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posted by biancakent
 Ryutaro Fukami
Ryutaro Fukami
Ryutaro is a mysterious 'homeless' blader who spends his days telling people their fortune. Of course, his predictions are not always right, but he easily defeats people in 爆転シュート ベイブレード matches when they come back to him to complain. He is very inspired によって the traditional Asian rituals and general things, as can be observed によって the clothes he wears, the stylized ファン he always holds, and all the accessories he otherwise has that are mostly seen in Asian countries. All his moves in beybattles breath a certain 'traditional Asian' essence. He often forms the shape of a 星, つ星 inscribed in a サークル, 円 full of writings.

To get somebody's attention または silence, Ryutaro abruptly points his closed ファン in their face. He otherwise likes to make fun of a few people, and he obviously tries to act like the wise, but evil one. He can be very pompous and rude with no regards for anyone's feelings but himself.

His special attack consists of distorting the area around him and, sometimes, getting his 爆転シュート ベイブレード to emit a very strident sound that destabilizes the opponent. The other blader also gets to a point where he has the illusion that everything around him has disappeared except for the beyblades and Ryutaro. On episode 41, he created a new special move, able to burn the enemy によって pointing his ファン at them. He may also make the 火災, 火 hotter によって doing the same thing again. He may also cause a blizzard to buffet the enemy. If he does this again, the enemy will be trapped in ice. Also on episode 41, he is seen to be able to really fortell the future
■'Fukami' means 'deep', and Ryutaro is simply a name.
■For some reason, Ryutaro's original (facial) デザイン was changed for a もっと見る 'annoying kid' one in the comic version of Metal Fight Beyblade.
■Whenever Ryutaro's about to do one of his mind blowing attacks, he says "Good Luck on my way" three times. Though he doesn't say this when he battles Gingka in Battle Bladers.
■Ryutaro doesn't actually use magic moves. It's merely just the shape of his bey that creates a wind pattern around it, allowing it to float または to knock an opponent's bey flying.
■Gingka did struggle alot during their first battle because his bey couldn't touch Thermal Pisces, Ryutaro's bey because of the changing air curents that occurs during Pisces' spinning.
■Ryutaro resembles Midnight from Fairy Tail