ポケモン Pokemon Dusk: A Shadow Pokemon RP

GMRSUnoted posted on May 09, 2014 at 11:48PM
In the Melanite region where the residents don't have any gyms nor has a very big population, the sinister organization known as C.O.H (Corruption of Hope) works to dominate the world with a great and powerful power called the Shadow Pokémon. They take what Cipher aimed for and expanded. They did not only wish to have a shadow Pokémon that was unpurifiable but also one that was truly shadow. Also, they did not only wish to make one of these. They wished to make a multitude of them.

Rather than closing the heart, they crushed the heart and destroyed it with the power of a Yveltal that ruled over destruction which becomes the main shadow legendary of the team along with a few others. Though with this, it is a long process and rely on the basic shadowfication while they work.

The only chance to stop them is within trainers who are proven worthy of the task. Are you one of the Cleansed? Or are you one of the Impure?



1) No Mary/Gary Sues (This means brats or stubborn people who can’t lose)
2) Two Pokémon Right of the bat (No more and no less)
3) No Legendaries or Multiple Shinnies (Unless ok by Me, though I shall allow one Shiny.)
4) Respect the other Rp-ers, please…
5) You should stay within the game’s rules, so no deaths or any mature content (Sorry, I must put this here.)
6) Use Grammar and Spell-Check Please!
7) One character per side unless you want only one.
8) No one-liners.
9) Times skips unless approved.
10) Starting Pokémon must between 5-20.
11) No body shall be a hybrid (Example: Half human, half Mew)
12) You can only have ONE Mega Pokémon and your Mega Ring has to be earned by the Professor aka Me.
13) Minimum of two Pokemon per trainer starting off (This is because all battles will be double battles and this is optional for Pokemon Professors)
14) Anything else? Just comment on my page.

Character Creation Sheet:


Alias (If need):

Type of Trainer (?): (Be Creative Here)

Appearance: (You can write it down or post a photo if needed)



Anything else (?):


Pokémon starting Off:


Amethyst (Neetz/GMRSUnoted)
Akine Ren (Riku)
Azure (Neetz)
Rafa (Neetz)
Garnet (Neetz)
Jaden (Riku)
Amber (Wanta)
Kashina Rose (Riku)
Ziallie Tayu (Rkiu)
Kamine Lay (Riku)
Clifton Anastas (Wanta)
Ayumi (Riku)
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1年以上前 Riku114 said…
Name: Akine Ren

Type of Trainer (?): Sky Trainer (aka Specializes in Pokemon that can fly)

Appearance: PIC

Personality: I never do this. Personalities never go as planned if I pre-plan it here.

Side: Protagonists

Anything else (?): He doesnt aim to be the best pokemon trainer, nor to be the best breeder or the best contestant. He wants to be the best trainer in the air.

Bio: Akine grew up with two parent that were too busy with buisness work to come around and play with him much or give him anything more than minimal attention. Because of such, he learned to entertain himself and not to rely on others to do so or in general do anything. Along the way of entertaining himself he ended up befriending a young Starly at the age of 6 who he raised as his pet until he set off to actually train and face his dreams/goals just a few months ago. On his adventure he ended up finding himself a Amber Fossil which he had revived to be a Aerodactyl

Pokémon starting Off:
(Alin) Staravia Lvl 16 M
-Wing Attack
-Quick Attack

(Rigoru) Aerodactyl LV13 M
-Iron Head
-Wing Attack
-Dragon Breathe
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 Name: Akine Ren Type of Trainer (?): Sky Trainer (aka Specializes in Pokemon that can fly) Appe
GMRSUnoted commented…
I had Amethyst's sprite done and I'm too lazy to 検索 a 写真 for her, though I'll do this for my other characters. 1年以上前
1年以上前 GMRSUnoted said…
Ok, here is the first character and if you need and explanation for rule 7: You must have a t least one main character that won't be dropped from the project. Also, Pokemon can have use to eight moves when leveling up, so no having your starters having eight moves. Anyway here's my first Character:

Name: Amethyst

Alias (If need): Amy (Don’t Call her Ames or she’ll get mad)

Type of Trainer: Pokémon Wanderer (Basically goes around and doesn’t stay at place for

A long time)

Appearance: Pic

Personality: A mysterious trainer to most people, she is actually a nice trainer and hates to see Pokémon harmed. She has a temper that can be messed with, especially when she is called Ames and not Amy. If you want her to be friends, she’ll shut you out, but give her enough time and she’ll open up. She is calm and collective, yet will battle without hesitation from training all over Melanite.

Side: Good/Cleanse

Anything else (?): She hates to be called Ames and won’t say why.
She has a younger brother named Garnet, who is a pain to her.
She always had a strange sight and can only communicate to Pokémon who open up to her (Aka the ones she uses in battle)

Bio: As a young girl, she always dreamt of going on her own journey and soon did with her first partner Midnight, who loves to rest on her left shoulder and is ready for battle. She traveled a lot but still hasn’t decided what she’ll become. As the RP starts, she’ll discovery what she’ll become…

Pokémon starting Off:

Shiny Umbreon/Midnight – Level 20
Feint Attack
Quick Attack
Confuse Ray
Iron Tail

Mawile/Iron Maiden – Level 20
Fairy Wind
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 Ok, here is the first character and if あなた need and explanation for rule 7: あなた must have a t least o
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
(Ill make some of the antagonistes.......antagoni? Antgonists? What is the plural form of Antagonist? ............ The plural is antagonist isnt it? Like Fish and Moose right?

Anyways Ill make them when I get back from 7/11)
last edited 1年以上前
1年以上前 GMRSUnoted said…
I believe so; now to work on some others
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
(Mind if I introduce the antagonist later on in the story? Mostly to avoid immediate action in the rp)
1年以上前 wantadog said…
(Nice RP. Anyway, the plural of Antagonist is simply Antagonists.)

(I'll work on making a character soon. Got a VERY messy house to clean up. T_T)
last edited 1年以上前
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
(Told you Wanta would join whether or not he had to)
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
(Okay, this took me roughly an hour and twenty minutes to do and DAMN, I wouldnt be shocked if I could draw Yveltal now because of how many times I had to trace over it with Paint but here.

If you have any better coloring ideas, please tell. Changing the colors wouldnt take any more than 10 minutes and its bothering me as if I missed something)
 (Okay, this took me roughly an 時 and twenty 分 to do and DAMN, I wouldnt be shocked if I coul
Riku114 commented…
Also since there are going to be multiple legnedaries, if あなた like request. I already know the 次 one I am doing per request of Neeta. 1年以上前
Riku114 commented…
*Neetz Still got to get used to that nickname. もっと見る used to the real name または GMRS XD 1年以上前
wantadog commented…
Awesome. 1年以上前
DragonAura15 commented…
That looks epic 1年以上前
1年以上前 cyrus498 said…
I am Cyrus,Pleasure to meet you "GMRS".I will think of a character in a moment.
Riku114 commented…
Shes not me. 1年以上前
GMRSUnoted commented…
And he never did... 1年以上前
1年以上前 cyrus498 said…
Oh boy is this going to be difficult.
1年以上前 GMRSUnoted said…
Ok, here's Amy's friend and nephew of our Professor:

Name: Azure

Alias (If need): None

Type of Trainer (?): Pokémon Investigative Reporter

Appearance: Pic

Personality: A young man who wishes to do his best with his job, it usually ends him up in more trouble than actually stories. Even though he falls over more times than anybody else, he won’t back down from any fight.

Side: Good/Cleanse

Anything else (?): He needs Amy to go with him or else he’ll get into big trouble.
He HATES Bug types.
He likes extreme temperatures.
He cares more for his job than going to compete.

Bio: As a young boy, he grew up only knowing his dad who kept working in his office while he stayed home with his crazy Uncle, who happens to be the Professor of Melanite. Once he was old enough, he decided to go work for his father in getting new stories and grow closer to him. Getting his first Pokémon from his Uncle, he went off to get new stories and soon meet Amy after that. She ignored him a bit, but she got use to being around him.

Pokémon starting Off:

Spheal/Snow Puff (M.) - Level 14
Defense Curl
Water Gun
Ice Ball

Feebas/Mystic (F.) - Level 17
Rain Dance

last edited 1年以上前
 Ok, here's Amy's friend and nephew of our Professor: Name: Azure Alias (If need): None Type
1年以上前 GMRSUnoted said…
Ok, I needed to get him out of way despite me being up REALLY early:

Name: Rafa

Alias (If need): Mr. Crazy, Mr. Goofball

Type of Trainer (?): Pokémon Professor

Appearance: Pic (Minus the guns on the photo)

Personality: Well, if you get his names, I think you should know him.

Side: Good/Cleanse

Anything else (?): Even though he’s crazy, he gets the job done.
If you tell jokes even about him, he’ll laugh despite how bad they are.
Usually a random assistant or Azure has to translate for him.

Bio: (There is no need of one)

Pokémon starting Off: (None despite them always having them in the beginning of the main games.)

 Ok, I needed to get him out of way despite me being up REALLY early: Name: Rafa Alias (If need)
1年以上前 GMRSUnoted said…
Name: Garnet

Alias (If need): None

Type of Trainer (?): Dog Trainer (Specializes in Dog Pokémon)

Appearance: Pic

Personality: (I’m not finished, so I might wing it)

Side: Good/Cleanse

Anything else (?): He’s Amy’s younger brother yet he sometimes acts like the older one.
He’s likes Pokémon his sister hates.
He wants Amy to recognize him, and it isn’t working so far.
Garnet is dragged around by Amy.

Bio: As Amy’s younger brother, he wasn’t sure if Amy was a good role model, but once she left he felt lonely as he wondered what she would become. When he was old enough, he wanted to teach Amy what he felt all those years and quickly went off in search of her. They met later as Amy was with Azure and challenged her to a battle. She defeated him pretty quickly and Azure was still stunned from that fight. Getting called by their parents, Garnet was furious about having to stay by Amy, but Amy had him submit either way. Now he has to hang with his sister until his parents say otherwise.

Pokémon starting Off:

Lucas/Growlithe (M.) - Level 17
Odor Sleuth
Helping Hand
Flame Wheel

Riley/Snubbull (F.) - Level 13
Scary Face

last edited 1年以上前
 Name: Garnet Alias (If need): None Type of Trainer (?): Dog Trainer (Specializes in Dog Pokémo
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
Name: Jaden Thorn

Alias (If need): None

Type of Trainer (?): Snake Specialist (Snake shaped that is) and sides in Breeding

Appearance: Pic

Side: Protagonist

Anything else (?):

Bio: Jaden grew up in a rich family along with his Snivy he had since he was really young. He had practiced breeding back at home and that was where he got his Dratini. Though a few years later, Jaden ditched home and headed off on the journey. About a month back, Jaden battled off with Akine after a short of an arguement. The battle was heated and the two separated paths as frienemies.

Pokémon starting Off:

(Reva) Servine F LV 17
-Leaf Tornado
-Vine Whip
-Iron Tail

(Saine) Dratini F LV 15
-Dragon Rage
-Extreme Speed
-Iron Tail
 Name: Jaden Thorn Alias (If need): None Type of Trainer (?): Snake Specialist (Snake shaped th
1年以上前 wantadog said…
Name: Amber Drake

Alias (If need): N/A

Type of Trainer (?): Musician

Appearance: PIC

Personality: Cheerful

Side: Protagonists

Anything else (?): She aims to collect and build the best team of musical Pokemon.

Bio: From a very young age, Amber has always been interested in music and sounds. So much so that when her parents presented her with her very first Pokemon, a newly hatched Chatot, she immediately fell in love with it and knew exactly what she wanted to do. She wanted to travel the world and build the very best Pokemon musical team there was and together, she and her Pokemon would become the worlds greatest band.

Pokémon starting Off:

Chatat: (Male) (Lvl 13)

Jigglypuff: (Female) (Lvl 10)
-Defense Curl
-Play Nice
 Name: Amber ドレイク, ドレーク Alias (If need): N/A Type of Trainer (?): Musician Appearance: PIC Pers
1年以上前 GMRSUnoted said…
Before I decide to add more OC'S by me, though I think for me I got enough submitted by me, should I add returning characters? (This does not include Mirror B. He shall return no matter what.)
Riku114 commented…
Miror B, the age defying man 1年以上前
GMRSUnoted commented…
He shall return in full glory; I'm playing his theme song right now too. 1年以上前
1年以上前 GMRSUnoted said…
Well, I'll need to think who should return; any ideas?
1年以上前 GMRSUnoted said…
Now, let's start this shall we?
1年以上前 GMRSUnoted said…
Garnet: Why in the world are we in this town again Sister? It's too hot and it the desert with these groups around.
Amethyst: Relax Garnet, we're just in Calbon to visit Azure's Uncle about the E-Mail sent to him, so relax.
Garnet: But Sister- *gets hit by Amy* Ow!
Azure: Can we hurry up before my Uncle goes more crazy than he already is? I got more stories to write up!
Amethyst: Fine, Come on Garnet. *Grabs his wrist*
Garnet: Ah-! Sister~!
The three walk into the desert town as the sun shined down on the trio even more.
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
Akine was over on the balcony of the Poke Center of Calbon city, Alin was flying in circles in front of him. He had his coat folded over on the small side table next to the chair he was sitting on.

Alin: Its hot. Its hot. Its hot. Its hot. Its hot. *repeat*

Akine: *yawned* It wouldnt be that much of a bother if you would stop flying and whining so much. Its making your blood pump faster and making you feel more hot Alin. Plus, we have been here for a few days already. *takes a look at his PDA and sighs* How long does it take for those three people to come?

He was sent from a professor he was helping before hand to meet up with a trio of people to give aid to another professor whose name he wasnt even given. He didnt even get the trio's names either. Only a basic rundown of their appearance.

Down in the enterance of the Poke Center, Jaden walked in, he was letting his pokemon take a break and he had decided to stop by here to do so.

Jaden: Would you mind giving my pokemon a good check up?
Riku114 commented…
Ill be right back. Need to go though 1年以上前
GMRSUnoted commented…
Ok, send me a little note when あなた come back...even though it's been 25 minutes. 1年以上前
1年以上前 GMRSUnoted said…
Amethyst: Ok, this should be the Poke Center. *Amy looks up from her PDA as Garnet rubs his wrist* So what did the E-Mail say?
Azure: Somebody was suppose to meet us, but he didn't say who; I'm not sure if my Uncle met a partner or one of his assistants. *Looks at Garnet*
Garnet: *Still rubbing his wrist* Can't you learn to be like an actual sister?!
Amethyst: I'm going inside; my team needs to chill out in some AC.
Azure and Garnet: Wait up!
Amethyst moved out of the way as Azure and Garnet tripped inside the Center before she walked in after them and shook her head. Looking up, she saw the people staring at her as Midnight sighed on her shoulder.
Amethyst: Sorry people; they'll be fine.
Midnight: Even though this isn't the first time.
GMRSUnoted commented…
Little note: Amy has a habit of not reacting to awkward events and doesn't usually check up on others. 1年以上前
1年以上前 wantadog said…
Amber was in the Pokemon center too, enjoying a nice break. She had been travelling for just over two months now and she was still getting used to travelling alone. She had left Chatot and Jigglypuff to get a checkup but they were fixed up in no time and were both off somewhere playing with some of the other Pokemon.
1年以上前 GMRSUnoted said…
Amy sighed and looked around as the two boys getting up before seeing a Jigglypuff and a Chatot playing with other Pokemon. Garnet saw the two and smiled as Azure noticed Amy looking away from the Pokemon playing.
Azure: Hey, is something wrong Amy?
Amethyst: ...I'm no fan of Fairy types. If you could excuse me, I'll be sitting over there.
Azure: Fine, I'll babysit your brother.
Garnet: I'm not a child!
Azure: You sure act like one, even with you liking Fairy types.
Amy sighed as they continued to argue and sat on the bench, not noticing how close she was to where Amber was sitting as she had Iron Maiden come out and relax by the bench while Midnight went onto Amy's lap to rest and Iron Maiden jumped onto the bench and relaxed by Amy.
Amethyst: *To Amber* So, what brings a girl like you to Calbon?
last edited 1年以上前
1年以上前 wantadog said…
Amber looked over at the voice to look at Amy and smiled. "I'm just passing through here. I heard a rumor about Cubone living in the desert caves nearby so I decided to rest here before going to check it out."
1年以上前 GMRSUnoted said…
Amethyst: A Cubone in a desert cave? Well finding wild Pokemon is rare, so you're heading to find that. I wouldn't be surprise if Azure's Uncle didn't find that first. I got to say going alone must be hard for you. I'm stuck with my younger brother and a friend of mine. *Looks over to her partners* Seems like i got to keep them out of trouble a lot.
Midnight: No kidding.
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
Jaden sat down nearby the four after dropping his pokemon off with Nurse Joy. He smiled

Jaden: If Im not intruding do you mind if I join in this conversation?


Akine yawned and then stood up.

Akine: Okay Alin, how about we head back inside. Theres some Air Conditioning and I can finally get a break from your bickering.

Alin stopped flying and circles and perched on Akine's back after he put his coat back on. It was a bit of a habit. As a Starly he always perched on his shoulder though as a Staravia, he was a bit big now.

Akine: You know you wont be able to perch on me like that when you are a Staraptor right?

Alin: Now is now. Later is later.

Akine left the lodging area where passerby trainers were able to house themselves for a bit. Downstairs, where the main lobby is, was where he would prefer to groom his birds, cool down, and possibly give out a few snacks.
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
(Oi, Wanta, should we do the timeskip for Banished? AND ISNT IT GOD DAMN 7:13 FOR CYRUS?! WHERE IS HE?!

*pic is for Cyrus*)
 (Oi, Wanta, should we do the timeskip for Banished? AND ISNT IT GOD DAMN 7:13 FOR CYRUS?! WHERE IS HE
GMRSUnoted commented…
Lol! 1年以上前
1年以上前 GMRSUnoted said…
Amethyst: Well, i got no problem with this. *Sees Azure and Garnet going over to her and sits on the bench as Iron Maiden yawns a bit.* So, you two tired of playing with the Fairy? Well I'm getting some poffins out for Iron Maiden and Midnight. Are you going to give your Pokemon a break you two.
Garnet: They're fine still Sister.
Amethyst: Now back to that Cubone. If I recall correctly, isn't that a hotspot or something?
Azure: You mean where wild Pokemon come out?! Amy we need to go there and check it out! I can get data for my Uncle and a new story.
Amethyst: First your Uncle, then that hotspot ok? *Gives Amy and Iron Maiden a few poffins*
1年以上前 wantadog said…
Amber: "I don't know. That's just what I heard. Either way, if there is a Cubone in those caves, I'll definitely catch one."
1年以上前 GMRSUnoted said…
Amethyst: Well, I might just go there after we visit your Uncle Azure. It'll give up something to do in this heat. Say, how hot does it get here?
Azure: Trust me, this isn't the hottest I've been in.
Garnet: Go figure. Maybe we should go there after going to the Lab.
Midnight: Yeah after hearing what Mr. Crazy has to say I bet.
Amethyst: Midnight calm down; we're not staying there for a whole night... at least I hope.
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
Jaden: Theres a hotspot for Cubone? Do you know what other pokemon come out there? Its could be interesting if there were some new members for me too.

Akine walked down not to much later, he looked over first noticing Jaden of all people.

Akine: *anger mark* Jaden! Again! Are you stalking me or somethign?!

Jaden: *looks over* Why would I do that? You reek of a foul fowl *chuckles*

Alin: WHAT WAS THAT?! *launched of Akine's back and flew in place trying to look big and powerful*

Jaden: Anyways, is there anything wrong with me stopping by to let my pokemon rest?

Akine: Yes there is. If its in the same Poke Center I have been lodging in for the past few days!
GMRSUnoted commented…
Well then, if Amy got into the middle, it wouldn't be pretty. 1年以上前
1年以上前 wantadog said…
Amber decided to stay out of both of those conversations. Sometimes it was best to just walk away, though some company might not hurt. After all, the caves sounded scary. "Well here's and idea. How about we all head over to the caves together?"
1年以上前 wantadog said…
(I did the Banished timeskip....)
1年以上前 GMRSUnoted said…
Amethyst: Do we have time Azure?
Azure: Pretty much; He'll be fine with me since I told him we're in town.
Amethyst: Ok, we'll go check it out; Say, I never got your name.
The trio gets up and stretches a bit.
Garnet: Ready to go?
GMRSUnoted commented…
Ok, I need to go to my dance performance and i won't be back til tomorrow around 6:30 または something like that, so let's pretend that my trio already left the Center after Jaden and Akine yelled at each other leaving Amber alone with them. Though i feel sorry for Amber. 1年以上前
1年以上前 wantadog said…
(Amber can handle them XD)
1年以上前 GMRSUnoted said…
(Well poor Amber, it's a habit of Amy's which can leave others all alone, though if Amber goes after Amy, she might be able to escape the boys and Riku will be alone.)
GMRSUnoted commented…
As a side note, Amy can get anybody to queit down with just her stare... maybe she should have done that to those boys. 1年以上前
1年以上前 cyrus498 said…
(What in the world was that pic.)
Riku114 commented…
Noragami's most 最近 Chapter 1年以上前
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
Jaden: I dont see why you are so dramatic all the time Akine. I wouldnt mind challanging you again.

Akine: I would but Im too busy right now. My Proffesor sent me to track down a few people. *sighs*

Jaden: Anyways you shouldnt make such a scene in an indoor place. There are two fragile ladies in here.

Akine: Whatever. *mutters to himself for a bit before looking around* Gah! *opens up his PDA and looks at the three, Amy Garnet and Azure* You three! Are you three here to see the Professor?
1年以上前 GMRSUnoted said…
Amethyst: *Walks over to Akine, but keeps her distance* And who exactly are you suppose to be?!
Midnight: *growls*
Garnet: Sister, do you know this guy.
Amethyst: I don't and I think we should get going before we get into an unneeded fight.
Azure: You sure about this?
Amethyst: Unless he proves himself, we're going to the Caves.
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
Jaden: Hes an lonely errand boy for a proffersor down a bit. Hes just upset ov-

Alin looked over at Midnight growling and hissed (birds hiss as a threat)

Akine: Shut up Jaden. *looks over at Amy* Im Jaden and I train pokemon that can fly. And NO I am not a lonely errand boy. I just usually travel solo.

Jaden: *sings quietly* Lonelyyyyyy.

Akine: Shut up! Now back to what I was saying. My Professor sent me a PDA mail when I was on my journey to come to this town and hitch a ride with a trio that was heading to the Professor around these areas. Ive been here for a few days waiting for them. *turns his PDA over to show a picture of the three* Are these three you three?
1年以上前 wantadog said…
Amber winced at the viciousness of their conversation and slowly stood up and backed away. When she was a decent distance away from them, she turned around and heaved a quiet sigh. Those guys seemed nice, but it was obvious they all had problems with each other. Amber needed to go find Chatot and Jigglypuff before she got dragged into anything.
1年以上前 GMRSUnoted said…
Amethyst: *Looks at the photo* ...That's us.
Azure: Well, I never excepted to get a sane person.
Midnight: Sane? I'd say crazy with his friend over there.
Amethyst: Anyway, if you want to hitch a ride, you better be ready to travel with us to the Lab.
Azure: It's pretty far from the Calbon border.
Garnet: Yeah, though I think we should hang out here.
Amethyst: You want to be late again and get the "punishment?"
Garnet: ...Good point. Say, isn't the caves by the Lab? Can we visit there for a bit?
Midnight: That's a pretty good idea, though I bet the bird will get more lost than we would get.
Amethyst: Quiet Amy, so, you coming or not? If you want, bring your boyfriend along. *To Azure* You don't mind if we have three others right?
Azure: I don't mind; the more the merrier for my Uncle.
Amethyst: *turns to Jaden and Akine* So, you coming? Say, where's the girl that was here earlier?
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
Alin: I would not get lost!

Akine: I dont even know that Professor.

Jaden: Hes just being the pawn of his Professor.

Akine: *shook a bit and stomached it* Anyways, I am supposed to join you guys on the trip over from orders per my Professor.

Jaden: I guess Ill join. I came here to rest up my pokemon and see if there are any pokemon I might be able to find in this desert land.

Akine glared over before sighing.

Akine: Where is she?
1年以上前 GMRSUnoted said…
Azure: Who knows...
Amethyst shakes her head and Midnight still growls at Alin as Iron Maiden returns to her Pokeball. After that, she pulls out her PDA before checking something. sighing, she closes it.
Garnet: Something up Sister?
Amethyst: ....Nothing now let's get going.
The trio goes to the exit before Midnight turns back at Alin.
Midnight: Hope you get sand in your feathers~!
The trio walks outside the Center as azure gets out a bottle of water and drinks it.
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
Alin let out a hiss before perching on Akine's back. Jaden went over and picked up his pokemon.

Akine: So what is this Professor like anyways?
1年以上前 wantadog said…
Amber walked around until she found her Pokemon and after getting Chatot and Jigglypuff back into their balls, she started getting ready to leave. Nurse Joy had lent her a map and even pointed out a shortcut to get to the caves quicker so with any luck, Amber would have her Cubone before nightfall.
1年以上前 GMRSUnoted said…
Amethyst: Azure, how would you describe him again?
Azure: I think when you meet him it'll explain everything you need to know about him.
Garnet: You want to get going now? I think we've been here long enough.
Midnight: Just keep the bird away from me and I'll be fine.
Amethyst: Midnight, just relax.
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
Name: Kashina Rose

Alias (If need):

Type of Trainer (?): Pokemon Researcher

Appearance: PIC

Side: Well you wouldnt say she is purifying pokemon though she is having Akine help purify so Ill just say Good Guys

Anything else (?):

Bio: There isnt much of anything you need to know, but Kashina was an apprentice Pokemon Researcher for Rafa and branched off as an individual Professor of her own lab a few years back else where in the region. Working on her own, she ended up taking Akine as her star pupil meanwhile also rubbing off on him with the wearing a coat when walking out weather or not it is balzing heat or freezing cold.

Pokémon starting Off: Its not known though you see her with her Braviary quite often.
 Name: Kashina Rose Alias (If need): Type of Trainer (?): Pokemon Researcher Appearance: PIC
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
Jaden: Sounds like a good idea.

Akine: Hum. Thats interesting I bet...... Anyways, I agree. We should get going.

Alin: Not like I like foxes either. Brat.
1年以上前 wantadog said…
Amber finally managed to grab all of her supplies and hoisted the medium sized bag over her shoulders. Now it was just a matter of getting there. Amber decided to take the back entrance. The front entrance was better but she felt that she should try to avoid that other group of trainers so with that in mind, she set off, heading for the exit.