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I am 書く this 記事 for one reason;i 愛 erreway and i will never permitt anyone to say bad things for them.I know that everyone can make his choise,rbd ファン have choised rbd but this doesn't mean that they have to insult erreway または their fans.Everyone who want can leave a コメント here to say which group is better.This is not a fight just a place where everyone can say everything he likes.Rbd ファン are welcome but to leave a コメント not to insult ok?
For me the best band 4ever is erreway.I think that rbd is just a copy.I like lusiana and felipe but camila and benja too.They will be the best forever.If i had to make a choise i will alaways say erreway in every moment.
I think that erreawy ファン have to stay together.It doesn't matter if i like lusiana または camila,we all are ファン of them. I know that are other people thinking like me and i am happy for this.And don't forget erreway 4ever in our heart.
posted by lusiana
Luisana Loreley Lopilato (born May 18, 1987) is a well known Argentine actress and model.
Luisana Lopilato who lists Andrea Del Boca and Luis Miguel among her career influences, made her テレビ 芝居 debut at the age of twelve, in 1999. She was chosen to play Luisana Maza in "Chiquititas"(known in English as Tiny Angels). She joined "Chiquititas" in it's fifth season and continued to the 表示する until it's final season, three years later. She also had a role in Chiquititas movie.
For three years she was one of the leads of Rebelde Way and one of the four members of Erreway. In 2004, after...
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erreway: 4 caminos la pelicula
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