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posted by carly-hope
Disclaimer: I don’t own a thing. Not even the computer I’m 書く this on. All you’d get out of me is a weird DVD collection.

AN: Since I am the クイーン of Denial and prefer to live in blissful ignorance in my universe everyone is single.

The Best Kiss

She couldn’t believe it was over a 年 since she stood on the same carpet answering stupid 質問 of what seemed like a million of interviewers and essentially repeating the same things over and over again occasionally being embarrassed によって his attempts at joking.

OK, that wasn’t fair, he was funny but that didn’t mean she had to...
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 They're perfect for each other..<3
They're perfect for each other..<3
POV of Robsten Fans:
”I 愛 them because they are not attention seekers ... they do their job for passion and not to seek attention."

"For me, what I 愛 most is how ~anti Hollywood they both are. They’re in it because they’re passionate about 芝居 and not because they crave the attention and publicity. Which is もっと見る than what I can say about a lot of celeb couples out there. They seem to share a lot of the same values and 閲覧数 on celeb life and how that shouldn’t define a person.

I also 愛 how that despite how busy they are (Rob’s schedule, particularly, is super crazy), they...
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posted by ebcullen4ever
On April 9,1990,exactly 23 years ago,Jules Mann-Stewart gave birth to a baby girl,Kristen Jaymes Stewart.I would like to be one of the many to wish Kristen a very Happy Birthday.My birthday is just 4 days away from Kristen's(mine is April 5).I admire Kristen as an actress and as a person.

She is a beautiful person inside and out.She is strong in mind,heart and spirit.She is kind,friendly,honest,down to earth,true to herself.She speaks her mind,no holds barred.She's funny and though she may be only 23 years old,she's very wise beyond her years.

Kristen,you are an amazing person.I 愛 and admire あなた for so many reasons.I will always be a ファン of yours and I will stand によって あなた through thick and thin,through the good and bad times.

In conclusion,I just have one thing left to say.....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY,KRISTEN JAYMES STEWART...and here's to many many more!!!!!

All my love,Cheri
posted by carly-hope
Summary: He told her to wear something warmer but she did not listen. Not that she ever did.
Disclaimer: I don’t own a thing. Not even the computer I’m 書く this on. All you’d get out of me is a weird DVD collection.
AN: It takes place in Munich and she is not single. Don’t ask me where her BF is, I neither know nor care :)

“Achoo.” Sounded from the ベッド for the thirty-seventh time since their return from the screening.
“Bless you.” Came for the thirty-seventh time this time from the door.

“Thanks.” She murmured as she grabbed another tissue from the box and blew her nose....
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 "When I looked at Robert, it was like I could look into his heart, and he could do the same. That’s how I describe the chemistry between us.”
"When I looked at Robert, it was like I could look into his heart, and he could do the same. That’s how I describe the chemistry between us.”
Kristen on Rob

“I think he’s really handsome.”

“When I looked at Robert, it was like I could look into his heart, and he could do the same. That’s how I describe the chemistry between us.”

“We went through a lot together, so we’re very close.”

“Robert dazzles me.”

“Rob got me a guitar, which is beautiful. The ギター is great and it got a lot of use during the film.”

“He’s perfect. He’s my perfect Edward.”

“Rob and I are good friends. We went through a lot together, so we feel very close. But if we go out in public, every little detail is scrutinized, like the way...
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Twilight beauty Kristen Stewart has revealed she's not keen on having her 写真 taken, and sometimes says no to posing for pictures with fans, as she’s worried they’ll end up on Facebook.


It seems the super-famous 星, つ星 doesn't like being recognised everywhere she goes, and often avoids close encounters with Twi-hards angling for a photo.

Revealing she still thinks she’s a ‘novelty’, K-Stew added she’s worried the pictures will become the subject of gossip on social networking sites.

‘It’s strange when あなた become a novelty... It’s sort of like,...
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posted by Renesmee_08
 They have the inate ability of only seeing each other, even with a billion screaming ファン around.
They have the inate ability of only seeing each other, even with a billion screaming fans around.
"Kristen sided up immediately to Rob, sitting right 次 to him, looking up smiling at him, laughing at everything he said, and 芝居 very 'single' so to speak. He was leaning close toward her all night and kept putting his hand on her back, whispering down into her ear. It got to the point that Rob & Kristen were too drunk and cuddly that their managers had to separate them, moving them away from each other but not before they exchanged a 'knowing' look with each other. Even from across the bar, though, they apparently kept stealing glances at each other the rest of the night." ~ Japan...
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Rob and Kristen were spotted 食 shopping together in London, showcasing their continued 愛 for one another! So cute! Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart spent a lot of time together overseas this week, attending the final premieres of Breaking Dawn Part 2. While in London, Rob and Kristen were spotted playing house together! We absolutely 愛 that Rob, 26, and Kristen, 22, are back together. After seeing the final installment of The Twilight Saga, we can’t imagine Rob and Kristen with anyone else. It was previously reported that Rob and Kristen planned to “break up” once all film...
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posted by JennyRocker197
1.Thinking Of You-Katy Perry
3.This Time-Bryan Adams
4.Love Game-Lady Gaga
5.Love Drunk-Boys Like Girls
6.My Life Would Suck Without You-Kelly Clarkson
7.Hey Jude-The Beatles
8.Caught Up In You-.38 Speacial
9.The Only Exception-Paramore
10.Somebody's Baby-Jackson Browne
11.Love Bites-Def Leppord
12.Fireflies-Owl City
13.Dirty Little Secret-The All-American Rejects
14.Watersign-Joan Jett and The Blackhearts
15.If Looks Could Kill-Heart
16.Rescue Me-Buckcherry
17.Don't You(Forget About Me)-Simple Minds
18.You Belong With Me-Taylor Swift
19.Every Breath あなた Take-The Police
20.Meet Me On The Equinox-Death Cab For Cutie
21.Your 愛 Is My Drug-Ke$ha
Those are the songs that make me think of Robsten, what are some of your お気に入り songs that make あなた think of Robsten?
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart has a lot of first to their names. Well, it is time to add one もっと見る to the 一覧 of firsts when all is 発言しました and done. According to 最近 検索 results they are the most searched couple of Hollywood.

According to Google Insights which tracks and compares 検索 results, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart tops the 一覧 of most searched celebrity couples. What is astounding is no other couple even comes close to Robert and Kristen. The closest competitor to Rob and Kristen are Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, aka Brangelina. Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens are a distant third.

There is no denying that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have a huge ファン following. But now it is confirmed that they are the most searched celebrity couple of Hollywood.
It was late. And I was bored. No, wait, もっと見る than bored. I was irritated. How the hell happened that every single one of the guys that came in here were like ‘oh hello darling I’m your Edward’ . I thought ‘fuck you’ ! How stupid was I to agree to act in a vampire movie? I mean it’s not like I will ever find the right guy to be the breathtaking immortal creature that my character, Bella, would fall in 愛 with. That sucks. I took a deep breath. I should drink a little bit もっと見る coffee. Not that this will do me any good. I stared at my empty mug with a ironical drawing of two abnormaly...
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posted by twilighter4evr
 Robsten on the Red Carpet
Robsten on the Red Carpet
Even though Robsten maybe over, throughout the past 3 years they have brought two of my お気に入り novel characters to life on the big screen in one of the best ways I've ever seen in a film to this day. I noticed the magic between Rob & Kristen from the beginning it was clear to me that they had もっと見る then what normal movie co-stars 表示する at public appearances the looks, the gestures were beyond a friendship. It saddens me that this betrayal will/could ruin one of my お気に入り on & off screen couples but it doesn't change the one think I'll always have...Belward, to now know that the relationship was real all this time let's me know everytime I'll watch a Twilight film Robsten was something amazing beyond the screen a closeness that I believe even if they are apart will last forever.
 Robsten at an awards 表示する
Robsten at an awards show
 アイコン made によって me of Edward & Bella in BD1
icon made by me of Edward & Bella in BD1
 アイコン made によって me of Bella saving Edward in NM
icon made by me of Bella saving Edward in NM
 one of my お気に入り scenes in Eclipse
one of my favorite scenes in Eclipse
 the last キッス in Twilight
the last kiss in Twilight
 Robsten Photoshoot
Robsten Photoshoot
It was a relatively slow weekend in Twilight related news. NOT!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart kissed at the Kings of Leon concert, while the rest of the cast actually looked pretty bored. They cast of Eclipse also enjoyed a sushi night out for some pre-filming bonding.

- A silly rumor also floated around that Robert Pattinson was engaged to some unknown and unnamed woman. That rumor was squashed.

- Kelly Clarkson proved herself to be a Robert Pattinson fan. She was 歌う her song "I Want You" in コンサート Saturday night and a concertgoer handed her a Robert Pattinson cardboard figure. She played right along with it. Too cute. (What The Forks via RobPattzNews)

- There is another Twilight convention to go along with TwiCon and TwiTours, the ファンタジー Twilight Tour. Confirmed so far (for various dates) Ashley Greene, Alex Meraz, Edi Gathegi, Justin Chon and Gil Birmingham. Check out the link for cities and dates. (via Twilighters Anonymous)
So this one is smaller and I don't particulary 愛 it but... Anyways there あなた go:

I came back ホーム that night pretty pissed off. My mind was rambling while I slowly drove my MiniCoop home, through the still crowded streets. I may have irritated some drivers according to the annoying horns I heard behind me. I heard it’s not so properly 発言しました in fact. Because the only think I could really hear were my thoughts. Finally I arrived ホーム and when I was about to get my car into the ガレージ my phone rang. Crap, I almost hit the dumpster. I exhaled and put my head onto the wheel. This was no time...
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Summary: They are called clichés because they work.
Disclaimer: I don’t own a thing. Not even the computer I’m 書く this on. All you’d get out of me is a weird DVD collection.
AN: I Wrote it for クリスマス 2008 because I couldn´t help myself :)

She wasn’t sure whose idea it was but when Ashley called her to invite her she was too preoccupied with stealthily asking who is going to come and figuring out what to wear to pay attention to もっと見る then her explaining about how this was going to be the last chance to hang out together before the shooting starts and a chance to celebrate together....
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posted by JennyRocker197
If あなた crossed Welcome To The Riley's and Remember Me my お気に入り couple would be Mallory/Tyler so this is there playlist.
1.The Catalyst-Linkin Park
2.Hot Mess-Cobra Starship
4.Last Cigarette-Bon Jovi
5.Beautiful, Dirty, Rich-Lady Gaga
6.Your Love's A Drug-Leighton Meester
7.The Taste Of Ink-The Used
8.Smells Like Team Spirit-Nirvana
9.Just Tonight-The Pretty Reckless
10.You Drive Me Wild-The Runaways
11.Going Under-Evanescence
12.Yeah Yeah Yeah-New Politics
15.Don't Go Away-Buckcherry

Before I liked crossing Joan Jett and Tyler Hawkins but now I like her better with Cherie. I find something about this paring that I 愛 not only is it Robsten but out of the Bella and Edward and onto no chaste stuff.
posted by TDL92
We have all read about Kristen cheating on Rob with her Snow White And The Huntsman director. I for one think its all a big rumor. One main 質問 for all of あなた that think Kristen did this: Why the hell would Kristen cheat on Rob? For one thing that director is NINE-TEEN years OLDER then Kristen, he's MARRIED, and has TWO kids. For another thing Kristen LOVES ROB!!! And for all of あなた that believe EVERYTHING あなた read in magazines and online its usually all just for money...they dont care about anyones feelings, life, relationships, and so on. So Id advise あなた NOT to believe all the crap...
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posted by celebfan90
So maybe it's not the most flattering celebrity couple name out there. After all, Robsten hardly has the ring of Tomkat または Brangelina. But you'd be hard-pressed to find a もっと見る 人気 pair of teen heartthrobs out there, especially with the ever 人気 releases of Twilight and New Moon.

The facts:
-Kristen is four years younger than Rob.
-Rob was born in London, while Kristen is practically from Hollywood (born in LA).
-Rob is also a model and if being Edward Cullen wasn't enough already.
-Kristen has starred in 映画 like Speak, Zathura, and Adventureland.
-You may recognize Pattinson...
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posted by shelly_fanpire
This is my first article, hope あなた like it.
It's a story about how Robert and Kristen met with out Twilight.

Kristen's POW
"hay, Nikki it's New years tonight. We should go to a club and party" I sayd to Nikki.
"Yeah あなた right Kris, Let's call Ashley and go" I grabbed the phone and call Ashley. "Hello?" "hi Ash it Kristen. How are you?" "Good you?" She asked. "I'm good, 干し草, 乾草 do あなた have plans for tonight?" "Noy really, whay?" "Well, me and Nikki are going to this new club for the new year. Do あなた want to come?" "Yeah sure, I will call Jackson and we will met あなた there in an hour" "Ok sure, see you...
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I was late. I should have been on set an 時 ago. I started to run from my recently parked car to my trailer with the hope that maybe I was not the only one who was late. The road between them seemed so oddly long. I ran and ran with the wind blowing in my face and making my hair stop my view. When I was almost there a familiar face showed up. It was Ashley. I started talking very loud, very quickly without noticing the look on her face.
‘Oh my God Ashley I’m so sorry I’m late. And in my first 日 ! Crap Catherine must be so pissed off. I don’t know what I was thinking. I….’
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