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maybeastarbucks posted on Aug 16, 2007 at 03:08PM
This is the picks spot. It's where you can make picks about picks, or the picks can just be something like Pepsi or Coke, or something like that.

I hope you enjoy this spot, and a word of advice - don't stare at the banner too long.


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1年以上前 neeki said…
Hehe awesome idea! The picks are my fav part of fanpopping..now a whole spot for it?! Ahh heaven lol
Yea i stared at the banner..*shakes head* big mistake lol
1年以上前 knifewrench said…
45 pick medals in total including the ones on the spot icon

1年以上前 megloveskyle said…
You awesome for making this spot. But I am pretty sure you already knew that. :0)
1年以上前 papa said…
Wow knifewrench, that was almost a Rainman moment (I'm assuming you guys have seen that movie).

I think the picks spot makes sense. I figure there are a lot of random picks that need a home. They don't quite fit in to some of the other spots.
1年以上前 maybeastarbucks said…
That's our mission. We take in those poor little homeless picks and give them a home.