Tell me about your favourite band?

 australia-101 posted 1年以上前
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zanhar1 said:
によって now everyone has probably seen me go rambling on about Within Temptation. They are a group from the Netherlands formed in 1996. The band is fronted によって thee beautiful and wonderful Sharon デン Adel. At this point in time they have released 6 ear-pleasing albums (Enter, Mother Earth, The Silent Force, ハート, 心 Of Everything, The Unforgiving, and Hydra) as well as an acoustic album. Within Temptation has been described as many things; in their early years as doom metal to Silent Force where they were described as もっと見る gothic-influenced. Within Temptation didn't really take off until 2001 though, when they released the song Ice Queen. That song acted as their break though. And with Sharon's angelic voice they are still playing strong, and as of 2015 on a world tour. Sharon デン Adel is super talented and very friendly with her fanbase. She is really good with high notes (heck, she has one of the best vocal ranges I’ve heard she can go super high and low), and her live performances are 上, ページのトップへ notch; her stage presence is amazing she always seems like she enjoys herself and tries to keep the crowd involved. On 上, ページのトップへ of this the lyrics Sharon and her band mates come up with tell great stories, あなた can practically see them in your head, it's like 読書 a book (particularly her Mother Earth album). If I could describe her songs in one word, it would be enchanting. The band has this fairy-tale quality to it.

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