Sailor Mercury My fanfictional Sailor Mercury attacks

Ami_Mizuno posted on Jan 09, 2012 at 05:39PM
MERCURY STAR HEALER - Sailor Mercury uses this power to heal others as much as herself.

MERCURY CRYSTAL HEALER - More powerful version of Mercury Star Healer. It "evolved" when it's user became Super Sailor Mercury. With this power Super Sailor Mercury can heal very serious injuries for few seconds.

MERCURY MIDNIGHT ARROW - A blue arrow made of light which Sailor Mercury can control by her minds.

MERCURY DESTRUCTIVE HURRICANE - It becames like a very strong wind blowing around Sailor Mercury in the circle. It transforms into the water for few seconds. The water trapped the enemy into the circle. Then it becomes the ball which capture the enemy in itself. Then it explodes killing the enemy.

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1年以上前 SeiraMoon said…
Very creative
1年以上前 kate426545 said…
wow! totally creative and awesome attacks!