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"The Here's What Happened" Rap
from the episode "Mr. Monk and the Rapper"
as performed によって Snoop Dog

Here's what happened, y'all
I got this, Monk
Yeah, あなた can't believe
what あなた hear all the time
Sometimes seeing is believing
Like the man said, I was set up
I'm just a pawn in this game
Let me break it down for y'all
No, for real here's what happened

Have あなた ever been accused?
Man あなた got set up
And it really wasn't you?
Man あなた got set up
Tryin’ to plant somethin’ on me
Man あなた got set up
And then あなた say I killed the homey

This fool was greedy
Had to have the whole...
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posted by girly_girl
As most of あなた Monk ファン know,
Mr. Monk is afraid of, well almost
everything! I decided to see just how
many phobias he has...... So I made a
list! And in no particular order, they are:

Tap Water
Beautiful woman
Public Speaking
Uneven numbers

I know thats alot of things!! If あなた know of any other phobias that Mr. Monk has, I'd appreciate it if you'd put them in your コメント and I'll try to add them!! Thanks for reading!! :)
Natalie Teeger (Traylor Howard) is Adrian Monk's devoted personal assistant, a strong, self-reliant single mom whose tough 愛 proves to be exactly what Monk needs. Though often frustrated and confused によって her boss’s peculiar behavior, Natalie remains a caring but firm assistant and friend, pushing Monk to overcome his debilitating fears and compulsions.

The fiercely independent former bartender (and member of the wealthy ダベンポート, ダヴェンポート family) shares a special bond with Monk, having also tragically ロスト her spouse, and she and her teenage daughter, Julie, have become a surrogate family for Monk. With her no-nonsense attitude, knack for investigation, and ability to challenge Monk, Natalie has become much もっと見る than just a sidekick to the brilliant detective.
Captain Stottlemeyer (Ted Levine) is Adrian Monk's former partner and boss, the longtime friend who was ultimately forced to let Monk go from the San Francisco Police Department when his obsessive-compulsive disorder began to dangerously interfere with his work.

Though often annoyed and baffled によって his friend's behavior, Stottlemeyer recognizes Monk's brilliance and frequently calls upon his old partner to provide unique insight into cases that have San Francisco's finest stumped. And although it can drive Stottlemeyer crazy to know that he'll never be quite as brilliant a detective as Monk, the divorced father of two remains a loyal friend.
-Adrian Monk: It`s a gift... and a curse.
-Adrian Monk: Unless I`m wrong, which, あなた know, I`m not...
-Adrian Monk: You`ll thank me later.
-Adrian Monk: Wipe!
-Adrian Monk: I don`t know how he did it. But he did it.
-Adrian Monk: I just solved the case. Natalie: I`m calling the Captain.
-Adrian Monk: He`s the guy. [repeated line - spoken when he solves the case]
-Adrian Monk: Here`s what happened.

- The 表示する was originally to be made for ABC (the American one) with Michael Richards starring. When he pulled out, so did ABC. However, when the 表示する was successful on the USA network,...
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posted by girly_girl
Adrian Monk (Tony Shalhoub) was a rising 星, つ星 with the San Francisco Police Department, until the tragic murder of his beloved wife, Trudy, left him shattered and wracked with phobias, obsessions and compulsions. His extreme case of obsessive-compulsive disorder cost him his job, and for a time rendered him virtually unable to function.

With the help of therapy and the support of his loyal フレンズ and devoted personal assistant, Monk's condition has improved, but his many fears – including germs, heights, crowds, and even ミルク – pose daily challenges for Monk and the people around him....
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You know you’re compulsively obsessed with “Monk” when:

1. あなた find yourself arranging things, and あなた wonder when and why あなた started.
2. あなた carry either wipes または hand sanitizer around with you, and wash your hands without much of a reason just because あなた know that Monk wouldn’t approve of your “dirty” hands.
3. あなた open every door with your sleeve pulled over your hand, your elbow, または wipe the door-handle first, because there’s know telling how many germs are on that thing.
4. あなた make sure everything あなた do is perfect in every way… Even if it takes あなた forever to get it that...
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posted by Katreader
When I heard that Stanley Kamel died, I was shocked. I felt for his family and フレンズ and yes, I wondered what poor Mr. Monk would do. There was some controversy when some people mentioned similar feelings for Mr. Monk and were chastized によって others who 発言しました that Stanley Kamel was もっと見る than Dr. Kroger. Yes, there was, and is, もっと見る to the man than that one role, but mentioning it wasn't a disservice to the man-it was a tribute. Stanley Kamel breathed such life into that character that we knew him, believed in him. Stanley Kamel was a man a lot of people didn't know, but we knew Dr. Kroger and...
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One knows one is bored when one thinks too much about the philosophy of television...

I 愛 Monk, the 表示する about an obsessive-compulsive man who assists the police によって solving crimes with his unusually accurate eye for detail. Unfortunately, テレビ stations like to annoy me によって either taking the shows I 愛 off-air または moving them to time-slots that only stay-at-home-mothers can watch when their kids are at school, または when the only people awake are drug addicts and insomniacs. This happened with Monk, which was first moved to a late-night time-slot and then to an afternoon slot.

Anyway, I...
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