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El_Noire posted on Jan 22, 2016 at 03:52AM
In one timeline, it was Calem Xavier and his group of friends who took down Team Flare, destroyed the Ultimate Weapon, and saved Kalos. In another, it was Ash Ketchum and his friends. But what of the third timeline? Where there are no heroes to save the day, no courageous hearts to stand up among those who would give their very life for the greater good? This is the story that will begin the creation of those courageous hearts, those embodiments of justice this world so desperately needs in it's darkest hour. This is the story of Pokémon's newest Heroes.


-No godmodding, please. Nobody is unbeatable.

-Try to have decent grammer in your posts, so that everyone can understand you and respond accordingly.


-You CANNOT have your character have beaten nearly or all of the Pokémon leagues. This RP is about the FORMATION of heroes.

-No one liners, please. They don't contribute very much to the RP and are hard to make a decent reply to. If you REALLY can't make the post longer than one line, just add random letters under it.

Ex. "Joe ran out his house.






Physical Description:







Starter Pokémon:

Pokémon Team:

Occupation: (Trainer, Coordinater, etc.)

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1年以上前 DragonAura15 said…
(Hello! I would like to join, please!)
1年以上前 El_Noire said…
)(Oh, hi Dragon! You can join any time!)
1年以上前 DragonAura15 said…
Name: Tatum

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Physical Description: picture

Attire: Typically stylish and snazzy

Personality: Outgoing, courteous, highly ambitious, affectionate, willing to give nearly anyone the benefit of the doubt, usually risk-taking if she sees a good opportunity.

Strengths: Charismatic, tenacious, social and caring, skilled at acting and gymnastics, decently good at battles

Weaknesses: Naive and too trusting, scared of fire, impulsive, gets jealous easily

Backstory: Tatum was born in Dendemille, but when she was young, her family moved to Lumiose due to her mom and dad getting jobs there. She learned how to travel around complicated areas such as Lumiose, and she helps out at her parents’ restaurant. However, when her older brother left to go on a journey, she became interested about going on one herself.

Hometown: Lumiose

Starter Pokémon: Froakie

Pokémon Team: Froakie, Budew, Emolga

Occupation: (Trainer, Coordinater, etc.): Trainer
 Name: Tatum Age: 14 Gender: Female Physical Description: picture Attire: Typically stylis
1年以上前 El_Noire said…
(Lol, Tatum is my Character's polar opposite.)

Name: Lucas Hawthorne

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Physical Description: Wiry, thin build, slightly pale skin, stands about 5"9'. Straight, neck length raven black hair and apple green eyes.

Attire: Green turtleneck sweater, black jeans, black sneakers, and black round rimmed glasses.

Personality: Introspective, weak willed, cowardly, and low self-esteemed. Lacks any backbone despite being fairly intelligent, and is the first to surrender when the going gets tough.

Strengths: He is intelligent and usually thinks things through. Very sympathetic and sensitive to people's emotions.

Weaknesses: Virtually his entire personality.

Backstory: Lucas is actually an orphan. From the day he was born, his biological parents have been missing and presumed dead. He was often bullied in the orphanage due to not being able to see well since the Orphanage was too poor to afford a pair of glasses, and it wasn't until the age of seven that he was adopted by a young couple that owned a Pokemon Daycare, that also happened to have a four year old daughter. It was here where he learned to be gentle to and care for people and Pokemon, and what eventually made him desire to become a Pokemon Trainer and set off on an adventure across Kalos. But due to his shyness, sense of responsibility towards his hard working foster parents and sister, along with his crippling low self esteem, he didn't ever muster the courage to ask until he was fourteen.

Hometown: Lucas has no idea where he was born, but he was raised in the series of routes near Ambrette Town.

Starter Pokémon: Chespin

Pokémon Team: Chespin
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1年以上前 DragonAura15 said…
(Funny how that happens sometimes XD So do you want to start us off?)
1年以上前 DragonAura15 said…
(Welcome! And since favorite hobbies and music are a part of the character, I'm pretty sure you can keep 'em)
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Thnx 1年以上前
1年以上前 El_Noire said…
(Oh, my bad guys, i haven't been online 'cause i've been swamped with school crap recently...stupid edjumacation.)

(Also, thank you for joining the Rp Cokeboy! I like how much detail you put into Tyler's personality!)

(I got one more....no, actually two more characters to make....wait, make that....nevermind. One of you guys can start i suppose, i'll just jump in.)

Name: Bailey Hawthorne

Age: 11

Gender: Female

Physical Description: Slim, fair skinned, standing around 5"6'. Neck length curly brown hair, cerulean blue eyes.

Attire: Yellow frilly blouse, white ankle length shorts, and white sneakers with yellow laces.

Personality: Hot headed, bossy, and full of energy. Bailey tries her best to stay organized and "grown up", but can easily get carried away. She often feels responsible for Lucas's social awkwardness, and can be more of an older sister to him than a younger one.

Strengths: A good leader, fearless(usually), headstrong and defiant. She has a softer side, but usually only close friends and family get to see it.

Weakness: Easily gets carried away, very bossy, a bit overprotective of Lucas, stubborn, and quick tempered.

Backstory: Bailey was born and raised by a breeder couple, the same couple that adopted Lucas when she was four. She's always had a knack for communicating with Pokémon and loves the outdoors, even though many find her tomboyish hobbies a bit weird. She received her first Pokémon in the form of an egg when she was only five. The egg would later hatch into an Eevee, which she's been with ever since. Her goal is to become a world class Pokémon Coordinator, and to become strong enough to protect Lucas.

Hometown: A home on the Routes near Ambrette Town.

Starter Pokémon: Eevee

Pokémon Team: Eevee, Dedenne

Occupation: Coordinator
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Thnx 1年以上前
CokeBoy97 commented…
Btw is this character a member? Just asking. 1年以上前
El_Noire commented…
I cannot reveal whom the ヒーローズ of Kalos will be...all shall be revealed in due time. 1年以上前
1年以上前 El_Noire said…
(One last Character, and i'm done! XD)

Name: Charlotte

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Physical Description: pic

Attire: Pic(Minus The Staff)

Personality: Cold, calculative, and indifferent. Charlotte never really shows much emotion besides anger, and doesn't seem to enjoy anything but hurting other people. She's quiet, calm, collected, and very aloof.

Strengths: She is almost always cool headed and is an excellent strategist and decision maker.

Weaknesses: She lacks any compassion for anything, and her temper is dangerously quick.

Backstory: She is the only daughter of Team Flare Leader Lysandre. That is all the known information on her.

Hometown: Lumiose City

Starter Pokémon: Litleo

Pokémon Team: Litleo, Noibat, Helioptile

Occupation: Team Flare Admin
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 (One last Character, and i'm done! XD) Name: シャルロット, シャーロット Age: 14 Gender: Female Physical De
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Tyler: Come on! I wanna be your +1. 1年以上前
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1年以上前 El_Noire said…
"I'm not so sure about this.." Lucas said nervously, a worried frown on his face. Today he was being 'encouraged' by his sister to finally leave home and go on a Pokémon Journey. While he did often dream of travelling Kalos and one day becoming a Champion, he couldn't just up and leave. He helped out around the house and with the Pokémon all the time, he had a job to do, a job that his parents needed him to do. At least, that's what he tried to convince himself.

"Come on Lucas," Bailey urged, "you've been making excuses to not go for four straight years. Don't you think it's about time you went on a Journey?" Lucas looked down at the wooden floor that had suddenly become far more interesting, not willing to meet her gaze. He knew her words were true. On his tenth birthday he'd faked sick. His eleventh he got in trouble on purpose so he couldn't go. His thirteenth, he was sick again, and most recently, he'd hurt his leg walking downstairs. He'd been avoiding a Pokémon Journey like the plague, and he knew it. He couldn't bring himself to say no, or to confess all of his fears. It was a never ending cycle that only resulted in misery.

"You wouldn't let you ten year old little sister go all by herself would you?" She asked in her cutest voice and pout, knowing Lucas's soft spot for her safety. Lucas still wasn't quite sure though.He was terrified. His legs kept shaking against his will, as if he'd left his Holocaster on vibrate in his jean pocket, which he was confident he handn't. He was so afraid he couldn't even stand up straight, but Bailey, his younger sister, seemed so confident and sure of herself that he found himself envious.

His sister had inherited all of the family's backbone. Whoever his biological parents were must have carried the dominant gene for cowardice, if they'd managed to produce him.
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ポケモン sucks donkey balls!!! 😈 1年以上前
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That's a personal opinion, and i do not aggree with you, though i won't fight あなた over your opinion like あなた probably want me to. Instead, i kindly ask あなた not speak to me, または あなた run the risk of being reported for harassment. Thank you, and goodbye. 1年以上前
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Fuck あなた gon do?! 1年以上前
1年以上前 poulamikundu said…
sorry for being late, here's my character -




Indian skin tone, but not so dark. Quite skinny. Black
thick flowing hair. Thin eyebrows and brown eyes.

Bright yellow shirt and blue skinny jeans. A black scraf
with poke-balls printed all over it.

Cheerful, smiles all the time. Not much fond of battles but
when involved in one, gets quite aggressive to win it.
A bit lazy. Loves to go to adventures.

Aggressive fighter. Understands the Pokemons very well

Sometimes get so involved in the fights that forgets about her
team strategy. Rejects challenges very often.

Was born in Cerulean but was raised by a single lady
who taught her everything about Pokemon. Has many friends
but no relations except the lady.

Born in Cerulean. Raised in Ever Grande.


Piplup, Starme and Bulbasaur.

Works in an inn. Aims to do research on Water Pokemons.

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Nice! This deserves a prop! 1年以上前
1年以上前 DragonAura15 said…
(I'm so sorry! You weren't waiting on me, were you?)
1年以上前 DragonAura15 said…
(Well, I'll just jump in)
"Wait up!"
Tatum chased after Emolga as it carried plates and delivered them. "Here's your food, sir! Here you go! Enjoy!" she yelled in a hurry as they passed from table to table. This got her and Emolga odd looks, but she didn't seem to notice. Once they were done, they headed back to the kitchen.
"Nice job," her brother Kurt congratulated her, lounging comfortably on an empty shelf in the back. "That's got to be a new record."
"Off the shelf, Kurt," their dad told him sternly. Kurt rolled his eyes and stepped off.
"So," he began, turning to Tatum with an air of a dramatic reveal, "the reason I'm here. How about we talk about getting you out there? You know, on your own journey?"
Tatum gasped, eyes sparkling. "Really?"
"I don't see why not. You've got your own Pokemon, haven't you?" Kurt replied.