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NCIS 〜ネイビー犯罪捜査班 is not the same without abby
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Have made a 一覧 of all the names Tony has managed to call McGee thru the 7 seasons off NCIS. Some of them are funny, some weird, some cute!!

If i have missed any let me know and i will add to the list!

Which of the Nicknames do あなた 愛 and which do あなた think were harsh??

Aqua Smurf (Dead Man Walking 4x16)
Banacek (Deception 3x13)
Bro (The Inside Man 7x03)
Bus Boy (Hometown Hero 2x21)
Chuckle Head (Head Case 3x15)
Daniel McBoone (Hide and Seek 6x19)
Dead Agent Walking (Twisted Sister 4x09)
Dork (Black Water 2x11)
Elf Lord (Model Behavior 3x11, Witch Hunt 4x06, Sharif Returns 4x13, 愛 and War...
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