Poddo How meny Sonic Games I have, Saw, Heard of and Played! [Will be upteted when I buy, Play または see a new 1]

poddo posted on Feb 17, 2009 at 02:18AM
So hows about a lil more about me?
Here I go!, Get ready to read a whole lotta stuff!!!!

How meny Sonic Games I have:
Sonic Heoroes Delux[Install from CD]
Sonic Adventure DX: Directors Cut[Install from CD]
Sonic R[Install from CD]
Sonic the Hedgehog[Download from Site]
Sonic 3D Blast [Install from CD]
Sonic Riders[Install from CD]
Sonic Advenced 1[Inserting CD]
Sonic Advenced 3[Inserting CD]
Sonic Battle[Inserting CD]

On my Bro's PC that I play:
Knuckles in Sonic the Hedgehog 2[Download from Site]
Sonic the Hedgehog 2[Download from Site]
Sonic and Knuckles[Downlaod from Site]
Sonic and Tails[Download from Site]

Games that I played but lost the game who knows where the CDs are and who knows when I'll win them in Sonic Adventure DX:
Sonic Chaos[Sonic DX]
Sonic Drift[Sonic DX]
Sonic 1[Sonic DX](Not Sonic the Hedgehod)
Sonic Spinball[Sonic DX and a Lost CD]
Sonic Chreckers[Lost CD]

Heard of:
Sonic and the black Knights
Sonic and Mario at the Winter Olympics

Sonic Unleashed
Sonic the Hedgehog 2006
Paper Sonic

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1年以上前 poddo said…
big smile
Tell me if I have any Spelling Mistakes please!!!!!!!!!!!
1年以上前 leuron said…
lol i only played Sonic 1 on the MegaDrive and finished it... I'm more of a Super Mário fan...
1年以上前 niopmiop said…
never heard of Paper Sonic
1年以上前 frylock243 said…
paper sonic!?!?!
1年以上前 PoddoChan said…
big smile
Yeah, Paper Sonic! Just search on YouTube!