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posted by RaInBoWzOmBiEs
.Okay so I was laying there in ベッド when Annabeth knocks on my door.
She was holding four guitars, and a Wii console
"What the-"
"Remember that one night at your moms apartment when we were having a ギター hero battle"
"We never finished"
She nodded and smiled.
It took her about five 分 took hook up everything and then I turned the volume up super loud. It was only 9pm, so we had time to rock out.

Around 10pm theres a knock on our door.
"Oh gods we're busted!!!"
We threw the guitars behind the ベッド and turned the volume down.
"You're not supposed to be in here!! Go hide in the closet!!"
She Buried...
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posted by penguin098
So this is a different take on the long awaited percabeth reunion coming up in "The Mark of Athena" I thought it was fun to wite and I hope あなた guys like it...

“Mumee? Would あなた tell me a story?”
    The child’s mother sat on her bed, and the girl’s shoulders slumped. The stormy grey eyes she looked into seemed to be calculating an escape route. That was the thing about Sally’s mother. She was always worrying, and she never gave two bedtime stories. ‘Wise girl’ Sally thought ‘Daddy says mommy likes to be called wise girl.’
“Please wise girl?” Sally tried...
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posted by greenstergirl

"I didn't know her that well." Annabeth whispered as she lay a white rose on the clear stone coffin. Annabeth's hand shook in mine. I squeezed it tighter for her comfort. "I heard she was a great friend. I wish I could have known her better."

Nico got up as well. "I definitely didn't know her. But I will personly see that she goes to the fields of Elysium to be with her sister, Jillian, in the underworld."

Micheal got up next. あなた could tell he was crying. "She reminded me of my best friend. My step sister. My friend Jillian's father and my mother got married after they had Jillian and...
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posted by childofaeolus
こんにちは guys あなた might notice that I am thinking ALL the time so I write quite often. And it's hard holding up two simultaneous stories but it's fun. So あなた don't have to but I strongly suggest 読書 these in order. So yes I do mean do not read this if あなた have not read my first and do not read either if あなた have not read the The ロスト Hero!

"By guys!"

"See あなた later!"

"I'll duel ya 次 time hahaha!"

It was the end of Percy and Annabeth's Camp Half Blood Days till 次 time. It would be the first time they were traveling ホーム together.

"C'mon Seaweed Brain, your going to make us late."

"By Annabeth!"...
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posted by greenstergirl
 This is what Jesslyn looked like as a 4 年 old in my other stories
This is what Jesslyn looked like as a 4 year old in my other stories
Sorry this took me a long time to write!!

"HOLY ZUES!!!" Misha screamed as she reached for Jesslyn's hand. In front of us was an army of maybe 200 goblins, 40 kampes, one gigantic monster with three red eyes, and the hydra all in one freakishly small room.

Oddly, out of all those gross creatures, a tall woman with black wings and a devils tail with striking long black hair walked through the crowd. She stood tall at the front of the army. An evil smile formed on her crisp lips and she yelled out over the yells of the army and our silent cries, "These are the demigods we have been waiting for,...
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posted by AnnabethC1376

Annabeth Chase's point of view:

I was sitting below the decks on the Argo II 読書 the Iliad...again.I set the book down and brushed the bangs behind my ear that were hanging in my face. I sighed and rubbed my face, wondering when we would get there and if Percy would remember me.Everything had been so messed up since he disappeared.We got Jason who had no memory, Piper and Leo. All of which, were above decks.I walked over to my bunk and looked at the pictures I had pinned up.All of the ones of me and Percy Grover...
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posted by xharrypotterx
A/N: This is an AU story of how Annabeth finds Percy AND her way back to happiness. She learns how important 愛 is and how every little moment with Percy should be cherished.

Post-The Last Olympian

I Will Find You
Chapter One:

Annabeth Chase had been spending a lot of her Time On Mount Olympus the Past few weeks.
She had been 与えられた the amazing opportunity to redesign the whole of it!
She was a great architect, and was very passionate about her work but she had never really thought she would be allowed this amazing task.
Annabeth Chase, あなた amaze me Percy had told her when she had confessed...
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posted by greenstergirl
sorry this took me a long time to get down!!!

The light of my bedroom lamp wasn't that bright, but it was okay for the dark outside. I scratched my head as I stared at my math problem. 3.14 multiplied によって 6.97 divided によって three? Then あなた multiply it によって 300? How does the 300 come in? I was confused as I sat in my room. The walls were painted a bright yellow and my bedspread was a pastel pink. I heard Emily and Ethan in the 次 room over yelling about something stupid probably. Tired of homework, I left my room to go do something もっと見る interesting.

I slipped down the wooden stairs to the living...
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posted by greenstergirl
My alarm clock woke me up with its usual annoying, beeping sound. I had to get up. But my blue ベッド was too comfortable on the freezing January day.

Ever since I had my first キッス with annabeth a couple years ago, I had realized one thing. Annabeth was my dream girl. Still she always liked Luke. At least now all thats over.

In a way I missed Camp Half Blood. Ever Since I turned 18, they 発言しました I was trained enough to leave. Annabeth and I decided to go to college together. She wanted to go to a huge fancy school like Yales, but we didn't have enough money. We decided that I was gonna go to Pratt...
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Everyone thinks their parents are amazing. Yea they get on your nerves, big time. But would あなた still like them if your father was one of the greatest ヒーローズ of Greek demigod history? Would あなた still like your mother if she was an extremely know it all? Yea, thats me. My dad is Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon. The dud that gives あなた seashells as a birthday present. Sad to say Poseidon's my grandpa.

My name is Brenna Zoe Jackson. My middle name is Zoe after the head hunter of Artemis that died saving my dad's life. My mom says its a great honor to have that name. I think its a bit creepy. Now...
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posted by childofaeolus
こんにちは Ya'll just sayin' if あなた have NOT read The Hero's of Olympus do not read this unless あなた want the story spoiled. This is way shorter than my regular articles. This kind of a preview. So just tell me what あなた think and If I should keep writing.

"Your late."

"Sorry Grover was giving me a lecture on the evils of throwing away cans."

"Ah lectures such fond memories....."


"Oh It doesn't matter at least あなた remembered to come ha ha!"

"That was not my fault, I had no idea the Hectate キャビン put that in my coke!"




"Well, I was just thinking that...."

"Thinking what?"...
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posted by greenstergirl
I finally got it down!!!!!!!!!!

"DON"T SHOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed at the archers. "She's bewitched!!"

"What?" Asked Micheal Yew.

"No!! See thats Addison but she's under a spell. Someone go get Jesslyn!"

Jesslyn is a very special memeber of the camp (this is a spoiler for my addison zander articles!!) Shes the only living demigod who is a child of Kronos, but she is really good. She is also six.

An Ares kid ran after her. Yea, a shock, Ares kid doing me a favor? Well, no one messs with Jesslyn. She's like a human bomb. あなた hurt her, あなた die with the flick of her hand. But she's been trying to...
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posted by greenstergirl
When we saw those glowing green eyes, every single one of the Hecate kids fainted. No litterly. It was like a bad omen または something. But It was scary, like when your a kid in a park and some ランダム guy comes up to あなた saying he has seen your future.

It wasn't bad at the start. We just gave Addison the potion Misha and the Hecate children made, and she woke up. With glowing, freakishly scary green eyes. No biggy, not really at least.

"HOLY CRUD WHAT IS THAT?!" Melissa screamed while staring at Addison.

Jesslyn jumped in front of Addison. "NO ONE TOUCH HER!!"


"I have a feeling!!" She cried....
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posted by childofaeolus

"Are あなた ready?"


The girl charged at him sword pointed. He jumped out of the way just in time to avoid being skewered.

"What the Hades...."

"Do not use those foul words in my prescence."


But he didn't have time to speak because she charged again. This time he was ready. When she charged he slammed his blade into hers knocking her to the ground. He gently placed the tip of his blade ofver her throat.

She tried to stifle her breath as to not let the blade cut deeper.


"How what?"

"No one ever beats me."

"Noone are あなた sure cuz it looks like i'm beating you."

The girl...
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posted by greenstergirl

We knew it know. I was going to take Micheal's advice. And try to use magic with my mind. I had a feeling it wouldn't work though.


I lay on the floor pouring with blood. I had millions of scars, burns, and stabs. All from Jesslyn. I had heard she was dangerous. But know I was close to death. She is worse then anything anyone ever says.

As I cried out for one last plea, I remembered something. The 日 I jumped into the river Styx with Nico. I had become invincible that day. So why was I dying now?

I reached for my sword that lay bent on the ground 次 to me. It's metal still shined...
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posted by greenstergirl
What happened next? I don't know. All I remember was seeing Annabeth. もっと見る of a hologram really. Thing was.....I really thought it was her. She looked just like the beautiful, amazing, smart Annabeth that I 愛 so much. So I thought it was her. I was pretty stupid to think it was her. She was sparkly and silver!!

We were all sitting in a サークル, 円 under a giant green 木, ツリー in the park. It was close to noon so lots of kids and their parents were playing in the park. Jesslyn wanted to go play. We let her go.

Some of the parents gave Misha and I weird looks. Like we were Jesslyn's parents. I mean,...
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posted by greenstergirl
Sry this took FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and to refresh your memory あなた should read the chapter before this!!

Chapter 4
“NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! I AM NOT A GODDESS!!! I’M A NORMAL GIRL WITH FEELINGS…AND…..and…and... No, I’m just still dreaming!! Yeah that’s it!!” I screamed to the crowd of goat men behind me. I was a sight, running through a giant forest of white sparkling trees and shimmering damp 草 under my feet. My long white dress flowed like water behind me, almost leaving a trail. But I wasn’t going to stop running. Not with the freaky 木, ツリー nymphs and satyrs following...
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posted by greenstergirl
What was this place?

I squirmed out of my sleep. But of course it didn't work. And of course I didn't know where I was. あなた know....the usual stuff that happens when あなた seem to dance off into some randomly odd dream.

I looked down at my clothes. I was wearing a pure white dress the was Greek from the デザイン of it. I had ゴールド arm bracelets that were up to my mid 上, ページのトップへ arm. I was wearing ゴールド sandals that looked like something from the movie Clash of the Titans. Confused I got up to find where I was. I found I was in a courtyard. The light was so bright that the green blossom trees were almost...
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posted by childofaeolus
Ohhhhhhhhhhh awe man. I can not tell あなた enough I am in no way a romance writer. I do better with humor. And if your looking for cheesy stuff you've come to the wrong place. I've been putting this off but. I can't forever. Ugg.

Annabeth sat on the 丘, ヒル waiting. For once in the last couple of days she had dry eyes. Elle should be there any second.

Then a gray taxi came barreling out of the sky. She stood up and saw her friend throwing herself out a window. Elle looked pretty disheveled. When Elle got up the 丘, ヒル they just looked at each other.

"I'm so sorry," 発言しました Elle.

"You should get rest...
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posted by greenstergirl
"DANG IT!!!!!!!" I yelled at the 上, ページのトップへ of my lungs.

We had landed on the 上, ページのトップへ of a play structure somewhere in Nevada. It wasn't the best landing I've had I'll tell あなた that.

But what made it all worse was I heard a huge snapping sound coming from my pocket when we landed. I reached in to see what happened, and there, laying in my hand, was the broken halves of my pen. the pen that changes into riptide.

"NO!!!!!!" I screamed while staring ant the small metal splinters.

"What happened?" Misha asked as she ran over to me with her hand held in Jesslyn's.

"Oh no!! His pen broke!" Jesslyn 発言しました while pointing...
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