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Witch Hunt

Regina saving Roland from the flying monkey and giving him the stuffed toy that she had turned it into.
Robin insisting on accompanying Regina because he now owes her a debt.
"Who knew a thief had honour?" "Who knew the Evil クイーン had a soft spot for children?"
Robin talking to Regina about Marian's death.
Robin recognising that Regina was a mother who'd ロスト her child.
Robin trying to persuade Regina not to use the Sleeping Curse on herself.

Quiet Minds

Their first meeting in Storybrooke.
"Have we met before?" "I doubt I'd ever forget meeting you."
"Bold and audacious perhaps, but not evil."...
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posted by zanhar1
Before any assumptions are made; I 愛 OQ with all my heart, but this had to be done!

Robin looked over at Regina. She was sitting in the ダイナー, 食堂 looking rather lonely.

Perhaps he should have spent less time on his clothing...

But it was his first genuine 日付 with the mayor, so he had to look at his best--clad in an unbuttoned tux, a white shirt, and sunglasses--that outta do it.

Mustering up all the courage he had, Robin made his way over to the booth. As it would seem, the woman hadn't even noticed his presence. He leaned in closer to the woman. And in what was probably the creepiest tone...
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