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 Garu and PUcca
Garu and PUcca
Hello! Its KingdomHeartsNR to tell あなた the inside outside NEWS! I am here to tell あなた the dish about the show, and everything behind it! Pucca, as あなた know, LOVES Garu. But the 質問 is, does he 愛 her back? Theories 表示する an indiferent answer: "I bet he REALLY likes PUcca, but just dosn't want to 表示する it!", " maybe he likes her, but dosn't want someone to use it as his weekness!". discovering ファン all over the world have different theories, and different reasons, but it seems these two take to the top! Now for a short-long outside inside Storie! Pucca was an orphan, very sad, then these threee cooks came along and adopted her, she went with them and saw Garu, and fell head over heals, and chased him through the sunset! THe end, not as long as I had hoped, but ive gotta run! Post and tell me what あなた think, and PLEASE add me as a person your a ファン of! For もっと見る 記事 によって Kingdom HeartsNR please ask her または just go to the KIlala Princess ファン site and learn more!
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