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With the battle of the Legendary birds completed and the threat of Team Rocket finally eliminated, the Kanto Region achieved a long awaited time of peace and prosperity, all thanks to a now legendary group of trainers, who scattered across the world, traveling on their own paths until destiny once more calls. Meanwhile, in the neighboring region of Johto, the time has come for another generation of Trainers to begin their journeys, to encounter new allies and enemies, people and Pokémon alike. But with a new threat on the rise in the form of a mysterious and dangerous terrorist group calling themselves "The Disciples", the rumors of a new Team Rocket, and the sudden disappearance of Johto Champion Lance, it seems yet another grand battle is brewing in the world. So where are our heroes? Who will step up to the plate in the Johto region's darkest hour?

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Home Town:

Starter Pokémon:

Pokémon Team:

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1年以上前 TAIKAMODO said…

Name: Cloud

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Appearance: Pic

Personality: Level headed, calm, and very strategic when serious, but can become aggressive when pushed to his limits. He tends to have a 'cool' demeanor, not often losing his composure and carrying himself with a sense of superiority and swagger. He has a natural affinity for Ice Type Pokemon, mainly because he was taught how to battle by the Mahogany Town gym leader Pryce, which is where he got his partner Pokemon, Sneasel. He tends to let his confidence roll off of him in waves of cockiness and insults toward those around him, although why he generally dislikes and thinks he is above others is unknown to anyone but himself. Generally he prefers being alone, having the mentality that other people will always slow him down one way or another, and by constantly berating people he can easily keep them away.

Backstory: Cloud doesn't talk much about his past. He was orphaned after an event in Sinnoh resulted in the untimely of both of his parents, and as a result was adopted by a friend of the family, the Ice type gym leader of Johto, Pryce. Cloud was raised by Pryce and taught both Pokemon battling techniques and martial arts, being gifted his partner Pokemon after it was found abandoned by his adoptive father.

Likes: All water and winter based sports, snow, quiet and isolated places where he is free to think or relax without others around. He's also a fan of board games and other kinds of strategy games.

Dislikes: Packed spaces, being in large crowds, extreme heat, and being told what to do. If it isn't him alone and doing what he wants, it isn't for him. He also despises spicy foods.

Home Town: Mahogany Town

Starter Pokémon: Sneasel

Pokémon Team: Sneasel, Beedrill(As of page 9)

Dream/Goal: Cloud's goal has always been to be the best there is at anything he does, as being competitive is in his nature. His current aspiration is to become a regional champion, which includes beating both his adoptive father and the current champion, Lance.
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 Name: 雲, クラウド Age: 13 Gender: Male Appearance: Pic Personality: Level headed, calm, and
1年以上前 Nojida said…
(Wo, we have a plot already? Sweet!)

Name: Ara

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Appearance: Pic

Personality: Ara is a very expressive girl - much to her dismay. She's extremely easy to read and equally easy to aggravate. Bravery isn't quite a trait of hers, and neither is careful planning; it's not unusual for the girl to make rash decisions based on instinct or emotion. Despite that, Ara cares deeply for the people she considers close to her, and will go to great lengths to make them happy.

Backstory: Both her parents died in an accident when she was very young, so their death never quite affected her. An old couple soon adopted her and her brother, but they didn't stay with them for long as her brother took her and ran away. Ever since then, they've been travelling to different regions, doing their best to survive.

Likes: People, her brother, quiet places, Pokemon.

Dislikes: Being lied to, giving up, being unable to act.

Home Town: Her hometown is in a faraway region.

Starter Pokémon: Chikorita.

Pokémon Team: Chikorita.

Dream/Goal: To become a trainer her brother can be proud of.
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 (Wo, we have a plot already? Sweet!) [b]Name:[/b] Ara [b]Age:[/b] 13 [b]Gender:[/b] Female
1年以上前 TAIKAMODO said…
(I had to edit Cloud's age so my char. wouldn't be the youngest again. XP)

(And yep! Though it doesn't actually start getting serious untiI Goldenrod, at least, that's how it is in my head...)
1年以上前 Nojida said…
(Guess you got away this time. XP And aww, little Gray! <3)

(Oho, I'm waiting for awesomeness to come. ;D)
1年以上前 TAIKAMODO said…
(Little Gray was a boss, except when he was trash talking Ice Maker Magic. Then he was kind of rude.)

(I'll give you one warning, a prophecy if you will...

"On The end of the thirteenth month, the dormant will rise to overtake those who lost their way.

"The chosen shall face off against a false prophet, and those who previously saw the light will look into the darkness.

Those who seek destruction, and those who seek protection will show their true colors in the climax.

The whispers in the dark shall become holy songs of light, but the balance must first be broken by those who see both light and darkness."

Cryptic, right? And all of it's true!)
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1年以上前 Nojida said…
(I'll have to agree to that. Still though, I loved all of his little flashbacks!)

(Seriously now, how long have you been planning this? XP)
1年以上前 TAIKAMODO said…
(Yeah, plus his ice devil slater magic he has now makes him look like a boss. All the Grays were boss. Little Gray's flashbacks were cool, and the majority were either sad or depressing because his and Leon's master, who's name I cannot spell.)

(Oh, a little while. I was originally going to use it in a story, then I decided to do something else with that story, and now it's here. The prophecy though, I just made like...thirty minutes ago. And after I made Cloud, I realized it was actually perfect for Johto, especially since a certain other region gets involved too.)
1年以上前 Nojida said…
(Ha! The picture took less than two hours to draw! >:D I think that's a personal record...)

(Ah, devil slayer magic... I'll never get over that plot twist. XP And I think their master's name is Ur?)

(Wow, that sounds complicated. XP And, a certain other region? When do I get spoilers?)
1年以上前 TAIKAMODO said…
(Really? That's cool. The quickest amount of time it ever told me to compose a fully fledged song was about three hours...though that's partially because I'm ways changing things every two minutes.)

(That's how you spell it? That's kind of a weird choice for a name of you ask me...)

(Oh, you may get them early...or you may never get them at all. I'll give two guesses though. No help from the audience either. Bwahahahahaha!)
1年以上前 Nojida said…
(Oh, it takes me much more than three hours to make a full illustration... although that's mostly because I get distracted all the time.)

(True. I like it how Hiro doesn't use Japanese names only, but some of the characters' names are just weird..)

(Dang it! I'm no good at guessing, so I'll just wait and find out... Speaking of that, when do we start?)
1年以上前 TAIKAMODO said…
(Wow, really? Well, I guess my experience with illustrations are just about five notebooks full of random drawings, not like, professional illustration or anything. I can play guitar pretty well, though. And what distracts you? The brilliant glory of cupcakes? Or the blatant ugliness of their cousins...the... muffins.)

(Yeah, now that I think about it...there's Lucy, Juvia, Laxus, Mahkarov, Mirajane, Lisanna, Elfman, Gray...not really Japanese names. Then there's Ur, and I just don't know what he was thinking when he came up with it.)

(When do we start? Well, I guess we could start now, I don't really have any preferences. Also, I looked at what I wrote for like, eighty pages of the Legendary Saga, and I wanted to cry...there were zero spaces. ANYWHERE. How could I have never noticed that the entire time? The only reason I'm not crying is because of cupcakes.)

(Also, since I'm still being the ever cryptic one, why not start off with confusing things?)

It had happened in an instant, so quick that the boy hadn't had time to even blink before it happened. He had been lying down in the grass, having taken a break from making the long trek from Mahogany Town to Newbark. At first, he had planned to sit there for a few moments, admiring the clouds that he had been so oddly named after, but it turns out that wasn't to be the case, for he had apparently dozed off. He wasn't sure when, all he knew was that in one instant he had been opening his eyes to a light blue sky with whisps of white clouds floating overhead, to the next instant being here...whatever this place was.

It was a completely empty, pitch black void. He was suspended in mid air, unable to move, unable to see. The darkness was in a way thick. Suffocating even, as he couldn't see anything. There was no ground, no sky. No left or right, forwards or backwards, up or down. Just empty void, all around him. "Hello? Anybody here?" He called into the darkness, surprised to hear his voice echo a few times. A few moments after that, there was a loud rumbling noise, and much to his shock, a stone hexagon shaped floor appeared beneath his feet, and he gained the ability to move, though this was only after he fell to said ground with a loud thump.

"Who's there?!" He called out again, and this time, his answer was a black cloud shooting past him and stopping on the other side of the hexagon shaped floor, eventually reforming into a humanoid shape, shrouded in an all black cloak with the hood up, the person's identity yet to be revealed.

"Who are you? And what is this place?" Again, the boy was answered, is time by suddenly feeling as If gravity had somehow increased a hundre fold, the sudden pressure forcing him to the ground. The figure turned around, their identity still hidden underneath the black hood as they watched the boy struggle to stand, ultimately unable to move. Sweat poured down his forehead, and he felt an odd feeling rise in the pit of his stomach. It took him a second to register that this feeling was fear.

"The world is dying." The voice sounded more like hundreds of voices all speaking in sync, and coming from every direction at once. Before the boy could ask another question. There was a blinding flash of light, the boy being forced to shut his eyes. When he next opened the,, he was back in the familiar field of grass, breathing heavily and sweat poring down his face.

"Was that....a dream?" He whispered to himself, shocked to see a weird necklace around his neck, the symbol of a crescent moon on it. Clutching the moon, he scowled, rising to a sitting position. "The world....is dying?"
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1年以上前 Nojida said…
(Ah, guitar, one of the most confusing instruments for me. XP And no, I don't think about food all the time... My room just happens to be full of wonders.)

(Maybe he thought it was cool for a fantasy character? I don't know what kind of parents would name their child Ur, though.)

(Wow, you really never noticed? I just thought you were too busy to fix it. XP But what's done is done... In my case, the grammar is so bad that I'm afraid to look at my earlier posts.)

(Oh, of course you'd start by confusing everyone, Taika. XP)

"Of course, breaking in at night would be much more convenient, but we don't have much time... Ara, once I throw the Pokeballs out, you run."
"Are you serious? We'll definitely get caught!"
"That's why you're gonna run! Now stand outside, and make sure no one's watching. I'm going in."

Was what was going through Ara's mind as she was running, her arms wrapped around a brown bag tightly. Her brother was insane! Sure, they'd stolen potions and money before, but stealing Pokemon from a lab? That was a completely different level of craziness. But, of course, Ara had to follow her brother's orders. His plans always worked, so why would they fail now?
She was trying to calm herself with those thoughts, but she couldn't ignore the man's irritated voice and the sound of stuff breaking. Did her brother manage to escape? Of course he did, he was an expert...
Suddenly, she tripped on something- or rather, someone. Ara yelped as she fell face-first into the ground, and realized for a second that there was grass everywhere. How far had she gotten?
1年以上前 TAIKAMODO said…
(My most confusing instrument is the Euphonium...I suck at it, and it gives me headaches trying to use it.)

(Well, if Pokémon parents can name their kids Black and White, I guess Ur is acceptable. Just make it something easier to spell...like...Apple.)

(Nope, I never noticed the entire time! It's so sad...I really do wanna cry you know. Andy thought you grammar looked fine when I was looking at the earlier stuff...though I guess it's human nature to find the flaws in what you've done in the past.)

(I try my best. XD)

"Ow!" Cloud yelped as he was suddenly ran over by some girl, who seemed to be in a hurry. Fortunately for him, he had already been sitting down, so the collision with the ground hadn't been as hard. But he now has a major head ache, which wasn't really helping the head ache he already had trying to decipher the weird dream he had. "Man, that hurt." He groaned, returning to a sitting position and rubbing the side of his head.

"Oi, could you please warn someone before running them over next time? It's not as fun for the person getting steamrolled."
1年以上前 Nojida said…
(Euphonium? This is the first time I hear of that. It sounds like a name for a fictional city or something! But I digress. XP And you seem to know a lot about music.)

(I guess so. Apple would be simply embarrassing, though. XD)

(Only in the past? I can assure you that I find flaws in my work right now too. XP)

"Sorry," Ara groaned, holding her stomach as she got to her knees. It took her a while to get over the pain, before picking up the brown bag and quickly taking a look inside. She let out a huge sigh of relief once she made sure that all of the Pokeballs were fine. Looking back at the boy she had just tripped on, she wondered how she hadn't noticed him. "Yeah, sorry about that. I wasn't watching where I was going."
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1年以上前 TAIKAMODO said…
(Well, a Euphonium is sort of like a tuba, but...well...different. It's a bit hard to explain. Anyway, it's usually used in like, the military and brass bands, so I don't really care if I'm not as good with it. I'm good at some other instruments, so it balances out. And I guess I know some things about Music since I've basically been playing it since I learned how to read and write, which was...around...when I was four? Five? I forget, but it's been a while. Mostly like software development though, like game design. That's really fun.)

(I'd rather be Apple than Ur! Besides, Apples are awesome, so anyone named Apple should be proud of their appleness!)

(Do you? I just always feel like I can do something better no matter how many times I fix it, and end up doing one thing for like...fourth minutes. It's weird, if you ask me. Weirder than Ur.)

"No problem," Stretching out a little and rising to his feet, he dusted himself off a bit. "i was about to get up anyway. What were you in such a hurry about anyway? Seems kinda hard to run that fast just for the heck of it." Picking up the Pokéball that had previously been lying next to him and shrinking it, before attaching it to his belt.
1年以上前 Nojida said…
(Oh, I just looked it up, and it sorta looks like a complicated trumpet... That's the best description I could give it. XP And I guess I started drawing at around that age too, so I don't find it that surprising. Do you remember your first instrument?)

(Is it just me, or are you being especially weird today? XD)

(But wait, if you think that you can do something better, no matter how many times you fix it, wouldn't you continue doing the same thing forever?)

Ara froze up a bit, before an idea came to her. "I was running to the Pokemon Centre! My... Pokemon and I just had a rough battle," she replied. That's right, she had a Pokemon now. She could just pretend to be a travelling trainer.
1年以上前 TAIKAMODO said…
(Yep! My first practiced instrument was the Guitar but my actual first instrument was the Drums!)

(Nah, just you. I'm always this weird.)

(Yeah, but eventually my foolishness goes away...after I realize that I'm getting nowhere.)

Cloud narrowed his eyes, mentally face palming at how many flaws he has found within that one statement.First, she had hesitated for exactly three seconds before speaking. Second, her shoulders had stiffened during those three seconds. Third, there was a pause between her initial answer and further explanation. And fourth, no trainer would ever carry around their Pokémon in some random bag. They were attached t the user's belt for practical use. Besides that,mthemPoké,on Center was in the opposite direction.

Deciding he didn't want to deal with whatever she was doing, his first instinct was to just move on along. But letting his curiosity get the better of him, he shrugged. "I'll escort you then. If you're Pokémon is injured, walking through the routes would be dangerous, since you couldn't defend yourself from any wild Pokémon."
1年以上前 Nojida said…
(Ouch, I can imagine the noise you were making. XD)

(Yeah, guess you're right. You should really stop eating so many cupcakes, I'm sure they're the ones responsible for all that weirdness.)

(Oh, that makes sense. At least you stop at some point. XP)

Ara blinked, looking around for a bit, before mentally kicking herself. Of course there was grass everywhere, this was a route! And it obviously wasn't the way to the Pokemon Centre... but it was a perfect hiding place. It'd be safer to leave the town than stay there while the professor was looking for the thieves... Then, she realized that boy offered to accompany her to the Pokemon Centre. That was a problem.
"It's okay, really," Ara assured, getting up and dusting herself a little. "I'll manage. It's not the first time I have to go through a Route without my Pokemon."
1年以上前 TAIKAMODO said…
(XD Yeah, my mom tells me I'd wake her up in the middle of the night with my Drum playing. To the point she had to hide them at night so I couldn't find them...sounds like I was a fun kid.)

(My Cupcakes would never do such a thing. XP)

(Yeah, but it can take me days...weeks....even a month to finally get over it.)

Cloud sighed again. He was probably making her panic, having to think up excuses on the fly. Not that he hadn't done so himself. He was no liar, but he had escaped Pryce's rage many times through...bending the truth a bit. But that was getting off track. "Look, I'm fully aware of the fact you're hiding something. I'm not sure what, and I'm not going to ask. I'm just a curious person is a-" He paused when he noticed a light blue glow coming from his necklace. He was receiving a strange feeling from it, which he couldn't even fully out into words.

The world is dying....

The world is dying...

The world is dying....

The words kept echoing in his mind, much to his irritation. Attempting to drown the words out, he tried to take off the necklace, surprised to see that it wouldn't budge from around his neck. "What the..." He muttered, trying to pull it off again, but was met with the same result.
1年以上前 Nojida said…
(Oh my goodness! XD Yeah, fun is definitely what you call that. XP)

(Your cupcakes are evil- it is a truth you have to face. XP)

(Wow, really? I am not sure what you call that. XP)

Ara felt like she was kicked in the stomach when he told her she was hiding something. Was she really that bad of an actress? Did she have to make up even more excuses now? However, those thoughts faded away almost immediately when she saw the necklace glowing. Her eyes widened, admiring it for a bit, before realizing that the boy actually wanted to take it off.
"Uh, is it supposed to glow like that?" she asked him finally, although the boy's expression made the answer obvious.
1年以上前 TAIKAMODO said…
"No. It's. NOT." He replied, saying each word at the same time he tried to yank the thing off, again scowling when he realized that the stupid necklace refused to remove itself. Sighing in defeat, he let the necklace go, surprised when it began to levitate, the glow become brighter. When ip the glow faded, and a second necklace appeared beside it, the second one in the shape of the sun. While the moon necklace remained with Cloud, the sun necklace fell on the girl, causing him to raise a brow.

"Great, even more mysteries to solve." He muttered darkly to himself, "who are you?"
1年以上前 Nojida said…
"Uh..." Ara stammered for a second, staring blankly at the sun necklace that had just appeared out of nowhere. She shook her head slowly. "Too many mad things in one day. I guess I've had worse." she muttered, before looking back at the boy. Did she really want to tell him her name? She supposed it would be okay if he didn't learn what she had done. "I'm Ara. And you are?"
1年以上前 TAIKAMODO said…
(Uh huh! I was a ray of sunshine!)

(Cupcakes can't be evil! You cannot speak the truth. XP)

(I call it compulsive editing disorder, or C.E.D....aren't I clever?)

"Cloud." Eyeing the moon necklace around his neck warily, he mentally recalled a time where he refused to tell anyone his name. Cloud was just....weird. Why had he been named Cloud? It was the dumbest thing to name your son after, in his opinion. But again, he was losing focus on the point. "Do you know what just happened? Because I definitely don't." Recalling she had been running earlier, he looked to his left, the direction she had been running.

"On second thought, I'd rather not talk about this out in the open. If you were running that fast, I'm fairly confident that you were being followed by someone." With that, he started walking towards the next route, hands in his pockets. "I suggest you don't head through these routes. if you do have a Pokémon in that bag that probably isn't yours, it's likely that it won't listen to you. And a fully trained wild Pokémon is dangerous to deal with."
1年以上前 Nojida said…
(A loud ray of sunshine?)

(Why, I am the one and only Speaker of Truth, Protector of Ideals, Creator of- yeah, I'm going too far with this. XD)

(Wait, is that a thing? If not, it should be a thing.)

"Are you serious?" Ara groaned, facepalming. How did he figure all that out? Was he a psychic? He did have a glowing moon necklace, after all. The thought made her glance down at the sun necklace for a moment, but she forced herself to focus on the matter at hand.
With a huff, she picked up her bag, and followed Cloud hesitantly. Peaple probably wouldn't ask questions if they saw two trainers together, plus she needed him to repel the wild Pokemon.
"Don't tell anyone, alright?" she pleaded quietly, catching up with him.
1年以上前 TAIKAMODO said…
(How can a light have a sound?)

(That's Taikamodo The Great's job. XP)

(It's not a thing, but it should be.)

"I won't tell." He assured, before continuing, "I do have a question though. Where are we headed? Or rather, where were you headed before you ran me over? I'm assuming you had some kind of destination with whatever you've got stashed away in there, right?"
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1年以上前 Nojida said…
(Anything's possible, my friend.)

(Which one? Because I named quite a few back there XP)

"Uh... good question," Ara sighed, rubbing her head. Her brother hadn't told her what they would do after they had taken the Pokemon, so she was pretty much lost. "To the next city, I guess... I didn't really have a place in mind."
1年以上前 TAIKAMODO said…
(Me not being awesome is very impossible.)

(All of them, of course. XP)

"Great planning, really. You are by far the greatest mastermind I have ever met. You should be a scientist." He said sarcastically, rolling his eyes. "But anyway, the next establishment this way would be Cherrygrove Town, so I guess that's the destination. I need to contact someone anyway, so I could use the videophone in the Pokémon Center." Just as he finished that sentence, he paused mid step, head whipping around to look to their left. There was some quiet rustling...but he could've sworn he heard....


"Move!" He jumped back, grabbing Ara and pulling her out of the way of the swipe of a clawed paw. Following the arm of the paw, he scowled deeply upon seeing the livid face of an Ursaring. "Crap crap crap...we must be in it's territory..." He quickly fumbled around for his Pokéball, before tossing it into the air. "Sneasel, come out and use Night Slash!"
1年以上前 Nojida said…
(We're all awesome, although there are times when our awesomeness isn't as great... So I guess it's not impossible XP)

(Oh, of course. XP)

"Eep!" Ara yelped once she was pulled back, and went pale when she saw the angry Ursaring. With. Silent squeak, she hid behind Cloud, not knowing what else to do.
1年以上前 TAIKAMODO said…
(Well, those times apply to everyone but Taikamodo The Great.)

(Who else but me could ever hope to achieve such a status?)

Sneasel smirked as it's own claw was engulfed in blackish purple energy. Leaping into the air, it did a sideways windmill spin,p to gain momentum, it's claw slashing diagonally across Ursaring's chest. "Sneasel, Ice Punch!" Sneasel acknowledging Cloud's command with a quick noe in his direction, Sneasel closed it's eyes to focus, it's paw tightening into a fist and a light blue glow emanating from it. Ursaring meanwhile roared loudly, an orange sphere of energy forming directly inside it's open mouth.

"Darn it, that's hyper beam! Sneasel, Agility to get in close!" Sneasel suddenly vanished from sight, after images appearing in random directions until it finally materialized in front of Ursaring, it's fist cocked back and ready t strike. Without any hesitation, Sneadel drove it's fist directly into the bottom of the bear Pokémon's chin in an uppercut, sending the normal type flying upwards into the air, eventually landing flat on it's back unconscious a few seconds later. Sneasel smirked. Crossing it's arms at the good job it had done.

"Good job Sneasel, return." He quickly returned the weevil Pokémon before glancing over his shoulder at Ara, who had hid behind him. "You alright? Ursaring are pretty common in this part of Johto."
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1年以上前 Nojida said…
Ara nodded quickly, her eyes locked on the Pokemon that had just fainted. She made a mental note not to mess with Cloud and his Sneasel. "I'm fine," she answered, her voice a bit shaky. "Do they always attack out of the blue like that?"
1年以上前 TAIKAMODO said…
"No. Just most of the time. Unless you're in their territory. Then it's all of the time." Starting to walk again, he reattached the Pokéball to his belt, this time careful to watch for anymore Ursaring.
1年以上前 Nojida said…
Ara shivered at the thought. Suddenly, she felt glad she had tripped on Cloud. With another nervous glance at the Ursaring, she followed him quickly. "Thanks for saving me," she told him after a while.
1年以上前 TAIKAMODO said…
(Chocolate cupcakes...the best food ever.)

Cloud blinked a few times, before mentally face palming at the fact he had essentially forgotten the last two minutes. "Huh? Oh, no problem. Just being a good samaritan and all that." He finished just as the top of a few building in he distance came into view. Followed by trees, then streets further ahead. "Oh look. The town's already in sight. That's pretty convenient."
1年以上前 Nojida said…
(I wouldn't know, since I haven't eaten any myself... Seriously, no bakery I have ever been to sells cupcakes.)

"Hm?" Ara only then noticed the few buildings ahead. "Oh, you're right..." she wondered where her brother was planning to go, and if she was doing the right thing by going to another town on her own. Then, she remembered what Cloud said and wondered, "What's a samaritan?"
1年以上前 DragonAura15 said…
(As usual, I am fashionably late! Also, environment and Pokemon wise, are we going off of the original Silver/Gold games, or the HeartGold/SoulSilver titles?)

Name: Wylie

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Appearance: Dark brown hair, lighter brown eyes, yellow-and-red shirt and blue shorts (Picture to come once I get off my lazy rumpus)

Personality: Tries to maintain a sociable and carefree demeanor most of the time. He makes plenty of jokes (even when no one else finds them funny) but can be emotional, especially when passionate about something. Can also be overconfident. (Flexible, will be developed over the course of this RP)

Backstory: All that can be said at present is that Wylie has lived in a small and friendly town for the first 10 years of his life, and never did much travelling. He was surprised at the hostility of some other Trainers when he left on his journey, and had a hard time controlling his Pokemon at first, but nowadays, he considers himself a decent, if not great, Trainer.

Likes: Grassy areas, people, Pokemon, fruit, trying new things

Dislikes: Being isolated, bitter food, making mistakes, being forced out of somewhere or forced to stay somewhere (I don't know if that makes sense, but what are ya gonna do XP)

Home Town: I'm picturing Cherrygrove (flexible)

Starter Pokémon: Cyndaquil

Pokémon Team: Cyndaquil, Pidgey

Dream/Goal: To become a Trainer the region can be proud of.
1年以上前 Nojida said…
(Welcome, welcome! Take a seat and enjoy the madness-- right, just kidding. XD And, to tell you the truth, I have no idea. I say we go with HG/SS, although I'm fine with anything.)
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1年以上前 DragonAura15 said…
(Are you? Are you really? XD
I agree with you, mostly because I haven't played the first G/S and I'd just be looking everything up on good ol' Serebii.)
1年以上前 Nojida said…
(Okay okay, you got me. XD
(I'll be looking everything up anyway, so I'm fine with anything. XP)
1年以上前 DragonAura15 said…
(With this group, I figured we'd have some madness XD
Yeah. Let's play ball. Actually, let's not. Now, to drum up an awesome introduction to the RP that takes up at least a whole paragraph... )
1年以上前 Nojida said…
(Oh, we've already been having madness! Or weirdness, it's the same for me. XP
Ball? No thank you, my chair's too comfortable to leave. XP And alright. I'll be here, waiting... By the way, I think we're supposed to be in a Route, heading to the next town XP)
1年以上前 DragonAura15 said…
(I know, I began reading right after I posted my character description)
1年以上前 Nojida said…
(Oh, alright. Anyway, I don't think Taika is going to reply soon, so I guess we can continue? Or should we wait for him?)
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(I'm just entering the RP now. Here we go!)
A little ways away from Cherrygrove, Wylie's Pidgey was chasing a wild Weedle. "Hey, wait!" Wylie was shouting. "Come back!" Cyndaquil just watched and yawned.
"Seriously? I let you out of your Pokeball for a few seconds outside of battle, and you're already chasing after some wild Pokemon?" Wylie griped. Pidgey glanced at him, and using that opportunity, the Weedle managed to squirm out of sight.
"Okay, it's gone. Now let's go and do some actual training," Wylie told Pidgey, but the bird Pokemon began searching for the Weedle once more underneath a tree. Then, Wylie noticed a dangling golden object up in the branches. "Oh, no. Pidgey, get out of there! That's a Beedrill hive," he whispered urgently, but Pidgey ignored him.
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(And hey! Guess who got off their lazy rumpus? Say hello to my wonderbread protagonist XP)
 (And hey! Guess who got off their lazy rumpus? Say hello to my wonderbread protagonist XP)
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(Hey, that's really good! I can tell you've improved X3)
(Wait, are we near Cherrygrove? Ah, well, here I go. XD)
Suddenly, Ara looked up. She looked around nervously, trying to find the source of the sounds. Finally, she spotted a bird Pokemon that was chasing after a bug. She sighed, relieved that it wasn't a human, but then flinched again once she heard a boy shouting. "There's someone else here?" she thought to herself, and briefly forgetting where they were going, she headed towards the source of the sound.
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(Why, thank you! X3 And yes, I imagine we're at the route right around Cherrygrove. The one where you actually find wild Weedles)
Pidgey noticed someone coming from a distance away, and gave a squawk.
"Shhhh!" Wylie shushed, glancing nervously at the hive. He could hear faint buzzing from inside. "Okay, Pidgey, just come back towards me."
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(You're welcome! ;D And oh, okay. I haven't played either games, so I'm pretty much clueless XP)
Ara flinched again when Pidgey spotted her, but relaxed a bit when she realized it wasn't going to attack. Then, she heard the boy again, and realized that he sounded worried.
"Is someone there?" she asked hesitantly.
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(I've only played SoulSilver, and I'm kind of bad at it ^^;)
Wylie flinched. The buzzing grew louder. "Careful," he whispered urgently.
Pidgey was about to fly back over when the Weedle emerged again. The bird Pokemon began to chase after it once more, but missed it and instead crashed into the tree. This elicited plenty of angry buzzing from inside the hive. "Run!" Wylie yelled, returning Pidgey.
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(Ow XD Is SS more difficult that BW?)
Ara looked up at the tree, and her eyes almost immediately widened. "Oh-uh," she squeaked silently, before quickly turning around and running away, heading towards the city.
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(Definitely. My biggest issue is that the placement of the Gyms and how you're supposed to beat them is kind of weird, and unless you do some serious training with the level-20's out in the wild, you'll often be much lower-leveled than the competition.)
A swarm of mad Beedrills came out of the hive, stingers poised to strike. Wylie ran after Ara, yelling. "Cyndaquil, Ember! Hurry!"
Cyndaquil raced after them, shooting flames from its nose. A few Beedrills went down, but more were on the way. Wylie doubled back and scooped up Cyndaquil, receiving a few stings in the process. "Ow! Ow!"