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(I'm sorry for all ファン who disagree with me)
I think the fight should stop on between who is better. Both of them have their ways of being good everybody does. And just because somebody puts on miley has a prettier voice または selena acts better that is the persons opinion. Like right now me righting this its my opinion but if あなた think that the fight should also stop please become a ファン and i will give あなた a リスペクト for caring about this 記事 and what it means.If anybody diagrees please explain why. i'm sorry あなた didn't expect all of this im just trying to say that everybodys opinion is important but not even one is the right answer.Hope あなた understand :D
posted by Maria1307
Miley is the best. She was the first ディズニー girl out of the two of them. She has had もっと見る albums, 映画 and press. She works harder than most people and is nicer to her fans.
Miley does a lot もっと見る for charity and tries to make people happy. I don't see Selena Gomez going around helping people in Haiti . Im sure Selena does do charity work, but Miley seems to do more.
I think Miley is a better singer and actress. もっと見る of her songs have been played and Hannah Montana is played もっと見る often on the ディズニー Channel.
I believe Miley is the better of the two of them. Plus for all the Lovatics out there, who visited Demi when she was in rehab? Thats right it was Miley. Selena didn't visit her at all.
I'm a Smiler, I will always think Miley is the best.
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