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Pinkie is both adorable, and a murderer.
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によって the 年 1904 many ponies have traveled the seven seas to find hidden treasure. All of that pirate stuff stopped in the 30's, as a war between Equestria and England started. Before that war, many ponies have found what would now be worth over 60,000 bits today. 2031 however was the 年 that a ポニー found a lot of treasure worth 100,000 bits. Here is her story, which started in Ponyville.

Pinkie Pie: You're probably all wondering why I called あなた here.
虹 Dash: It better not be something random.
Pinkie Pie: It isn't. For There is an island 30 miles from Manehattan with a treasure...
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This is my first 記事 that I'm 書く for Fanpop, and it's 11pm at night, and I have school in the morning. So if I start rambling of the convenience of solar energy in Ponyville, due to 虹 Dash's ability to clear the sky in 10 秒 flat, please, don't stop reading.

Let me start:


She's Actually A Half-Mortal Goddess

In Ancient Greek times, the peeps believed that Zeus was the King of Le Gods. But he was also the sluttiest thing since credit cards. So, he got a lot of mortals preggo, and the usual outcome was a supernaturally enhanced baby, such as Hercules.

Who knows? Perhaps some...
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