve been 歌う my whole life. I don’t remember not singing. I think it was around 13 that my voice started changing. It just kind of dropped off; I kind of skipped that cracking phase.

Do あなた have any childhood memories of singing?

I don’t remember it, but my mom says that when I was a...
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A lot has changed for Scotty McCreery in the six months since he won American Idol. But when he heads ホーム to Garner, N.C., for Christmas, it's what hasn't changed that he's most eager to revisit: candlelight クリスマス Eve services at First Baptist Garner; mom Judy's sausage balls; red foil-wrapped presents under the tree; and quality time with his family.

"It'll be nice just being home," says the 18-year-old singer, whose debut album Clear As 日 topped the Billboard 200 chart. "I can't wait."
McCreery's also looking フォワード, 前進, 楽しみにして to digging into the family's annual クリスマス feast, including Grandma...
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 Clear As 日 album cover
Clear As Day album cover
Set to be released on October 4, 2011, Scotty McCreery's debut album Clear As 日 now has a song-by-song available for it and we thought we'd share it with all of the Scotty ファン out there looking to know もっと見る about the album from the American Idol season 10 winner himself.

1. “Out Of Summertime” (Jonathan Singleton and Tim Nichols)

“’Out Of Summertime’ was one of the three potential singles that I heard when I was still on Idol in the 上, ページのトップへ Three. It’s a really fun song. It’s about a summertime fair and it’s a teenage 愛 kind of thing. They could have had something, but they...
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Scotty McCreery and the rest of the 41 students who participate in the Garner Magnet High School Die Meistersingers, visited the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts on Feb. 18-21 as part of the National President's 日 Festival.

GMHS Choral Director, Meredith Clayton, said:

“Our experience at the Kennedy Center was life changing,” Clayton said. “Singing in one of the greatest コンサート halls in our nation is an opportunity I know my students won’t soon forget. They had the incredible chance to work under the direction of Dr. Andre Thomas, director of Choral Activities from Florida...
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As Scotty McCreery has been mentioning over Twitter these past few days, the high school student is indeed back in Garner, NC again spending some much-needed quality time with his フレンズ and family.

Now that promotion for "Clear As Day" has lessened, there's not as much Scotty news as there has been, but I assure あなた that we are always looking, and あなた are always welcome to Eメール us ( with a news tip if あなた come across something before it has been 投稿されました here!

As of right now, people are still talking about the release of "The Trouble With Girls" 音楽 video, here are...
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Among those waving from a float 次 Thursday (Nov. 24) will be Scotty McCreery. The American Idol will ride on the ホーム Baked Goodness float 歌う "Trouble with Girls."

From Tom Turkey, the balloon that historically launches the parade, until Santa glides in front of Macy's flagship store three hours later, 800 clowns, 27 floats, 1,600 cheerleaders, 44 novelty balloons and 11 marching bands wend their way three miles downtown during Macy's 85th annual parade begins on NBC at 9 a.m.

Like everyone, McCreery has a お気に入り balloon, and he even relates to it.
"Is there a Charlie Brown one?" he asks. "I 愛 that one! People say, when I was younger I looked like him. When I was young I was chubby -- when I was really, really young."
Your whole life has changed since American Idol. What has stayed the same?
Me personally, I’m still the same. My life at ホーム hasn’t really changed all that much. I just went to school today and when I’m home, it’s all the same and it doesn’t change until I’m out on the road.

When the 表示する wrapped, there were all these rumors about あなた and Lauren. Are あなた single now?

I’m still single. I’m a busy man nowadays and I don’t have much time to focus on anything except work.

A couple of weeks 前 when あなた were 歌う the national anthem, the microphone wasn’t on. What went though...
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All 記事 here will be copyed from websites unless i say otherwise.
Heres the URL- link


"Scotty McCreery, a 17-year-old student from Garner, had a deep voice and country twang that helped him convince the American Idol judges that he was their man.

McCreery sang a verse from "Your Man" によって Josh Turner at the American Idol auditions in Milwaukee. The audition aired Wednesday night on FOX8.

McCreery received high praise from the judges, including what might be the strangest thing we've heard from Steven Tyler this year.

"Hell fires, save matches, get **** up, and see what hatches," Tyler said.

Jennifer Lopez 発言しました McCreery's sound "made her smile." Judge Randy Jackson also praised the North Carolina native.

"Dude, at sixteen, I'm so impressed," 発言しました Jackson. "There's promise for America yet!""
CMT pointed out that Scotty McCreery is known for his calm-cool-and-collected appearance and asked the 星, つ星 if his laidback personailty was a common trait in the McCreery family.

"I don't know about common. We've got a lot of hard workers, and I'm a hard-working dude, but I don't let stuff get to me. I mean, I don't do drama. Don't bring it to me because I'm going to send it back to you. I just take life and run with it. That's what you've got to do."
When asked whether he had made a conscious decision to not be involved in drama, または if he had just always been that way, Scotty replied saying:...
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 Scotty in the stands with the Blue Crew's "pink out"
Scotty in the stands with the Blue Crew's "pink out"
*Please note that I got this from a very long 記事 from a girl whom actually went to the game so I did a cut and paste type thing for the highlights, if I seemed to have left something out, let me know*

"Friday night football is king", indeed! After all, it's a great place to meet the one and only - Scotty McCreery!

Last night (October 14th, 2011), Scotty McCreery joined his school's cheering section at the Garner Magnet High School VS Knightdale football game.

Scotty McCreery

flight from Detroit to Raleigh... from RDU straight to Knightdale HighSchool to watch them Trojans play...
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The trouble with girls, says Scotty McCreery, is that nobody loves trouble as much as he does. So even when 発言しました girls are a mystery and a puzzle and so dang pretty and are busying stealing あなた with hello and killing あなた with goodbye, he still loves them.

"They're funny ... あなた know? あなた just never know what they're thinking, and they never know what we're thinking as guys, but that's what kinda makes that relationship thing and the girls and boys thing pretty cool," McCreery 発言しました in a 最近 radio interview. "So it's kind of like a little puzzle. Like the song says, you've just gotta figure it out sometimes." And figure it out we will now that his "The Trouble With Girls" video has debuted on CMT.
posted by JBfan516
Earlier this evening Scotty McCreery announced on his Twitter account that he would be having a "twitter party" with online ファン tonight at midnight to celebrate the release of his debut album! Are あなた planning on staying up?

Scotty McCreery

God is good!!! Do yall have any idea how incredible this is for me?!?!?! my debut album coming out 5 days before I turn 18! #wow #clearasday

Scotty McCreery

twitter party at MIDNIGHT tonight! i'mma go ahead and sleep till 1145 and then I'm waking up for the BIG DAY!!! #clearasday

Scotty McCreery

so are we gonna try and trend #clearasday once the clock strikes midnight?

#CLEARASDAY - Trend it!
Brian Wright, head of A&R at Mercury Nashville, talked with The Hollywood Reporter about Scotty McCreery who signed with the record label (along with runner-up, Lauren Alaina) after winning the tenth season of 'American Idol'.

However, finding the right songs for McCreery proved to be a bit of a challenge, with some song lyrics needing to be changed in order to be もっと見る appropriate for the 18 year-old. .

“In country music, artists are expected to sing about cheating and drinking and that kind of stuff,” Wright explains. “But obviously, with them being so young… well, it was an issue....
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'American Idol' winner, Scotty McCreery, is scheduled to sing the National Anthem at Game 1 of the World Series! The is scheduled for Wednesday, October 19th, but unfortunately, it seems that Scotty's お気に入り teams won't be there! He vented his frustrations last night through his Twitter account:

Scotty McCreery

this is sad.. i was hoping for an intense october. now im just gonna watch the playoffs as a baseball fan, and not really get too into it..

Scotty McCreery

sad night for boston fans... braves fans.. I feel for あなた too. #wow
Garner, N.C. — For もっと見る than a year, Garner’s Scotty McCreery has been living amid the hype of “American Idol.” The Season 10 winner went on an international tour, recorded an album and filmed 音楽 videos.

Now, he is trying to do one もっと見る thing – graduate high school.

“I’m taking a full load because I’m planning on going to college,” McCreery 発言しました of his classes at Garner Magnet High School. “This first semester, I’m kind of coasting but 次 semester I am taking AP English, and I’m really kind of hitting the 本 hard."
On his first 日 back at school, McCreery said...
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Did あなた know that Scotty McCreery has been on his high school baseball team for the last three seasons? OK, he had to miss last season because of obligations to some American Idol テレビ 表示する he was doing.

But Scotty tells ABC News Radio that—after he gets off the Brad ペーズリー, ペイズリー tour in March—he will return to the fighting Trojans of Garner Magnet High School in North Carolina for his senior season.

And they didn't just give him his spot back: Scotty had to try out.

"Singing don't really mean あなた can really play ball well. So, they had to see if I had a little something left in me," he said.

"I have a feeling, though, it's gonna be rough. I'm a pitcher, so I have a feeling when I get on the mound guys are gonna be taunting me and stuff. I'm just gonna blow it off and strike 'em out!"
Congratulations to Scotty McCreery for not only having the #1 album in all genres this past week, but for also landing a nomination for this year's American Country Awards! The 'American Idol' winner has been nomiated in the 'New Artist' category!

Artist of the Year: New Artist
The Band Perry
Scotty McCreery
Jerrod Niemann
Pistol Annies
Thompson Square

While the 表示する wont air until Monday, December 5th, ファン can VOTE daily in all categories, aside from Artist Of The Year, through November 11th!

Performers and presenters have yet to be announced, but fingers are crossed that Scotty McCreery is somewhere in the show's line-up! Be sure to vote!