mirai nikki Possible hole in Mirai Nikki's outcome of endings

AlternateYukki posted on Mar 20, 2016 at 04:17AM
Okay guys, hear me out. After finishing Mirai Nikki the 5th time over looking every detail. I have noticed something odd. Remember how Yuno killed her dad in the 3rd world and murmur revived him at the school? Well. What if yukkii managed to grab yuno's dead body as he was sent back to the second world and revived her and healed her wound like 1st murmur did to yuno's dad in the 3rd world? The OVA and manga ending was indeed satisfying for me, but what if they made that alternate ending where Yukkii carries 1st yuno's dead body with him back to the second world and revives her and heals her just like how murmur did to yuno's dad at the school. Just a thought and wondered if anyone else thought of this.

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