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shelley duvall's bedtime stories
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patrick's 恐竜
shelley duvall's bedtime stories
posted by hornean
Patrick and his brother, Hank, went to the zoo on Saturday. They stood outside a tall fence and watched the elephants.
"I'll bet that 象 is the biggest animal in the whole world," 発言しました Patrick.
"You think he's big," Hank said. "A brontosaurus was heavier than TEN elephants."

"Gosh!" 発言しました Patrick. If Hank 発言しました so, it must be true. Hank knew all about dinosaurs. He knew もっと見る about everything because he was older and went to school already.
Patick squeezed his eyes half shut. What would a dinosaur that weighed as much as ten elephants look like? The brontosaurus he imagined turned and looked...
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Patrick was helping his big brother, Hank, rake leaves.

"Where did they go?" asked Patrick.
"Who?" asked Hank.
"Dinosaurs, of course." Patrick never talked about anything else.
"Well some people think the world got too hot for dinosaurs," 発言しました Hank. "And some think it got too cold. Maybe an asteroid hit the earth and covered it with dust." He showered Patrick with a pile of leaves.
"That's not what I think," 発言しました Patrick.
"And what do あなた think?" asked his brother.

"I think that, once upon a time, 恐竜 and people were friends," 発言しました Patrick.
"There weren't any people then," 発言しました Hank. "Cave men...
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