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posted by gublerlover1
life lights up
your luscious eyes
lips that seem as soft
as a rose petal
yet they have
never graced mine

a ハート, 心 this filled
with care and love
and a mind that is
filled with wonder
things i can not
figure out
but draw me in
just the same

only time can tell
how long of it
we can spend together
so every 秒 is dear
i am happy
with あなた near

with あなた
everything is bright
and not even the
darkest abyss
could ever rip
away the light
in your
luscious eyes

コメント please...:)and i wrote this just in general so if want tell me who it reminds あなた of. maybe a 愛 または a crush who ever they are boy and girl alike tell me if あなた like
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posted by saracomet
My nostril smells awesome inside of my nose,
a bit like the bloom of a newly-picked rose.
It started this morning--I couldn't say why--
and all 日 it's smelled like バナナ cream pie.

It has the aroma of freshly-baked bread
with hot melted バター and ブラックベリー spread,
and maybe the breeze of a warm afternoon,
that follows a thunderstorm early in June.

It smells like a pine forest, right によって a lake,
and チョコレート chip クッキー my mom likes to bake,
like kettle コーン, トウモロコシ pop-popping over a fire,
and laundry, the moment it's out of the dryer.

My nostril smells awesome, so I have a plan
to sit and enjoy it as long as I can.
Don't ask how it happened; I really can't say.
Perhaps it's my finger that's smelling this way.
posted by WolfHeart23
I live in a world
So far from home
Forever silenced
And sentenced to roam
The shackles are locked
And the 襟, 首輪 is tight
But nobody hears me
I'm too weak to fight
The stars that once twinkled
Are now dark in the night
And the moon that once shone
No longer gives light
On each sparse tree
No leaf is stirred
And the owls that once played
Can no longer be heard
Far in the distance I can see
A glimpse of weak light
That teases me
I watch it grow then fade away
Like a slippery fish
That just can't stay
And as I try to struggle free
The chains resist
And strangle me
As I fall back I clearly see
That a single bird
Flies over me
It stops to perch
Upon a stone
And opens its beak
In a sorrowful moan
A sweet sparrow
With no where to go
It ロスト its path
And became a crow.
posted by kyo-69
 keep it up
keep it up
Keep your head up the lord
will bring u back up. The stars
and the heavens of earth will
put u in the right place at all times.

Keep your head up an evil friendship,a foney
smile will try to bring u down
but as long as u keep your head up, u will
be happy for miles around.

Life is strong,life is good, the most power will
will bring u upon the sky that will reach the heavens on earth.

Catch your dreams high in the sky, fight back and express your love, don let nobody tell u wrong. U have to keep your head up at all times. U are the 次 greatest leaders. Fight for education and keep your head up.
Be quiet and もっと見る discreet, O my Grief.
You cried out for the Evening; even now it falls:
A gloomy atmosphere envelops the city,
Bringing peace to some, anxiety to others.

While the vulgar herd of mortals, under the scourge
Of Pleasure, that merciless torturer,
Goes to gather remorse in the servile festival,
My Grief, give me your hand; come this way

Far from them. See the dead years in 昔ながら, 昔ながらの gowns
Lean over the balconies of heaven;
Smiling Regret rise from the depths of the waters;

The dying Sun fall asleep beneath an arch, and
Listen, darling, to the soft footfalls of the Night
That traits off...
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posted by juicyjossy9
Many people think they know me
But they only see the outside of me, the surface
But inside this shell another me exists
The one nobody never sees

It's a me full of thousands of desires
A me that loves 愛 and venerates friendship
A me that understands your glances and your anguish
A me filled up with needs, passions and hopes

This me owns so many facets that the outside loses itself
Still, for once in my life
I finally found the human being who I can trust, entirely
To this person who is essential to my survival
And that I can let him into my universe my arms open wide
To appear to him with my naked soul...
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posted by irena83
but still
so many people
around you.

あなた hide,
あなた run,
あなた don't want
them to see you.

Wrapped によって fear
あなた can not escape.

あなた hide,
あなた run,
あなた don't want them
to see you.

Your thoughts
are the only thing
あなた can hear
質問 everywhere,
あなた don't want
to be there.

あなた hide,
あなた run,
あなた don't want them
to see you.

still holds you,
but あなた feel dead.
Is it all
that is left?
It soothes you,
that moment
of silence.

あなた hide,
あなた run,
あなた don't want them
to see you.

アナと雪の女王 tears,
soul filled of toss,
darkness stains
your mind,
makes あなた go insane.

あなた hide,
あなた run,
あなた don't want them
to see you.
posted by Vixie79
In my core my blood runs slowly and quietly.
Like water, gently gliding down a stream.
In the center of Summer.

All it takes is a look.
Not a look of gentleness, sweetness, または pride.
It's a look of disappointment.
They make my veins stop solid.
Like Winter among the earth.

I am never seen radiant, fiery, blessed.
Just a feeling of emptiness.
I need to die away and fall to the ground.
Like the leaves of Fall.

Never ever wanting to be reborn
In Springs bliss.
Like the birds flying free above me.
Just to start the lonely agony once again.
posted by littlebirdy05
I was never really one for poetry, but I have gained a little interest in it, so... My first try at a poem that doesn't sound like a five 年 old wrote it. X] Criticism, comments, what ever I guess. :]

My Golden Mask

Emotions bottled behind the mask
of which no thoughts show
Beautifully carved, a blank expression
Bittersweet as no sadness can surface
yet no happiness is revealed either

This golden mask,
with blank silver eyes
becomes my burden
and my salvation

Smoothed each day
by the ignorance of others
but under the sparkling surface
are the scars of past memories
gouged into the rotting wood beneath
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