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This tutorial shows one way to make the lips もっと見る Luscious.
写真 retouching
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I found this link.

Step 1: Get a 写真 of your car,something medium resolution is good, if the 写真 is two low then the cars parts will look odd, if its a crazy detailed , the final product will look もっと見る fake. The 写真 im using is at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: Go to the cars 壁紙 site-- link and find a car mouth and eyes that suit your picture. It dosent mater if the car is facing left または right, または the perspective angle, we can change all that later. for this one i'm using Flo. Open this 壁紙 at the highest resolution.

Step 3: with your CARS 壁紙 and using the freehand...
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