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Anna Fitzgerald- 13 years old and knows that the reason her parents had her was so that there could be a bone marrow donor for Kate. She hires a lawyer to get medical emancipation from her parents so she will not be forced to donate her kidney.

Kate- 16 years old and older sister of Anna's. She was diagnosed with acute promyelocytic leukemia at a very young age. She has basically lived with it almost her entire life.

Jesse- Oldest child, brother to Anna and Kate. He is very rebellious, and his parents often don't know where he is at. He likes to play with matches...
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Anna Fitzgerald: Most 赤ちゃん are accidents. Not me. I was engineered. Born to save my sister's life.

Anna Fitzgerald: こんにちは baby, what's your sign?
Kate Fitzgerald: Cancer
Anna Fitzgerald: You're a cancer?
Kate Fitzgerald: No, I'm a Leo
Anna and Kate Fitzgerld: But I have cancer.

Kate Fitzgerald: Do I look pretty daddy?

Jesse: I tried to wake her up. I poked her and everything.

This movie is SO sad and these 名言・格言 make me cry ! :'(

My uncles dad has cancer and he doesn't look well at all. I feel bad for all the people out in the world who have cancer ! :'(