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added by peacefulhippy28
posted by Kitannaheart12
With the thorns breaking through my skin i fall

just to hear あなた scream i hate you

and i cry and crawl through the wire and i get away from your voice its screaming in my ear!!! everwhere Im escaping!!!

and i wont see あなた and i fall again but when i get far i wont hear あなた screaming nomore for me!.

this dark whole the one that he made...I wont be in it nomore i will escape i cant stay in this underground with あなた ,you made this deep enough and now your stuck in it

But whos the one alone now?Is it me? cause what i see...

is people hate あなた not me..how could i let あなた be alone?

how could あなた make me...
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posted by vampirefreak_26
I see あなた everyday,but yet there is a ウォール between us
How did it happen,what let it happen?
My feelings for あなた are pure,but I don't know if あなた feel the same way
I'm ready for it,us,I think
A part of me is scared of getting my ハート, 心 broken again によって a person I trust
The other part wants あなた もっと見る than ever
But there is a problem,there ia also a nother
Who should I choose and who must I let go?
The 質問 I have to ask myself now is "Who di I need to life and who can I life without?"
I'm unsure right-now,just tell me how あなた feel,cause あなた are driving me crazy
posted by ashesandwine
Another one to あなた guys:D

A sky without stars,
A house without people,
A night never forgotten,
A peace, a light...

A stolen life,
An unmasked lie,
A 愛 uncovered,
Two people never,
Again, separeted...

A moon without
Her brightness,
Without life,
Empty of all feelings...

愛 to all:D
added by SaraFenix
" This poem is opposite to my mood as I am very happy in my life but I write this poem for the one who are not happy"

This world doesn't seem of mine
and I don't belong to this
I feel the darkness in the place
the place which seems bright to them
These people are not mine
but other recognized me with their names
I am feeling miserable,horrible,terrible here
But they are feeling magical,beautiful,peaceful here
I don't resemble to them in any way
I don't belong to them in any way
Here I am living the life that I never wanted to live
here they are living a life , filling their desires things.
This world doesn't seem of mine
and I don't belong to this
added by Geoo
I never asked あなた to be my Dad,
To slap me around and treat me bad.
I never asked あなた to drink alcohol,
I never asked for anything at all.

I never asked for the hurt and pain,
Or for the nights that were half insane.
I never asked for fights that were wild,
Or to grow up a bewildered child.

I never asked あなた to beat up my Mom,
Or for a blanket to help keep me warm.
I never asked あなた to leave me alone,
Or to grow up in a broken down home.

I never asked for this horrible life,
Or for the conflicts, the quarrels and strife.
I never once asked that I be defiled,
Or to grow up a bewildered child....
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posted by Geoo
My love, I have tried with all my being
to grasp a form comparable to thine own,
but nothing seems worthy;

I know now why Shakespeare could not
compare his 愛 to a summer’s day.
It would be a crime to denounce the beauty
of such a creature as thee,
to simply cast away the precision
God had placed in forging you.

Each facet of your being
whether it physical または spiritual
is an ensnarement
from which there is no release.
But I do not wish release.
I wish to stay entrapped forever.
With あなた for all eternity.
Our hearts, always as one.

If I could have just one wish,
I would wish to wake up everyday
to the...
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added by SaraFenix
posted by Akiko_the_Cagon
Life can be miserable, cruel and worthless,
It can be the thing あなた dread the most,
Life can be happy,
It can be what あなた look フォワード, 前進, 楽しみにして to,
Life can be carefree,

Life is what あなた make it.
Life is a portrait not done yet,
Life gives あなた the paint, your emotions, sanity
The portrait may have it's bad spots,
It may be blurry, and not understandable,
But in the end,
Life will make sense.
And the ones あなた left behind will see your work of Art,
And not judge who あなた are.


This is what I think, its not valid fact I believe. But the mind is the center of both your pains and joys, right? Well, this is supposto help.
posted by SueLuvsVJ101
あなた hear a normal name...
And the 蝶 start.

That feeling in your soul,
That あなた just can't outsmart.

The one あなた think about every minute,
every single day.

あなた feel like picking flowers....
Your ハート, 心 skips a beat.....

And when they look at you,
あなた get covered in a lovely heat.

That great feeling, あなた always get...
Cupid just got himself a clean hit!

あなた feel yourself blush,
あなた know this isn't just a crush.

あなた smile, and just think
of what is to come

When あなた hear that voice, あなた now the truth,
Your the one for him, and he's the one for you!

によって Susie Reeves Copyright 2011
posted by GothicGirl0525
によって Alyssa Rivers

Every morning I look in a mirror
I don’t see anyone I know
I just see
Coldness beginning to take over that person body

Their scared
They can’t found themselves anymore
I can feel the person slipping away
One によって one
Then all of sudden
Their gone forever and never coming back

All I can hear is the thoughts of that person
I cried every night with my eyeliner running down my face
From the tears of sadness.
And I kept on saying ‘I wish this would end ‘
Over and over again
But no one answered my call または pled
Until now

She starts to sit there
And says “I’m alone”
No cares about me at all
Because if they did they wouldn’t
Walk out on me
And leave me here alone
To die

Every morning I look in the mirror
I don’t see anyone I know
Until now
That girl
Was me.
posted by OfmiceandDes
I still cry.
Why did あなた leave me like this?
Why did あなた have to die?
Now my life is a crisis

あなた knew あなた would rot
There was no god to you.
I would have fought
To keep あなた from being blue

But あなた resorted to a gun
Which left me in hell
Now I run
Trapped inside my shell

I make myself bleed, like あなた did
I starve myself, like あなた did
I hid my feelings like あなた did
Now, Will I die like あなた did?

Maybe if あなた would have stayed
I wouldn't wish for death
I could've been saved
But now, I let out my last breath

So I know this is depressing but it means a lot to me, no rude コメント please...
Poem Children によって Henry Longfellow

Come to me, O ye children!
For I hear あなた at your play,
And the 質問 that perplexed me
Have vanished quite away.

Ye open the eastern windows,
That look towards the sun,
Where thoughts are 歌う swallows
And the brooks of morning run.

In your hearts are the birds and the sunshine,
In your thoughts the brooklet's flow,
But in mine is the wind of Autumn
And the first fall of the snow.

Ah! what would the world be to us
If the children were no more?
We should dread the desert behind us
Worse than the dark before.

What the leaves are to the forest,
With light and air for food,...
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added by edward-lover456