Meditation ホーム Remedy For Panic Attack または Anxiety

meditationsol posted on Nov 27, 2008 at 09:29AM

I use a healing technique that is enormously powerful but is so simple you will be very skeptical it can do anything at all.Four people who have panic attacks have tried it. They both told me it totally aborted their panic attack in a few minutes, if you want to try it, if your not too skeptical.

Just stare at any part of your body, like any part of the skin on your hand. Why in the world would that affect us beneficially you ask. Because it evolved that way over human history. What do we do when we have a diseased body part. We look at it Multiply that by 4 million years of evolution and you have the adaptation that happens during evolution that turns a neutral activity like walking into a health benefit. If this sounds too far out for you , I can understand that, but so far we are two for two with panic attack so Ill leave it up to you. If you don't believe in evolution then call it the placebo effect if you wish.

One caution though. This evolved away from man made radiation and man made radiation like cell or mobile phones, computer and monitor radiation, flat screened tv sets etc will interfere with the bodies response to this I have found so if you try it I would suggest you move far enough away from all radiation.

Other people who have tried this who dont have panic attacks, and myself , all say that they can feel a calming effect from this, beginning within a few seconds of beginning staring.

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