Rainclan Rules of Rainclan!

orkneymatrix posted on Feb 24, 2010 at 06:53PM
These are the rules of RainClan, if you are leaving for a while you must alert me and you must stay loyal.

1.Deputy and third in command must be commenting at least every three days.

2.Warriors must be present and commenting at least once every seven days.

3.Apprentices, Queens and Elders must be present and commenting at least once a moon.

4.Kits must be present and commenting every two moons.

5.You must remain loyal.

6.You are not aloud to use this Clan for advertising your own Clans.

7.You must contribute as much as possible.

Rainclan 8 返信

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1年以上前 StichxAngel4eva said…
big smile
1年以上前 orkneymatrix said…
1年以上前 CHIHUAHUA said…
I will be loyal and follow the rules!
1年以上前 Bluefire7777 said…
o srry on the pick is tht advertising ddnt now sry
1年以上前 orkneymatrix said…
It's OK
1年以上前 StichxAngel4eva said…
yea, Stormstar went crazy about
1年以上前 orkneymatrix said…
yeah but she didnt know and the pick asked your favourite fan clan so u had 2 advertise a bit
1年以上前 StichxAngel4eva said…