Munro Chambers Middle Name

DrewLovesMunro posted on Jul 30, 2010 at 04:35AM
What is Munro Chambers' middle name?

Munro Chambers 4 返信

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1年以上前 DrewLovesMunro said…
does anyone know Munro Chambers middle name?
1年以上前 Jasperluver11 said…
big smile
im not sure but i think its Skylear(: he also said on twitter that he didnt want people to know though... god i love him ♥ hahaha
1年以上前 whoam1ty said…
Skylear ...a beautiful middle name for a gorgeous hottie !!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
1年以上前 Mrs_Chambers_44 said…
Its deff Skylear <33333333333333333333