Picks If u were a character in a movie, game または book, who would u be?

Pick one:
The good guy/ girl!
The villan! Mwahahahahah
Kinda the mercenary-like, only work for money.
A freelancer, only work for yourself
The one who gets killed trying to help out others
Added by knifewrench
The loner, but always tries to help everyone
Added by HannaK
the one who makes a kafuffle out of everything...
the one who makes a kafuffle out of everything done
Added by oblix
The Steed... every hero needs a スティード, 馬
The Lovable Recurring annoyance
Added by Quinzark
The Good Friend, Funny and Always Helpful but a Little 雌犬 and very Sexy
Added by rose2
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 Sephisis17 posted 1年以上前
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