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Taika posted on Feb 04, 2014 at 05:02AM
The Kalos region,where dreams and adventures begin!


-No godmodding!

-No one line posts!

-Please,pretty please,try to properly spell!

-No Swearing/Profanity!

-No Sexual Themes!

-No,absolutely no,Outside Drama!

-I can't think of any more rules,but obey them,or you shall be destroyed!








Starting Poke'mon:

Poke'mon Team:

You Gotta Catch'em All!

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1年以上前 Taika said…



Appearance:Blonde messy hair and cerulean blue eyes.He has a black shirt,with a yellow short sleeved jacket over it,and blue heans.Also has black,yellow,and white gym shoes,black sunglasses he wears on his forehead,and black fingerless cloves with yellow around the wrist area.

Personality:energetic,and fun-loving.He's a bit childish,but can act his age when absolutely needed.He brightens up the room whereever he is,and even during serious times,will make a joke or play around,to lighten the mood.He is also the only known person outside of Alexa's(Not his mother) family,who can tell when she's lying.

Backstory:Leon lives in Vanville town with his Grandmother.His mother,a journalist from Kalos named Alexa,lives in Lumiose City.He chose to live in Vanville because it's more peaceful and quiet,plus,most of his friends live in Vanville.Two of his c losest friends,Finch and Alexa(Not his mother)Live right across the street from him.

Starter Poke'mon:Elekid

Poke'mon Team:Elekid(Currently,he hasn't even started his journey.)
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1年以上前 Nojida said…
(Kalos! This I have to join!)

Name: Alexa (Yes, that is her name! XP)

Age: 10

Gender: Female

Appearance: Bruenette hair that reach her shoulders and green eyes. She's wearing short skinny jeans, a black T-shirt under a short red-and-black jacket, black tights and red-and-black sneakers.

Personality: She can be a tricky, sneaky and teasing character, but most people like her, as she's also a nice friend. She loves popping out of nowhere with her own, sneaky, magic way, and giving people frights. If it's important, she tries not to show that she's surprised, or that has understood, just because she loves playing the rookie in some situations. She's also a pretty nice liar, but doesn't use that skill often.

Backstory: She lives in Vanville town. Her father is an increadible cooker, and has his own bakery in Lumiose City. Because of him, Alexa really loves cupcakes, but her mother, who's a Pokemon breeder, disagrees with both her daughter and her husband, but she still loves them. The only family member Alexa has a problem with is her older brother, who was the champion of Kalos a few years ago. No one knows what happened between them, and none of them wants to say. I guess that's all the basic. It would be a headache if I wrote her intire backstory, so yeah.

Starting Poke'mon: Froakie

Poke'mon Team: Froakie, Purrloin (The Purrloin was hers from a very long time ago, her journey hasn't even started)
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1年以上前 DragonAura15 said…
(Why did no one tell me this existed?)

Name: Finch

Age: 11

Gender: Female

Appearance: (Pic)

Personality: Cheerful, friendly and optimistic, very energetic and eager. Sometimes, can be sneaky.

Backstory: Originally she came from another region, but she has never gone on a journey of her own before. Her older brother taught her everything he knew about Pokemon battling, and she has practiced with one of his Pokemon in secret. Eventually, when she left for Kalos, that Pokemon decided to come with her, and soon, she received a starter as well.

Starting Pokemon: Fennekin

Pokemon Team: Fennekin, Starly
 (Why did no one tell me this existed?) Name: フィンチ Age: 11 Gender: Female Appearance: (Pi
1年以上前 Taika said…
(Just got a new computer!I kinda spilled orange juice on my old one......heheheheh.....)

(Anyway,my minimum,which is three people,has been reached.So,RP on!)

"Yeah Yeah Mom,i know already!"Leon said to his mother,who was visiting from Lumiose."Meet up with Finch and Alexa in Aquacorde so i can choose my poke'mon,then come back to get my stuff before i leave."Alexa,his mother,smiled and nodded."Right!"Leon then walked to his grandmother's room,where she was in bed watching television."See'ya Grandma!"He said,then shot off again,out the door of the house.
1年以上前 Nojida said…
(Smooth XP)
(My, I just remembered my character's name is the same as the journalist's! XP But I'm still using her, just cause! >XP)

"Alexa, give back my wallet or else!" Erik, Alexa's older brother, shouted from downstairs. "Come take it yourself, you big fat coward!" Alexa shouted back, Liepre, her Purrloin, doing the same. "You two!" the kids' mother shouted annoyed "It's still morning, don't start the same again!". Alexa angrily picked up her backpack and walked to the kitchen, in which her mother was making breakfast, looking seriously annoyed. She had her pitch black hair tied in a low ponytail. She had dark blue eyes, just like her son. She was wearing breeder's clothes, as she was going to go to work in a few hours. She looks at Alexa and sighs "Why don't you just let it go?". "Well it's not that easy" Erik said, walking into the kitchen as well. He looks at Alexa with a glare and opens his hand "Give it" he commands. Alexa glares back for a moment, then takes out a brown wallet and hands it to her brother. Erik walks to the table, takes a slice of bread with honey and walks out. "I have to go" Alexa says, taking a sandwich with bacon "I have to meet up with everyone in Aquacorde, see ya!" she says, and runs out of the room. Liepre happily follows, and they together exit the house.
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1年以上前 DragonAura15 said…
(Finch steps outside)
Finch: Today's finally the day! I've been waiting forever to get my starter Pokemon so I can start my journey!
(Starly flutters out the window and perches on Finch's shoulder)
Finch: Ready, Starly?
Starly: Star!
Finch: I'll take that as a yes. Come on, Aquacorde Town is right up ahead!
(Finch runs off, Starly flying behind her happily)
1年以上前 Taika said…
"Hey!Finch!Alexa!"Leon said,looking toward them.They all lived near each other,so he saw everyone come out."Come on!Let's get to Aquacorde already!"He said running to the gate that seperated Vaniville town from the road that lead to Aquacorde Town.
1年以上前 Nojida said…
"Comin'!" Alexa says, running after Leon, with the sandwhich, which was her breakfast, in her mouth. Liepre happily follows, after looking back at their home, which they weren't going to visit again in a long time..
1年以上前 vegeta007 said…

Age: 10


Appearance:Brown hair, Pink eyes, Light brownish skin colour and wears a Pink shirt, Light Blue jeans, white shoes and pink wrist band

Personality: Adventurous and daring. He's also fearless except when it comes to bug types, he never wants to mix up with them again. He's also got this weird pink thing, he loves anything that has to do with pink, shirts, pants, pink drinks, rooms and even pokemon. He's also considered weird because he loves to smell girls socks for no apparent reason.

Backstory: He lived in West Goldenrod for the first few years of life and that's where he met his Eevee which he called Pinky (Raise your hand if you saw that coming XP). His parents were always concerned about the things he used to do, like how he used to try to take on the gym trainers and if they refused he'd sneak into their houses at times, smell their socks and leave without doing anything else. They decided to move him to with his aunt and annoying little cousin in Vanville town with Pinky.

Starting Poke'mon:Chespin

Poke'mon Team: Chespin and Eevee (Pinky)
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1年以上前 vegeta007 said…
"Come on let me keep her!"A seven year old girl whined following Quincy outside
"No!"Quincy replied with Pinky walking by his side
"Please!"She whined again
"No!"he replied sternly
"Pleeeeease!"she whined again
"I said no!"
"Pretty pleeeeeeeease!"she whined again
"What part of no do you not get ?"Quincy asked seriously annoyed "Now go back, you're annoying me"
"I'm telling my mommy you're mean!"she said and ran back home
"Well what else is new ?"he asked and turned to the exit of Vanville town, "Well today's the day, so many socks just waiting to be smelled"
1年以上前 Nojida said…
(He's so weird XP)
1年以上前 vegeta007 said…
(Yeah I have no clue where the socks came from but he just fits them XP)
1年以上前 Taika said…
(Finally!Another Male joins the RP!Thank the heavens!except,oh wait,he's weird!XD)

"Hey,Quincy!You're going today too?"He asked,as he,followed by Alexa and Finch(She's gotta do somethingXP) ran over to Him.He noticed that he was still obsessed with pink,and by that look on hs face,was thinking about Socks.
1年以上前 vegeta007 said…
(He can't help it XP Okay maybe he can but it's fun for him XP)
Quincy turned to see Leon, Alexa and Finch "Oh hey guys!"he said and Pinky wagged her tail "Yeah I'm starting today. I'm all geared up and ready to go!"he exclaimed showing them his pink bag
1年以上前 Nojida said…
(What's so awesome in smelling shocks? XD)

"Nice purse, Quincy" Alexa says in a teasing tone, trying hard to not snicker. It was really funny, seeing Quincy in pink everyday.
1年以上前 vegeta007 said…
(Look I don't know, it's fun for him not for me XP)

"Yes I know, it's lovely"Quincy said admiring his bag "So I take it you guys are off Aquacorde as well ?" he asked
1年以上前 Nojida said…
(Yeah but he's your character! XP)

"Yep" Alexa replies "That's where we get our first Pokemon, after all"
"Puuuurrr" Liepre, who was standing next to Alexa, purrs nodding
1年以上前 vegeta007 said…
(Yeah whatevs XP)

"Our your second pokemon rather"Quincy said "I mean since you already have your Purrloin"
(Do they have to do the, Purr, Vee, Star etc. sounds ? I really don't like doing that XP)
1年以上前 Nojida said…
"Hm, yeah you're right" Alexa says, placing her hands in her pockets. She sometimes forgets that Liepre was the first Pokemon she had caught.
(I'm honestly not sure XP We could to the usual, type what they say and pretend it's Pokemon languege XP)
1年以上前 vegeta007 said…
"Oh yeah, before I forget here"Quincy said tossing her a pair of her socks
(I would prefer that XP)
1年以上前 Nojida said…
Alexa's eyes widen as she catches her shocks "You sneaked into my room again? Geez, Quincy!" she says, putting her hands on her hips.
(Alright XP)
1年以上前 vegeta007 said…
"No, Erik let me in"Quincy said, "He said you wouldn't mind"
"Oh man this guy"Pinky said shaking her head
1年以上前 Nojida said…
"Erik!" Alexa growls "What's his deal now, letting people smell my shocks?!" she says, mostly to herself.
"Hilarious" Liepre laughs
1年以上前 vegeta007 said…
"I have no clue"Quincy said "They're much better than those gym girl socks, although not as sweaty"he said "I like them when they're sweaty"
1年以上前 Nojida said…
Alexa looks at Quincy oddly "Huh?" she asks "Why..?" she wasn't quite sure if she really wanted to know why, though
1年以上前 vegeta007 said…
"Well when they're sweaty the get that extra smell"Quincy said looking lost in his thoughts "I really like that~"
1年以上前 Nojida said…
"Oh my gosh!" Alexa exclaims covering her mouth with her hands, as if she wanted to throw up.
1年以上前 vegeta007 said…
"Yes it's really that good"Quincy said
"My word Quincy, be a tiny bit normal"Pinky said shaking her head in shame
1年以上前 Nojida said…
"No it's fine, it's more hilarious this way" Liepre laughs.
"Geez, Quincy" Alexa says, trying to hide her disgusted expresion.
1年以上前 vegeta007 said…
"Yeah just wait until he gets the urge to smell your fur"Pinky said
"What ?"Quincy asked
1年以上前 Nojida said…
"The urge to what?" Liepre asks frowning.
"What's your deal with shocks anyway?" Alexa asks.
1年以上前 vegeta007 said…
"Smell your fur,it's gonna come sooner or later"Pinky replied
"I don't know"Quincy replied "I just really like them
1年以上前 Nojida said…
"I'll make to be in my Pokeball then" Liepre says with a sweatdrop.
"Hmmm.." Alexa says "I guess everyone has their weird habits"
1年以上前 vegeta007 said…
"Good choice"Pinky said
"Yeah we all do"Quincy said "So shall we head out then ?"
1年以上前 Nojida said…
"Sounds good to me!" Alexa says and starts running, at her own full speed.
"Gah, wait up!" Liepre exclaims running after her
1年以上前 vegeta007 said…
"Alright then"Quincy said and started walking at his own pace
(Sorry for the oneliner, nothing else came to mind)
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1年以上前 Nojida said…
Leon and Flich also follow.


(Here's how to avoid one-liners! XP)
1年以上前 vegeta007 said…
(What's that ?XP)
1年以上前 Nojida said…
(Random letters! XP It's technically part of the post, so that was no one-liner! XP)
1年以上前 vegeta007 said…
(Alright then XP Never tried that before XP)
1年以上前 Nojida said…
(Taika was the one to use it first, I'm just copying him X3)
1年以上前 vegeta007 said…
(Ah I see XP Speaking of which, should we wait for him and Dragon before continuing ?)
1年以上前 Nojida said…
(Yeah. I really can't think of anything else, so I guess we can do that)
1年以上前 Taika said…
Leon sweat dropped,then ran as fast as Alexa did."Don't forget about me,Alexa!"He shouted as he raced to catch up.
1年以上前 vegeta007 said…
"You all just wanna get away from don't you ?"Quincy asked and ran at an average pace after them
1年以上前 Nojida said…
"Oho, a race?" Alexa asks smirking, looking back at everyone as they were catching up
"I honestly don't think they want to race" Liepre says, running next to her.
"Alright since you agree!" Alexa says, now running faster.
1年以上前 Taika said…
"A race?Oh,you're on!"Leon said,dashing even faster than before,than caught up to her.Now he was running next to Alexa,and he still had more speed.He was previously on the youth's track team last year,along with quincy,so he had grown way faster than alexa knew he had.
1年以上前 Nojida said…
"I see you have gotten faster" Alexa says, smirking. She knew Leon was quite fast, but hadn't really raced with him to see his limits. Neither had he, though. Alexa could go faster, but she hadn't fully finished her breakfast yet. Finally, they reach the gate that leads to Route 1, and Alexa stops "Here we are!"
"Finally!" Liepre says, stopping next to her.
1年以上前 Taika said…
"Finally!We're gonna get our poke'mon!I've been waiting ffor this day since forever!"Leon cheered."Kalos Region,prepare for Leon,your future champion!"He shouted very loudly,making almost every poke'mon and person look at him oddly.
1年以上前 vegeta007 said…
Quincy made it up to Leon and looked at him like he was about to laugh, "Try a little louder, I don't think they really heard you"
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