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lvmingyon posted on Jul 06, 2010 at 04:23AM
Still remember my childhood always play with dolls, parents were busy with their own things, so I have to play with myself, lonely and helpless, at this time I like chat with my doll, a lovely dog. Tell her my happiness and sadness, sleeping together. When I enter into high school, I live in school’s Dormitory, I also take the doll together with me, in my friends’ eyes it was a common thing, but when I graduated from university, some of my friends have different opinions towards my sleeping with dolls. They said I was old enough to left the doll alone. It is not good for a adult to sleep with a doll. Another part of them joke with me that I have a young heart with an old age, also they give me some site to buy the dolls, such as link , link , link , because they thought I still need much dolls for the rest of my life time. Dolls just for children? Does adult has no right to sleep with dolls? I am amazing now, in my mind both children and adult have the rights to enjoy life. Do you agree with me, or you think adult shouldn’t hold one??? Thank you in advance.

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1年以上前 peterslover said…
big smile
Don't worry about what others say. It's their loss for not finding something that means something special to them. Maybe some day you will get someone to enjoy the dolls like you do. I have a friend that is 21 years old. She loves her ball-jointed-dolls! She has 3 so far. They have names, and a history of their own. She writes sorties of them and play-roles with them in story form with others on the net. She is happy. She will take one to the store when she shops for food. She doesn't care what others think. It's her life and she is having fun!! She even makes their clothes!! She does a great job of making the clothes too!! Store quality in fact. I'm proud of her in her own happiness. The dolls are too expensive for me to own, I do like to look at them when my friend and her friends are around. They also like to get together and go out to eat, taking their dolls with them. Enjoy your life and be happy with who you are :)
1年以上前 Zermeno said…
hi i am new
1年以上前 lvmingyon said…
thank you very much , i will try to be myself.