Meredith Grey (Part 2) お気に入り Meredith quote?

Pick one:
"You don't get to call me a whore."
"It is done."
"She had an affair."
"Why didn’t あなた stay and fight for us?"
"Why didn’t あなた try harder? あなた just left."
"No. I don’t need anything from you."
"Why do people cheat?"
"Why do あなた think she cheated on you?
"Were あなた different then?"
"Were あなた a bad husband?"
"Leave me alone."
"Just leave me alone!"
"No! I'm not alright?"
"Because あなた have a wife, and あなた call me a whore, and our dog died."
"And now you're looking at me again. Stop looking at me."
"Uh, I had panties on. Black ones. Do あなた see them?"
"Fix your tie."
"To get laid."
"I'll tell him."
"You've 発言しました this before."
"You are?"
"Normally I would like the things あなた 発言しました to me."
"Normally I would even think the bulletin board thing was funny."
"Stupid, corny, idiotic, I can't believe I did this."
"Where have あなた been?!"
"And I was just gonna tell あなた that, this over here is our kitchen."
"And now it's all ruined because あなた took so long to come home!"
"Okay, I built the house of candles."
"And then I'll be Dr. Mrs. Shepherd."
"So I'll have five chatty children and a chatty husband."
"We build a house on his land, which will be OUR land because we'll be married."
"I'm engaged."
"What are あなた doing? You're gonna have to re-scrub."
"From a fall during rhythmic gymnastics. I remember."
" And I wanna spend the rest of my life with you."
"You're gonna have to make this up to me with a lot of sex."
" I didn't marry Derek to be the chief's arm candy. I'm a surgeon."
" They're married."
"If my mother were here to see this, she would kick your ass."
"When it doubt, always go with blue. It brings out your eyes."
"So, what does this mean?"
"I ロスト my panties ロスト night."
"I pick you, I chose you. あなた don't get to die on me!"
"Derek, there's gonna be a lot of dirty sex for あなた tonight."
"Ok. あなた realize you're about to be a godmother."
" He is my husband."
"Look at me and tell me that you're sure."
"What about your mother?"
"I'm having a miscarriage."
"You're driving awfully fast Dr. Shepherd."
"Derek got arrested for reckless driving again."
"Next time あなた get arrested, I'm going to leave あなた there."
"And this is our living room. And this is the room where our kids could play."
"Least あなた could do is wear a シート, 座席 belt."
"Look フォワード, 前進, 楽しみにして to that."
"I think I owe it to myself to consider my options."
"In the olden days, they called it dating."
"And I'll live in a house in the wilderness."
"And then we'll build a house on his land which will be OUR land."
"That is unprecended in the Meredith chronciles."
"Ours will be cuter."
 HoltNLucy4Ever posted 1年以上前
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