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posted by pokemonfan909
So, I've decided to write this because when I first joined this club, a 年 back, it had もっと見る than 1000 fans- now its come down to 597.
Mostly its because people hate Sasuke for all that he's done. I'm not saying he did the correct thing, I'm simply justifying two of his great sins (as put によって a fellow Narutard).


It wasn't the correct thing to do. But Sasuke did it without knowing the real story. He did it because he was led to believe that Itachi had massacred their whole clan out of his own free will.
If あなた grew up attached to your family, and with an older brother...
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i 発言しました i forget あなた !i 愛 あなた もっと見る then !

any thing あなた do i cant be for any one els あなた are not only an animeboy for me actully let us see why in this points :

1-from the first time i saw あなた i knew あなた are perfect b cuz i always like boys who have persenality !

2-you did leave the vilige but i knew y u did i understud あなた then !

3-right あなた are hot cute sexy cool but i dont 愛 あなた for thoese

4-i only remember your birthday and forget every body els

i 愛 あなた soooooooo mmmuchhh and i know why so my 愛 stay in my dreams !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by hendriyati
when i watch naruto, i always focus on sasuke.
he's body , he's power, he's all are the best. i 愛 him, i think all of girl will be 愛 him when see him, i always hope that i can meet person as same as sasuke. i 愛 sasuke the way he is.
when i see him on evening, sometimes i dreamt him on night, that was a beautiful experience saw him on my own dream.
have u ever meet him on ur dream?
altough now my age is 18 , i still 愛 him, altough i have boyfriend, i still 愛 him (this make my boyfriend feel jealouse XD ) hahaha
but i still 愛 him :p
its have been a few years but i cant forget him in my mind :*
i 愛 sasuke-kun