Pixie Hollow Stuff によって Dewdrop Pixie Hollow's virtual world

SkyJewelDiamond posted on Jun 24, 2013 at 06:29PM
The newest member to join the group of Disney's MMORPG- Pixie Hollow. Things have come a long way ever since they opened in beta mode in 2006. If you were to visit Pixie Hollow online, you would love it. Most of the reviews online are critical about the very least amount of things you can do in the game without owning a membership. However, there are plenty of things to do in Pixie Hollow without having membership- the first thing is to see if you think a membership is worth it. When you first register, you will get to customise your fairy with basic features such as eye colour, hair colour and facial expression. You can change them later at the newly opened Pixie Spa. Recently, PH created this new item called Diamonds. Non-members will need this to buy clothing and furniture as buying items with the Ingredients that any pixie is able to collect is a Member feature. There are no ways to get items for non-members besides gifts, buying Diamonds and Secret Codes, which lead to non-members begging for gifts. If you are one who simply loves Pixie Hollow, then you may enjoy the Hollow even without membership as non-member pixies are now able to go to the Wilderness and play games of all levels of difficulty, hence making it easier for them to level up. A non-member can get lots of badges by attending parties, playing games and more. They can also complete one quest for each Famous Fairy and level up by playing games.

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