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Michael woke me up , with the sweet smell of an iced coffee "Thanks , love." I kissed him while he filled the car with gas thenwe rode off "Okay , Eddie texted me a new target. Name's Catalina Williams. This is a woman , so you're going to do it. She did some pretty sick shit to her husband." He 発言しました as I looked at him confused "Michael , hell no. Un uh , no no. Unless I can use my fists , no weapons." I put his シャツ on and my shorts. Michael pulled up によって a 木, ツリー across an old barn. "So if you're a wanted criminal , why are あなた still killing?" I asked him as he looked out for the police "Because I got in this thing Eddie was in where we take action against people who do sick and crazy ジャンク to other people. This lady killed her husband and he was a good man. So I'm here to do what she did to him." He explained while we found her unlocking the gate and we waited for her to park in the driveway and walk in the barn. I grabbed the rope and opened the door "Nesha ," Michael whispered as I turned around , biting my bottom lip. He fingered me to come here "Yes Michael" I asked while he smiled "You know , あなた just turn me on with your sexiness. I might mess around and start making 愛 to you." He 発言しました as I kissed him passionately. Michael and I jumped out and walked to the barn. Michael opened the doors "Excuse me , could I ride one of these horses?" I asked as Catalina turned around real scary like. She looked at me with an evil expression "No , well that's too bad. Guess I gotta go to see Walter." I 発言しました , almost walking away and she was about to jump on me "WAAAALLLLTTTEERRRR!!!!" she screamed , leaping in the air. I punched her in mid air as she fell down hard on the floor. I grabbed her によって her hair , Michael got the chair and rope. I tied her wrists to the chair along with her legs to the legs of the chair , I slapped her as she woke up "Now before I パンチ あなた to your death , tell me. What did あなた do to your husband?" I asked as she devilishly smiled at me "I skinned him. Because he did not give me any もっと見る money to buy boots with." She 発言しました , I shook my head. I roundhouse kicked her face "You greedy bitch." I spit in her face as I put on some ベース knuckles , grabbed her head then punched her so many times , she was bloody and on the verge of dying. I kicked her like a villainous 雌犬 as she hung her head , dead. Michael untied her then threw her to the pigs who looked like they haven't been eating for six weeks. I gave him the brass knuckles and walked out "Damn , babe. あなた were kicking 尻, お尻 in there. I was like 'Damn she beat that ass' and the way started it. Man , I can't even comment. How did あなた know his name was Walter?" I laughed "Because it 発言しました it on her tattoo. On her left arm." I 発言しました as he picked me up and kissed me. We drove off and went home.
I opened the door and Isis was standing in front of it "Where have あなた two been in the last two days." She complained as Michael answered "We decided to take a little road trip to Brooklyn and make a few visits." Isis pinched his cheek "You are just so adorable." He blushed as she kissed him on the cheek. I made breakfast for him and a glass of オレンジ ジュース "Thank あなた , babe. Your not eating?" He asked as I answered "I'm tired. All that 愛 making あなた were giving me , I can barely think straight." Michael smiled widely "Well when I'm done with this food. Girl , あなた wouldn't be able to think at all" he winked while I laughed at him "Boy , あなた so silly." I giggled. He was so funny and goofy. Michael had me going. I took a シャワー and took a nap , with only a towel on. I dreamt about Michael and me living the life of Bonnie and Clyde. 愛 and 銃 was what this relationship with Michael. I wasn't sure if I wanted to end this life または stay. Michael had me under his spell of love. I felt Michael's hardness against my wet womanhood. I moaned while he massaged my back "Wake up , I wanna put it in." Michael whispered as I woke up to the sweet surrender of his sex on mine. I kissed his neck while he took off my towel , telling me all the things he was going to do to me while he started stroking me roughly , making hot 愛 to me. His body clung to mine as I was moaning while he was groaning. But it turned out to be a quickie. Michael was laying down beside me , sleeping while I laid down feeling so in love. Michael was so hot and humble. I was turned on によって his attractive physique.
I slept in his arms the whole night. My 愛 for him was such an emotional impact on him. I do everything thing he tells but I refuse to do some other things he tells me. And when he does something wrong , I quickly forgive him. Michael was all I owned and loved so much that I would kill for him and only him TThis armed and dangerous criminal was armed with my ハート, 心 and dangerous with my love. We slept in 愛 the whole night.
A woman about 29 years old was walking around Los Angeles. She's had a 歌う career for quite some time, but it never ended the way she planned it to. Her name...was Aislinn Williams. Her parents passed away since she was about 16 and had to live with her aunt Kathy up in Redding, CA. Anyway, she walked down the Walk Of Fame and looked down and stopped. She had looked up to this one guy, Michael Jackson, for quite some time. Her parents always teased her because they would say that she's in 愛 with him. She thought to herself, 'why would I be in 愛 with him if I don't know much about...
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posted by jazzyjaz31
I feel so sad when people lie on MJ. I mean...come on Mj is the sweetest man on earth. he never raped a child, he never do anything to harm people. he just doing his job for the lord. The bible says あなた are to 愛 everybody no matter how they treat you. And thats what the whole world should do. MJ have 愛 for kids and 愛 for the people. I don't see anything wrong with that. MJ helps people and spreading 愛 for the whole world and thats a blessing thing. MJ's 愛 for a child, is very very lovely. people dont see that. but I see it and I respect it. I can see why mj had a hard time to get people to understand what he been going through. Its tough real tough. I just want the world to know that MJ is loved and he will never do anything to hurt people. He 愛 everybody in this world. 愛 is important to him. And I wish people could understand that. The whole world needs 愛 and power!. (michael's voice) "Heal the world Make It a better place. For あなた and for me".
The answer was simply nothing. Nothing was wrong with him. I'm sure every ファン has seen the "Living with Michael Jackson" documentery によって Martin Bashir. Bashir called him undeveloped and childish and man who needed to live in reality. But reality, these days, is rather sickening. In the mornings, I turn on the news and see awful horror upon the screen and wish I hadnt. My generation looks upon people who understand nature as weird または crazy. Michael was one of those few who did understand. Michael was treated awfully and was accused of things he didnt do. I have spoken to people who were mulested...
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Michael's message:

''I left あなた with a hard pain on my heart,my time has camed so God decite it to take me to Heaven. It was a big sadness with you,but あなた had to 移動する on your way. God showed me my new,true home. I sufferd alot but I still had someone who truly Loved me and that's you,my fans,my children and family. I am an エンジェル now and I'm watching あなた and protecting あなた all. I have alot of フレンズ here. Don't worry for me,I won't forget あなた and I know あなた won't forget me either. Follow your dreams and heal our mother Earth and try to make it a better place. I left あなた lots of wonderful music. Don't cry for me,but remember me によって my music,dance and for my godness,everything beautiful that I done for our planet. God is protecting me and holding me in his arms. I 愛 あなた All with all my ハート, 心 and soul! This isn't Goodbye,I know we will meet in Heaven one day! With L.O.V.E.''
Michael Jackson
posted by Whisperoflove7
"Dear You,

Have あなた ever noticed that every song contains the word “You”? Like for example: “Oh How Happy あなた Have Made Me”, “Can あなた See The Morning?” または “The 愛 あなた Save”. So that’s why I though it would be alright to start this 愛 letter to あなた with “Dear You”. If it works in songs of 愛 it ought to be right on for letters of love, too, don’t あなた agree?

Of course, there’s another reason, too. I don’t know your name. Chances are, we’ve never met. And maybe あなた are just starting to really get to know me through the pages and pictures here in TeB. You’re...
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"Joseph im sorry! Please don't hurt me!" Michael begged. Hot tears started to run down his cheeks. Joe had his hand raised with the ベルト in his hand, he was ready to hit Michael. "Shut your mouth boy! If one もっと見る word comes out of your damn mouth then あなた will get it good!" Joe snapped. Michael put both hands over his eyes. Jackie was still in the room, he was forced to watch. "Joseph please don't....." I whispered from the closet. I wanted to do something, but if I did then I will get in trouble. I didn't want to see Michael get hurt either. I had no ther choice but to save him from this...
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posted by Reis7100

Everybody wanting a piece of Michael Jackson.
Reporters stalking the moves of Michael Jackson.
Just when あなた thought he was done,
he comes to give it again.”

no matter what, あなた just wanna read it again
no matter what, あなた just wanna feel it again

now is that strange that i fall in love
who is the boogie man あなた thinkin’ of
all went crazy coz im just in love
this is breaking news X2

everybody watching the news of michael jackson
They want to see that I fall,
cause I’m Michael Jackson

You write the words to destroy
like it’s a weapon

you turn your back on the 愛 and あなた think あなた can...
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Today is Michael's birthday and I think is a good 日 to release the 3rd part of my interview.So this is it...One present for all Michael's fans.

These are the awsome ファン whot answerd to the questions...:

I've put the ファン in the order they've answered the questions...!!!

Let's start...Have fun...

-Why do あなた like Michael Jackson?

1.He is a very special human being, the most kinded I have ever heard of and I want to do what he does. I want to help and heal...
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Lisa Marie Presley claims she's disappointed at the "empty space" surrounding Michael Jackson's tomb -- so she's now challenging MJ ファン to flood the place with sunflowers ASAP.

LMP just 投稿されました a message on her MySpace page describing her 最近 visit to Michael's grave site at Forest Lawn. Presley -- who was married to MJ back in the '90s -- says she believes Michael "deserves more" than the "few bouquets, candles and gifts" that currently surround Michael's grave.

Presley -- who notes Michael's infatuation with sunflowers -- is calling for ファン to send a "Sun Shower" to the tomb because, "I know how much he loved and appreciated being showered with Gifts and お花 によって his fans."

Presley suggests that if every ファン sends "one silk sunflower" to the site, "the whole area around him and in front of him ... could be filled up in no time."
If あなた don't 愛 me-Unreleased Song
from the Dangerous Era

Looking over my photographs
I saw a picture of あなた and me Lovin' baby
I had to write to just to tell あなた that
And to find out if あなた really 愛 missin’ me

Cuz if あなた don't 愛 me
If あなた don't 愛 me
If あなた don't 愛 me
If あなた don't 愛 me
If あなた don't need me, just like I need you
If あなた don't 愛 me
If あなた don't 愛 me

If あなた don't 愛 me
If あなた don't 愛 me
If あなた don't 愛 me
What will I do baby?
Cuz I'm in 愛 with あなた

I told the doctor that I got a broken ハート, 心
And my temperature has risen to 103
Why don't あなた write...
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The TV mystic will host the seance live from a secret location, where Jackson previously lived.

The 表示する will be one of two about the King of Pop - who died in June of acute intoxication of the drug Propofol - which will be shown on Sky1.

The 時 long programmes - 'Michael Jackson: The Live Seance' and 'Michael Jackson: The 検索 for His Spirit' - will attempt to give ファン a last chance to speak with the star.

Both shows will be hosted によって June Sarpong, and feature guests including American psychic Bobby Marchesso, Jackson's 'Thriller' video co-star Ola Ray, spiritual healer Reverend June Gatlin...
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posted by mj_yana_girl
Background Info
(AKA Nightline), this song was written によって Glen Ballard, Brie Howard, David Allen Faragher (1982) for Michael's Thriller album, but failed to make the final track listing.

"When I found out it wasn't going to be on there, I just said, I'll be on the 次 one," 発言しました Ballard in 1999. "And the truth is, I got on the 次 two, which cumulatively sold over 50 million. It turned out to be good karma. I feel that if Nite-Line had been on Thriller, I would never have written Man In The Mirror, which is an infinitely better song, and one of the best in my catalogue."

It was recorded as Nightline...
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 This is how Michael "should've" evolved.
This is how Michael "should've" evolved.
Our sin, is in the fact that we only saw または wanted to see what "we" created -a persona, and not, a "person". Michael Jackson was a pure, gifted, and deeply caring MAN who, at the end of the day.. had certain "ailments"..."feelings"..."hopes"...and need for "love" (just like the rest of us). HOW DARE WE JUDGE HIM.

I am a black female, 37, and loyal Michael Jackson ファン who's 'heartbroken'. Just "sick" with emotion and disbelief over what appears to be the most evident TRUTH regarding "who" MJ was.

We can't allow this secret to stay undisclosed. For "MICHAEL", we have to set the record straight...
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posted by MJBabbies1958
July 3rd, 1982

In my head I was just thinking wow Michael wants me to spend the night, of course I want to “Yes I’d 愛 to” “ok great, do あなた wanna go によって your house and get clothes…. Nvm あなた can wear my clothes” “Well what about underclothes?” “Theres a ショップ in the hotel I’m at” “ ok then let’s go” “Wait we have to check how many tickets we have” “ok” We went to go see how much tickets we have and we had 5,034 tickets “Holy crap I didn’t think we got that much tickets” mike 発言しました “well あなた did win a lot of games, あなた really killed the Mario game like...
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