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lunarwolf123 posted on Jul 12, 2013 at 07:31PM
hair colour
eye colour
coordinater or pokemon battler or whatever
6 pokemon
companions (optional)

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1年以上前 pipiqueen said…



luminion town (made up ) in kalos region

optimistic and caring, gets a bit angry at times but can be a great companion


pokemon battler

gardevoir(starter), fetchling,gogoat,(idk anymore pokemon from kalos so)buneary, ursaring, misdreavus

ash,(and another supporting character ie , cilan,brock)
1年以上前 Nojida said…

Dark brown

Light blue

Virbank City, then moved to Aspertia in Unova ^^

Funny and relaxed. Likes traveling alone with her Pokemon but enjoys company when in good mode.


Actress at Pokestar studios XPP
Pokemon Trainer

Superior (Serperior), Rio (Lucario), Zuzu (Azumarill), Hydragon, Ho-oh, Kyury (Black Kyurem o.o)

Ash, Iris and Cilan (sometimes, when they cross paths XP)

Sooo, yeah :D
1年以上前 fansommer said…

Brunette (aqua highlights)

Cyan (blue)

Nimbasa city (got kidnapped and sent to Pallet town)

Naive, Optimistic, Cheerful, Hyper, loves Candy or things with Suger in them, Likes Water and trees, hates Ghost pokemon.


Pokemon Trainer (also does Contests for fun)

Eevee (starter), Chespin (Egg), Mew, Ampharos, Manaphy, Pidgeotto.



Viridian (dark green)

Viridian City

Calm, Laid back, Cunning (at times), interest in shiny things, loves Steel type pokemon, Likes Surfing and fixing things, hates fire pokemon.


Pokemon Trainer (also does Contests for fun)

Empoleon (starter), Metagross, Aggron (egg), Magnezone, Lucario (partner)
1年以上前 DragonAura15 said…
Is it ok to add a pic?
lunarwolf123 commented…
yep 1年以上前
1年以上前 Tygers_Eye said…
Just to get this childhood character out of my system...

Name - Katia

Hair colour - dark brown, almost black

Eye colour - dark brown, almost black

Hometown - Viridian City. Like many fictional characters, grew up in an orphanage, though not because she was an orphan. Her mom died when she was young, but her dad was too busy traveling the world Pokémon training to even check in years after his wife died. It's doubtful he even knows she's gone and no one has seen or heard from him in years.

Personality - Impulsive, competitive, hot-blooded, etc. Loves Pokémon and won't let anyone forget it. Talked about Pokémon constantly as a kid, left bright and early to get to Professor Oak's lab so she could pick Charmander (which she regarded as "the best of all") and then glomped, cuddle-hugged, and practically screamed its praises as soon as she let it out of its Pokeball. In fact, Katia does that with most of her Pokémon. She loves them so much she gets excided whenever she gets a new Pokémon, said Pokémon evolves, they do well in battle, etc. She'll praise and brag about them at the drop of a hat.

She can also be stubborn, pig-headed, and closed-minded. She's convinced everything she loves is automatically the best, and if anyone thinks differently, they must just be jealous. To that end, she's convinced all her Pokémon are the best, and anyone that says differently is just WISH they had one like hers. Even when Gary picked Squirtle, type-advantaged against Charmander (yes, I imagine she was there the morning Ash picked Pickachu) she still insisted that HERS was the best and he just WISHED he got the best one like her. She kind of has that attitude toward even people who are legitimately afraid of Pokémon, like how Misty starts off terrified of Gyarados or May is afraid of Pokémon starting her journey.

Gender - Female

Coordinater or pokemon battler or whatever - POKEMON TRAINER! In fact, she's pretty closed-minded about it. She LOVES Pokémon training so much she's pretty convinced there's two--actually, three types of people in the world: Pokémon trainers, people who WISH they were Pokémon trainers, and Gym Leaders.

6 Pokemon - Very hard. Depends on the region. She tends to believe in only region specific Pokémon when in that region. First 150 for Kanto, then just 150-250 for Johto, then 250-385 for Hoenn, etc. Kind of like how Ash decided to leave all but one of his Pokémon behind when he went to Hoenn to catch all new Hoenn-specific Pokémon when he got there. Katia decided to do that when she first traveled to Johto though, and did it every time she traveled to a new region.

Unlike Ash, she doesn't openly favor one Pokémon or only use the same six over and over. There are some she's more fond or nostalgic of than others, and even some that she keeps in her party more often than others (like whatever cute, cuddly baby she can carry around at the time, Charizard, Pidgeot, Sandslash, Marrowack, Gyardose, the Eeveelutions, etc) but she tries to rotate them around, treat them fairly, give them all roughly equal training time, etc.

Companions (optional) - James "Jim" Hawking. (Based on the character from Outlaw Star: link) The son of one of the top scientists at Silph Co. He's a computer expert, a techno wiz, deeply interested in Pokémon technology (such as various Pokeballs, TMs, HMs, etc) and fascinated with "man-made" Pokémon. (Like Voltorb/Electrode, the Magnemite line, the Porygon line, etc.) He used to spend all his time hulled up in his room or his dad's lab, but eventually decided to see the world and test Pokémon technology applicability on real Pokémon and people. That's how he met and started traveling with my spitfire.

He's very calm, mature, responsible, a year older than Katia and was out on the field as long. He's kind of the mentor Brock was to Ash during the first season. He tends to come up with the boring plans whenever they travel places, while Katia decides which Gym and tournament they'll travel to next. She decides which exciting place they'll go, he makes all the boring arrangements. The two are exact opposites, but they help and rely on each other. I imagine over time they grew to trust and learn from each other.
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1年以上前 DragonAura15 said…
Name: Saige
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Hazel (In the pic, they're green, though XP)
Hometown: Unknown(Haven't decided)
Personality: Fun to be around, spunky, somewhat tomboyish, but protective of her friends and family
Gender: Female
Coordinater or pokemon battler or whatever: Pokemon Trainer, but hopes to become a Gym Leader
6 pokemon: Varies
Companions (optional): Her friends Zeke and Fletcher, and her younger sister Luna
 Name: Saige Hair colour: Black Eye colour: Hazel (In the pic, they're green, though XP) Hometown
1年以上前 Tygers_Eye said…
Revising my character from above, and with far less detail.

Name - Jacqueline; "Jack" or "Jacky" for short.

Hair colour - Dark brown and long.

Eye colour - Dark brown

Hometown - Pallet Town. I imagine her mom passed away when she was little and her dad was so engrossed in his own Pokemon journey that no one knows how to contact him, even now. So, she was raised by her aunt, uncle, and many cousins till her Pokemon journey.

Personality - Spirited, vivacious, outgoing, energetic, adventurous, impulsive, competitive, and hot-blooded. Can also be stubborn, impatient, temperamental, and closed-minded. Loves Pokemon so much she can't help but glomp and loudly sing their praises whenever she sees, catches, evolves, or wins battles with them. She's also extremely rude to other trainers (due to her competitive nature) and people that don't like Pokemon (due to her closed-minded nature).

Gender - Female

Coordinater or Pokemon battler or whatever - POKEMON TRAINER!

In fact, in my personal headcanon, she was the first to arrive at Professor Oak's lab on the same morning as Ash. She showed before dawn to make sure she got a Charmander. (Professor Oak does say "The early bird gets the worm" in regards to Charmander, and when the "Samurai" kid in Viridian Forest mentions all the Pallet trainers that defeated him, Charmander is the first one shown.)

6 Pokemon - Depends on the region. She catches many Pokemon and tries to rotate them regularly, but the ones with her most often in Kanto are Charmander, Pidgeotto, Victreebell, Sandshrew, Vulpix, Cubone, Haunter, Gyarados, Vaporeon and Jolteon.

Companions (optional) Again, an expy of Outlaw Star's James "Jim" Hawking. (link) A computer expert and techno wiz, I imagine he's the son of a top scientist of Silph Co. (Which designs most Pokemon technology like Pokeballs, TMs, HMs, etc.) Jim's fascinated by technology for and "man-made" Pokemon like Magnemite, Voltorb, Porygon, etc. Eventually he decided to see Pokemon technology out on the field, which is how they met and started traveling. He is calm, intelligent, responsible, and always concerned with managing their plans and finances. He's the yin to her yang, the blue oni to her red oni, the cool-tempered to her hot-tempered nature.
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1年以上前 shadow-master_2 said…
Name: Shizuka.
Hair colour: White.
Eye colour: Icy blue.
Hometown: Pallet Town.

Personality: She is kind, warm and caring. She usually has a smile on her face an only doesn't when battling. She is Ash's older sister figure. She is willing to help other people and injured pokemon. In battle she is perceptive and focused.
Gender: Female.
Type: Pokemon Trainer.

6 Pokemon: Glaceon, Riolu, Alakazam, Electabuzz, Hitmonlee, Charizard.
Companion's: Ash. Anybody who joins them, (May, Brock etc).
1年以上前 starburst13 said…
Name: Molly
Hair color: dark brown
Eye color: blue
Hometown: kalos region
Personality: sweet, clever, curious, creative. Professor sikamore's is her dad and she has a mega stone. Riolu is her partner since she has been traveling, she traveled all over the regions.
Type: breeder/ Pokemon trainer
Pokemon: riolu, chairizard, latias, ditto, espeon, gerboader.