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v:I can see whats happening
v:and they don't have a clue
v:they'll fall in 愛 and heres the bottom line our tios down to two.
v:the sweet caress of twilight theres maige everywere and with all this romanctece admisper disasters in the air..
hether:can あなた feel the 愛 tonight?the peace the evening brings.the world for once in perfet harmeny with all its liveing things.
r:so many things to tell her but how to make her see the truth about my past?impossable she'd turn away from me.
s:he's holding back he's hiding but what I can't deside why won't he be the rj I know he is the rj...
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O:forget about that guy forget about the way あなた fell into his eyes forget about his charms forget about the way he held あなた in his arms walking on airs obnakeches the thrills the chills will make あなた nashes and you'll never get eneth just forget about love..forget about romance forget about the way your ハート, 心 begins to dance then あなた feel the blash when he's spouting out some sontamentel mosh 愛 relly is revolthing it's even worse then when your molting eneth of this floff just forget about 愛 ST:I had allmost forgoten the way it felt when he held out his hand for mine my ハート, 心 all a-flatter...
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