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I know あなた 愛 me
I know あなた care
Just shout whenever
I´m Mr Chair
You want my love
You want my heart
And I will never ever ever break apart!
More than an item
Hear what I´m saying
I´m your friend
When あなた are playing.
There´s not another
Who can save your life
Well I guess
Stephano could do the job just fine.

And I´m all like
Pewdie, Pewdie, Pewdie, ohh
Like Pewdie, Pewdie, Pewdie, ohh
Like Pewdie, Pewdie, Pewdie, ohh
I´m always on your side, side!

The bro´s here,
Just hide whereever.
You can sit with me together
Remember chairmode,
Remember what I taught you!
Sitting silently,
Is what...
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1.instead if highfiving あなた Brofist

2.instead of calling people curse words あなた call them Barrels(or あなた call people あなた don't like Barrels a lot) drive everyone insane with Pewdiepie quotes've watched all または almost all of his 動画 and go to YouTube waiting for more have a Stephano ask people if they wanna 登録する the Broarmy swear a lot(mostly using phrases that Pewdie uses) can't even imagine what would happen to あなた if Pewdiepie stopped making videos get REALLY mad when people insult him(like, so mad あなた threaten to crack their skull open if they say it again)...
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posted by LorMel
Dear PewDiePie,
I don't know if you'll ever see this, または if someone has the ハート, 心 to send my message to you, but, you've helped me through some pretty bad times, and you've always made me laugh so hard my sides hurt.
I've always looked to あなた as a brother and my best friend.
My biggest wish, is to meet you, & get to spend about a 月 with あなた & Cutie Pie...
Your an insperation to all of us...
Just icnore the haters,Pewds, あなた have us, the Bros, and we'll stand によって あなた always.
I've always wanted to meet you, and have あなた come to my school, announce my name infront of everyone, then I come running down the bleachers, and hug あなた & we take Selfies....
Its my biggest dream to meet あなた in person...I hope one day, you'll be abel to read this on Fridays with PewDiePie
posted by SeeUV3
Pewdiepie Fanfiction Amneisa the return of PewDie~

"Hey how’s it going bros my name is Peeewwwddiiiieeeeppppiiieeee an welcome to - . When all of a sudden pewds computer blacked out an all he could see in that almost fully ddark screen was ..stephano? “Stephano? wha…what are あなた doing here?" is all pewds could let out before a great force swooped him into the dark screen an landing into a world much different then his own. He was in Amnesia. "Stephano! why did あなた do that!!! I thought I 発言しました I quit this series !" Pewds 発言しました very frustrated. “Pewdie あなた have to listen to me !" Stephano...
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