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Nicole came ホーム lonely and tired from a tuff solo-mission...half way ホーム the sky lit up and started flashing!a meteor fell!!!as it aproach nicole it fell apart and revealed a metal cargo pod!!!BOOM!!!SLAMED INTO THE GROUND...Nicole doged it...she aproached the crater...the pod opened up and a shiny crystal came shot out a light!!!it used the light to scan for trustworthy life form,it determined how trustworthy nicole glowed the number 100% trustworthy!!!the crystal shatered and a watch-like-device came 発言しました "hello...are あなた a freedom fighter?"Nicole responded
"y-yes..."The device 発言しました "my name is Matt."
It looked at nicole...his screen turned pink(blush pink)...nicole kind of like the device and asked "Do あなた have a holographic form?" Matt responed "yes..."the it tranformed into a male lynx!!!nicole instedly fell in love...Nicole asked matt if he wanted a tour-date...matt blushed and 発言しました "YES!!!"(TO BE CONTINUED
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(This is in Nicole's Point of View! P.S. I will be 書く 詩 for a bit, and you'll see it around! 😊)

I took one step
Then two
Then three
I wondered who made that soothing cup of tea

It was night,
The full moon bright
It's soft shimmer filling me with glee
I couldn't help but think
What is to become of me?

Lives have been saved
Through 日 after day
But what about my own?
I cannot say

My batteries may have been charged
The criminals no longer at large
Royal couples are happy
But this whole story seems so sappy

Then I laid my head on those silken sheets
With their soft touch so alluring
Oh dear, this seems so reoccurring
This has happened before

A small glimmer of happiness
Just for a second
I savored it, at least I recon
Then I closed my weary eyes

Laid my head
On these wonderful, soothing, soft
Satin Sheets.